Indian Wife Fucks An Old Man

Hey everyone we’re back with a new story again. Thank you so much for all the emails that we got as your response…It was amazing and heartwarming…..please keep them coming…

Well this is a thing we’d like to do and isn’t true but we can’t wait to go outta state again…This story starts when my wife who by the way looks ravishing as usual….with a figure of 40-34-37 is going down the road right next to our house in a richshaw….she sees a man sitting with his head In his hands on the ground….being curious she stops the rickshaw….she gets down and goes to ask the person if he needs any help…..the gentlemen is an old man from the village…..he’s 70….almost bald….black…..thin as a stick and crying… wife asks him and finds out that he had just come from the village an had been robbed… wife takes pity and tell him to come to our house for tea till we can get him a ticket back home…..she bends down and he gets a little glimpse of her big boobs….but surprisingly there is no erection in the old man… wife get’s a little disappointed but helps him up….she loves to see people get an erection because of her…..she gets home and I am waiting for her….she tells me and I go online to find him a ticket to his home in Madhya Pradesh…..there is a ticket for 2 days from now and we ask him to stay in our house with us….he has no money and we feel obliged. We also find out that he is a widow and has no one to take care of him no wife, no kids…..

After dinner time my wife takes a bath and changes into her nighty which is till her knees and ask the old man if he would like to see a horror movie with us in the drawing room….we all sit on the sofa there and cover ourselves with a blanket as it is a little chilly…..i go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee…..and my wife sees a particularly horror scene and in fright she keeps her arm just a little below the old man’s legs….the old man stiffens and does not move……again in another minute when the horror scene comes again….she keeps her hand on the old man again and this time she notices an erection..,,

“Arre baba aap to bol rahe the ke aapke pass to kuch bhi nahin hai to yeh light kahan se aayi….bahaar nikaal ker rakh doon…”

The old man is embarrassed and says” Beti who light nahin hai….”

My wife knows the old man is embarrassed but still says “to phir kya hai baba….itna mota and lamba….”

The old man doesn’t say anything and keeps looking at the TV…..

My wife stops but makes sure that her nighty is a little open in the front for him to peek into….

I return and we start watching the movie together….i don’t know anything has happened….

My wife takes her hand and puts it on the big cock of the old guy… has become small but as soon as she touches it….it starts growing a little slowly… wife loves big black cocks….specially African cocks……size and length and specially the color……she takes it in her hand and strokes it till it is full rigid… is about 9″ in length but it is seriously thick in width….5″… wife can barely get her hands around it……she keeps moving her hand up and down slowly and the old man doesn’t do anything except watch the TV… wife sneezes and takes a couple of tissues in her hand inside the blanket…..she starts stroking the old guy really hard and he cums into the tissues in a big load……my wife cleans his cock and then puts it back inside his clothes…

We finally finish the movie and we go to bed… night my wife gets up and goes to the old man’s room, sits besides him, he is already awake and waiting….

“Arre baba….kya cheez hai tere paas…teri biwi to mar gayi hogi jab paheli baar ander daala hoga….abe ghode ka lund laga rakha hai…..saala 5″ mota that….sirf ek negro ka lund dekha tha itna mota TV per… se mun that ki aisa lund dekh jaaya….”


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