Illicit Relationship With Landlord

Friends, I’m Yovini. I am married to Deepak for one year. I’m 19 years and gifted with beautiful pair of boobs and a sexy ass. I’m fair and have big brown eyes. I’m regular reader of Iss, as I like to read spicy stories of sex. Like you!

I have sex with my husband, but I enjoy more with my landlord- Kailash. If I have a baby, I want it from Kailash because of his care and kindness.

My husband, Deepak is having a running laundry business in Gandhinagar. He opens at 6 am and stays there till 11 pm. I quit working after marriage.

On my first wedding night, Deepak forced sex with me. I didn’t expect him to do it forcefully. He removed his clothes and showed me his big bushy cock. Then removed my clothes and pushed it inside me. I hate him. He never even explained about the sex.

I’m sorry to disappoint you right in the beginning of my story. But I’m also happy to share how Satisfied I am with Kailash Ji- my landlord.

Well, I was born in Amritsar and did my education till 10th there. My parents married me of at 18 and I never knew about sex before.

I wish that at least mothers must educate their girls on satisfactory sex. But I also know that 99% of them haven’t had it.

My story of illicit sex with Kailash may give you the idea of how a woman gets ultimate sex satisfaction. And is ready to do anything for her partner when she does. So sit tight and get ready for a wet panty…ahem .. Underwear.

As Deepak leaves early for work, I prepare his breakfast and lunch and am free for the rest of the day. We have rented a two bedroom apartment and stay away from my in-laws.

I look out of the balcony for major part of the day because I like the park. And I see some regular couples holding hands and talking.

And Kailash Ji lives in our same block two floors above. He is 45 years and is married to Kanak.

One day, he rang the bell while I was taking a shower. I hurriedly wiped my body and wore a satin blue robe before I opened. He asked if he could come inside.

I had not worn anything inside and my hair was wet. The gown had a deep neck and my cleavage was mesmerizing. I felt awkward. I opened the door fully and welcomed him. My sexy figure was seen because the gown was strung tightly. He asked for a glass of water.

I walked swiftly toward the kitchen, but tripped. He got up and came to help me. I fell on my hip and I screamed in pain. He came closer and held me by the waist. I was in shock.

“Meri baat suno, Vani. Tumko utha ke bed pe rakhta hoon. Tumhe moch aayi hai.”

“Uncle aap kyun takleef karte hain. Main uthti hoon.”

Before I got up, he lifted me in his lap and moved to the bed. He is a strong man his chest felt warm.

When he was moving, the string of my bathrobe opened up and he saw my naked boobs. They had become firm with his touch.

Last night, Deepak had forced himself on me and given me a bite on my shoulder. I cannot forgive an animal like him. (Someday, I will take revenge.)

Kailash Ji put me on the bed and I tightened the robe strings again. I felt awkward again. He left immediately.

The whole day, I was thinking about his thoughts. What he could be thinking about my body. And I thought about how he would look without clothes. I imagined a clean shaven cock – bigger than Deepak’s. I was filled with sexy thoughts that whole day. I surfed the net and found this website.

That night, I kicked Deepak on his bushy cock when he tried to do sex with me. And I told him that I do not want to fuck very loudly. The neighbors may have heard. He didn’t pursue more and slept in the other room.


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