It Started Under The Stars

Hello, everyone. This is ‘the average Delhi guy’ again. I am from Delhi as you can tell. I got a couple of responses for my pervious story. Thank you for all the readers and I really hoped u enjoyed it.

So, coming to myself, I am an average looking guy. I have an average sized dick, I have not measured it hence I cant tell you the size. But, girls have never complained about it.

Well coming to the story, this happened recently with me. I was on an official trip to Dehradun. It’s a small foothills station with a lot of hot pahadi girls. I was to be stationed there for 3 weeks due to some clients work. the work usually got over by 6 and after that I used to be just in my hotel room. So I thought of using tinder and matched with a couple of cute girls.

One of the girls was Priya. She was a college student, staying in a pg. She had beautiful eyes and a cute smile and I instantly liked her. She was good to talk to. We chatted for 2 days and then I asked her to meet me. So that evening we went to a café and talked on quite a few topics. I guess she also liked me and we did meet every day as she was also free from college.

One day I had a really pissing off day because of my client and was in a bad mood, so priya suggested we take some beers and go towards mussoorie. It’s a nice drive and on the way, there is a place she knows where we can drink and chat peacefully. I immediately agreed. So in the eve I picked some beers, picked her up and we drove to this dhaba on the way to mussoorie. It was already dark and the dhaba had shut down, but the terrace of the dhaba was accessible and it showed a beautiful view of the city lights below.

Well we started chatting and drinking beer, started chatting and somehow topic moved to exs and what happened and then to sex. Just imagine you are drinking beer out in the open, its almost pitch dark, amazing breeze, and you are talking about sex with a gorgeous girl. I was getting hard hearing her misadventures. After a few minutes she asked me about my sexcapades and I couldn’t think of any. I just went forward, held her neck and pulled her face close to mine and kissed her. She was taken aback slightly with this sudden move but she started reciprocating.

We kissed for a few minutes, and by now we both were horny. I was pressing her boobs over her clothes while kissing her and rubbing her pussy as well. And we both knew what we wanted. She unzipped my trousers, I pulled her jeans and panty down, turned her around bent her, and started to go in her. She was super wet but also very very tight. She kept saying to go slow as it had been along time for her.
I started with slow strokes trying to get her to adjust and start enjoying. Soon we got into the rhythm and I started banging her. Her pussy felt so hot and wet and the feeling was just amazing. She too started enjoying it. She was moaning loudly “YYEEESSSSSSS MAAAAVVVV.. FUCKKKKKKKK MEEE HARRDDDDERRRRR… OOHHH FUCKKKKKK… YESSSSSS… OOHHH GOOODDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSS”
Hearing her moan like this was making me go mad and I kept fucking her like that. I put my hand in her top, under her bra and was pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples hard. and her moans only increased with this.


She had already cum twice. I was also now close to cumming, and I asked her where does she want me to cum. She asked me to cum on her ass but not to get out of her right before cumming as she would soon cum again.

Hearing this I started banging her hard and started to pull her hair which was tied in a ponytail with one hand, I started pressing her asshole with other hand and she literally started to shout out of pleasure.

As soon as she came, I pulled out my dick and sprayed my cum all over her ass. We were breathing heavily, we were all sweaty and her ass covered in my cum was looking really hot. She cleaned her pussy and ass with a tissue, we got dressed properly and got back to drinking the beer and making out.

We checked out phones and we had been fucking for almost 45 mins. She had 10 missed calls from her roommate. I had a couple of missed calls from a girl I was fucking in Delhi. I called her and she wanted to fuck, but I told her I was out of town. Priya called her roommate and she wanted to know where Priya was as t was almost 1 in the night and she was worried. Priya told her that she was with me, I had met her when I was picking her up earlier, and that she would call when she comes back but it would take time. I was pretty sure her roommate also asked her about sex and she did whisper something with a smile back.

After a couple of minutes, I was hugging her from behind and I asked her “How was it??”

She replied “It was my second time, and the first time the guy finished as soon as he entered me. This was a great exp and so much better than the stories I heard from my friends”

She also added “and I hope this is not over yet as the weekend had just started” and she added a sexy smile and a wink with it. I am sure she felt the junior rise in acknowledgment.

We then headed to my hotel room and what happened in the weekend il tell you in the next story if I get good comments. This is just my second story and so forgive me if I have made some mistakes.

Also, any females from Delhi or anywhere wanna get in touch with me to chat, meet, hookup, you can mail me at [email protected] Privacy is guaranteed and expect the same from you.

So till Next Time guys, Keep Rocking!!!!!

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