I Was Busted By Aunty In Aurangabad

Hello all, I am Pintu from lovely and historical city called Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I am big fan of ISS and today I thought to write incidence happened with me that actually changed my whole life. The story mentioned here is real but names are changed ( I respect and expect privacy). I am 5′ 10 fair with athlete body and my weight is around 76Kgs

I am doing my graduatedegree from reputed college in Aurangabad. From childhood I was away from my friends and liked to be with myself. I was good in studies so every teacher used to like me. Though I was born and bought up from middle class family I always thought to be someone good in life. Life went on like all other ordinary boys and I ended up getting admission in graduate college. As I was least interested in social activities I never made any friends or girlfriends. But the day came when everything was changed all of a sudden.

Lot of boys from my class used to see and discuss about porn movies. My hormones were changing day by day and I was getting urge to see naked girl. But I was not having any resource for that. Then I decided to make friendship with one sweet girl named Shweta. She was in my class and was average girl.

One day I made reason of some assignments and spoke to her in the class. She responded to me in casual manner and told me that she will give me assignment papers tomorrow. I was dam happy that day. I shagged myself 3 times in the night by thinking of Shweta. I was expecting to chat with her next day.

She came up with the papers and gave it to me with smile on her face. I took those paper and asked her some other stuff. She talked with me for more time and it was the day when I made a friendship with her. She was good in studies and soft in nature so being my first time I adjusted my self to her. Many days passed like this and our relation became strong.

I asked her about Shweta she told first to come in and sit. She bought me glass of water. I drank it slowly she was looking at me with corner of eyes while she was working around the house. After few minutes she came and sat in front of me on sofa. She told me that Shweta is with her uncle and aunty for 15 days and her cellphone is lost. I was relived and told her that I will leave. She stopped me saying she will make coffee for me. I waited for some more time and She was making coffee for me.

While having coffee she started discussing about me, my life and other things. She asked me about jobs I want to do after graduation and my dream company. As our conversation was leading I was too friendly with her. She asked me why don’t I do job during my education. I told her that there is no job available around Aurangabad as I was looking for part time work.

She told me that she knows some people who are asking for part time job worker with decent personality. She told me she could refer me to one of her friend. I told her I am ready to do any kind of job as I wanted to earn some extra cash for my pocket. She told me not to worry and told me you would be paid handsomely but you will have to do any kind of job. I told her it was really OK with me. I bid her bye and dropped my cell number with her.

After couple of days I got call from some unknown landline number and picked it up and heard voice of a lady. She told me how she got my number and asked me if I am the same guy looking of part time job. I readily told YES. She then talked with me for couple of minutes and got all my personal details. She asked me about my bio details too. I was wondering why anyone would need a bio detail !! She told me that she is ready to offer me assistant job in her office for some typing work and I should visit her office in Samarth Nagar coming Friday.


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