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Hi guys,
This is ansh and I am Delhi guy, with decent cock size of 6 inch and average build. I won’t boast of an athletic body but I do love running and am just a little overweight.

I love to tease and get teased as well. Starting with consensual sex but turning that into rough is what I like the most. For any girls/aunties interested, they can ping me on [email protected] I guarantee that their privacy is of utmost important and so is mine.

After my previous experiences shared on ISS, one afternoon, I got a mail from a girl whose name was Sanaya. She wrote that she read the story and got wet while reading. She was so horny after reading the story that she sent a semi-nude pic of her as well and let me tell you, she was wheatish in color but her boobs were like two big oranges waiting to be squeezed and sucked. Also, she looked beautiful and had a figure to die for. Her lips covered in red lipstick were so inviting and after seeing her pic, I shagged thrice.

Then we started chatting over hangouts and through our conversation over chat started with regular talks and basic intro and shifted to sex chat really quick.

She told me that she’s working as an HR and loves when someone talks dirty to her. Though she had a lot of boyfriends earlier but was unlucky in terms of finding a good sex partner and was looking for one. I was on quite excited and happy after hearing this and through our conversations started with sexual mode active, I was really looking forward to taking this further, even for a serious relationship as I had a breakup a week back.

Initially, we used to masturbate in front of each other and also talked over the phone and did a lot of phone sex wherein we would discuss our fantasies over the phone.

After about a month, we decided to meet and she being living alone in a flat, had a perfect place for fun for which we both were waiting desperately.

We met in a cafe and after seeing her, I couldn’t believe my luck as she was much better than her pics and also came in a jeans top which was hugging her awesome curves(35-27-34) perfectly.
I just kept staring at her melons and she was aware of my thoughts while we were talking. I couldn’t remove my eyes from her partially exposed navel as well throughout the time we were in the cafe. After moving out from there, we went to her flat and while she was the one driving, I was driving her crazy inside the car as I was pressing her boobs and rubbing her naked navel area softly. After about 15 minutes, I had moved on her top up and she was making a lot of noises and was getting restless. I too was very horny now and took her and placed it on my dick (I opened my zip and she was feeling my cock in underwear).

After reaching her flat, we entered, locked the door behind us and jumped on each other like crazy. We were kissing very violently and she bit my lips so hard that they started bleeding.
I was also getting rough and tore her top while kissing her and was feeling her smooth bare back and was also biting her ears and neck. It was an awesome experience for me as well. Then after kissing for about 15 minutes, we both undressed each other and were only having our undies over our bodies.

Then, though we were already in the mood, we both decided to watch porn together, she insisted for soft but I went for a lesbian one. We were kissing and feeling each other while watching the same and I was constantly sucking her boobs. She was moaning and it was making me hornier.

Then, she said that she wants to be treated as a slave. I asked her to go on her fours and also blindfolded her. Then I said I’ll be giving you drinks and you’ve taken it all in without asking. I first gave her some water and lemon. She drank. Then I gave her around 100 ml vodka which I found in her flat and she drank but wasn’t used to drinking vodka neat and that too in such high quantities. The alcohol started showing effect quite quick and she was a bit tipsy now.

Then I kissed her again and slapped her ass (it was so inviting and was now red).

Then, I jerked off seeing her ass and took my semen in a glass in which I pissed a bit and ask her to drink. By this time, vodka had done its work
She drank the mix and asked for more on which I slapped her cheeks(the soft touch can’t be forgotten). I said, don’t take requests and bit her lips.

She was now horny and had an urge to pee but couldn’t speak but her actions conveyed the same to me.

I asked her to suck me which she did like a pro. Her earlier relationships had given her a good amount of experience. After sucking me off, she again made a request of peeing on which she was slapped but I allowed her to go to the bathroom. I took her to the bathroom and made her sit on commode but didn’t remove the blindfold.

After she was done, I picked her up and placed in her close to ac and she being without clothes, was now feeling the chilled air on her body which made her nipples grow hard.

She was now too horny and was asking for a fuck again and again, but I was in the mood to tease her more for which she was already getting wet and leaking.

I then fingered her which gave her interim relief but when she was about to release I withdrew which made her go crazier.
Then I started fingering her ass and also inserted a banana into her pussy. She was moaning again and was waiting to release but I wasn’t allowing her the same.

I was sucking her boobs but didn’t allow her to contract her legs for which she was now screaming as she wasn’t able to release her cum.

I kept on teasing her for around 2 hours.Then we fucked wildly for about an hour at multiple places like her bed, her kitchen shelf, in her balcony and in her lobby.

We both were mesmerized by each other and were now out of control.

What happened later comes in the next part and believe me it really went notches above.
Till then, write to me at [email protected] for feedback or hookup or threesome or sex chats.

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