I was fucked by my aunty

This happened to me when i was just 20 years old. I was in college at that time. I was the only kid of my parents. Once my dad had to go to europe on business. Since he was alone, my mom also decided to accompany him on the tour. They were in a fix about me. I said i will manage on my own for a month. They were reluctant. Mom eventually decided that i should stay with at her firned’s house. Her name was varsha. I called her varsha aunty. She was around my mom’s age i.e. 43. She had a good figure with nice boobs. Of course i wasn’t lusting for her at the time. She had one daughter of 18 yreas old, neha. Her husband was a businessman and it was obvious he earned a lot. They had a huge bunglow in an uptown area. Her husband was always on tour. Main reason for my mom to decide i should stay with her was because she had a daughter in who was in school. So it wouldn’t be difficult if i stay with her. Also i knew her well. Of course i didnt wanted to stay with anyone. I wanted to be alone. But it was finalised that i would stay with her. I had to agree.

I was dropped at varsha aunty’s house just before mom and dad left. I was given the guest room which was on the first floor. Actually all the bedrooms were on the first floor. Aunty in her bedroom, neha, in her room and i in the guest room. Her husband wasin’t in town as usual. Their computer was kept in a seperate study. Thats all i wanted, the computer. How was i going to spend the time over here? Well, i soon found out.

Aunty had told me to use the computer freely. So, once while i was alone in the house, i was surfing some porn sites on the net. I had my dick in hand and i was masturbating. I knew my aunt had the house keys with her. I had thought that i will be able to hear the door open when she comes. I was busy masturbating, when i heard a “oh” from aunty who was outside the glass door. She quickly went away. I stopped masturbating and shut down the computer. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t face aunty now. She had caught me holding my 8 inch cock in my hand. I was emabarrassed. I went to my room and sat there for almost an hour. Aunty didn’t call me or come to my room. I just hoped she didn’t call my mom and tell all this. Thankfully neha wasn’t there in the house at that time. I decided to say sorry to aunty and tell her that i won’t repeat it again. Actually i would beg her not to tell about this to my mom. I went down and found her in the kitchen working. I approachd her slowly.

Me(m): aunty i am sorry for what i did. Please forgive me. It won’t happen ever again. Please do not tell my mom about this. (i said all this in one go)

Aunty looked at me for some time.

Aunty(a): what you have done was ok. But since you have done it on my computer, you are not forgiven. I am deciding whether i should tell this to your mom.

I was looking at her horrified. I thought she will now call my mom.

M: plase don’t call. I am sorry, i wont do that again.

I pleaded with her.

After too much pleading, she agreed.

A: ok, if you dont want me to tell her, then do as i say.

That was a releif.

M: i will do anything. But, please don’t tell my mom.

A: ok. Go to room. I will come up in a few minutes.

I went to my room and sat releived. At least i was safe now. Aunty came up in a few mintues.

A: since, i am not going to tell your mom about the thing you did, you will have to obey to whatever i tell.

M: ok.

A: from now on you wont wear any clothes in front of me. You will wear clothes only when there is someone in house apart from me.

I was shocked. I just couldn’t believe to what she was saying.

M: you are joking, right?

A: no. I am serious. You have to roam naked in the house when i am alone. We will start from now. Stand there and start removing your clothes.

M: no, i won’t do that.

A: fine, i will have to call your mom.

She got up and started to leave.

M: no wait. (she stopped and turned) please don’t tell my mom. I will do it. (i was still hoping she would tell me that she was joking)

A: ok. Do it fast. Neha might come home.

I stood up slowly. I was damn nervous. She was there in a saree and i was about to remove all of my clothes. I had never been naked in front of a female.

M: do i have to do this? Please.

A: comeon start removing your clothes.

I removed my tshirt and i stopped. Still hoping she would say she is joking.

A: fast. Remove your pants and briefs.

M: please. I will do whatever you tell me, not this.

A: i think i should call your mom now.

M: no wait. I will remove my clothes.

I removed my shorts and stood in my underwear. I looked at her to say stop. She didn’t. I then removed my underwear. I was hiding my dick with my hands.

A: remove those hands. Let me see you.

I removed my hands. Aunty had a smile while she was watching me. She watched me like this for sometime and took my clothes in her hand.

A: come to my room. (she started leaving the room and i followed her)

In her room. She sat on the bed and asked me to come near her. I stood near her totally naked. My dick wasn’t hard by that time. I was nervous.

A: hmm, your penis is not hard enough. I want to see it erect.

With that she touched my dick with her hands. This was somethign new for me. She started to move my dick.

A: i will help you to be fast.

With that she removed her saree from her shoulders. I had a view of her nice cleavage formed by two big boobs supported by her blouse. That was ncie. Immediately my dick started hardening. She had a good smile on her face. My penis was at its full size in a few moments. It had to be. A nice looking women, with her cleavage on show for me and her hand playing with my dick. She kept masturbating me. I was in heaven. I had closed my eyes. Suddenly i felt something wet on my dick. I saw aunty had her tounge out and she was licking the top of my dick. Wow. I was about to cum. I went back as i didn’t want to do one more mistake of spilling my cum on her clothes. I spilled all the cum on her floor. There were a few drops on her hand too.

A: oh, that was fast. Never ever had that done by a girl?

M: no.

A: ok. I like your penis. Its big and fat for your age. This will be my toy from now on.

With that she stood up and went to wash her hands. I was still savouring the moment standing naked in varsha aunty’s room.

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