I Saw Mommy Getting Fucked

Hey guys n gals n my sweet sexy pickels (aunties) I’m ————.what’s in name? from Chattishgarh my first n real life stories I’m here share with you sexy, incest n interesting enjoy n just enjoy my grandfathers’ house is very big having six separate house joined together with walls three we use n other three are laid on rent. where engineering students live n in one a family resides my grandfather, his wife, his son (my father) with wife n two sons live there grandpa and father at government jobs leave house by 10:30 daily grandma looks over a family store from 10:00 morning till 01:00 at noon. It is ours which is a part time business of our family.

I left for school at 11:00 am n there after my mother stays alone at home, she was 28-29 at that time but is she really alone all that time at home? Friends this is my story a real sex starved female story and the female is none other than my fucking mom it starts when I was in 8th standard. I leave for the school at time n from that time my mom was home alone till my grandma come back from the shop enough time for fucking sessions after I leave engineering student named Jd aged 23 comes at house who live at the upper floor which was rented by us.

Sometimes he came when I was at home n talked to mom just as well wisher of us at that age I didn’t have any clue of what’s really between them until this incident happens my final exams are over after 8th n I was flying kites at the terrace of the neighbor’s house at that time none of my pa n grandpa returns from office n grandma returns to shop. My mom was alone at home. I asked her to let me go for flying kites n she replied positively with a huge smile. I didn’t understand that. I went out to the terrace n busy in my business.

After 40-45 minutes I feel thirsty n returned back to house for a glass of water. the door was just put-off n not been locked from inside. I pushed it n enters the room, the room just next to kitchen was bedroom, the sight of where shivers me till the depth of my heart. my mom lying on her back on the bed with her sari n lahnga lifted above hips mean totally naked below the west, blouse n bra unhooked with her boobs bouncing like rubber balls n Jd over her between her legs, totally naked with his dick inside my mom’s pussy n my mom’s leg tied around Jd’s waist

No erection at my manhood with this scene but a feeling of guilty inside the heart appears suddenly in me. they looked me n in an instance, dressed up n set apart. I wouldn’t utter a single word n ran away from there without drinking water. I have no feelings as my mind gets off at that age I don’t have any sexual knowledge instead that husband wife have sex in life and wife’s never lay under any other person. I start talking less with her. initially she afraid that I told to my paa but when she realize that I’m not in state to tell anyone anything she starts yelling at me, also complains wrongly to my paa about me n I get beaten up sometimes.

I hate my mom for what she had done but this not ends up here now her n Jd does all this cautiously. When I was away for long. I started reading sex novels n go through the sex chats with friends n then I know all about sex now my dick starts to pain whenever I think about that day one nice day I leave house saying mom that I’m going to my friends house for cricket n it will be late to evening. She happily sends me. I take my bicycle n rode off. Behind me Jd comes to house as he always have an eye on me n house for a chance. I ride to our store, place my bicycle told grandma that I will come in minutes n she kept look over my bicycle after me. a ran to my house n entered from the terrace where

I left a door easy locked for the purpose. silently i had entered in the top room n without making noise from the footstep I went inside. I settle down to a corner from where a can watch the whole scene played in the next room n remain un-noticed my mom came after checking outside making sure that I was away. she smiled at foxy smiling Jd, declaring that she is slave of his dick for next two hours n is ready for a hot fucking session. Jd stands up n lift her in his arms placing his mouth to her boobs. kuhu (my mom) laughed at her saying, “pagal, gande nahi to, niche utaro. bus sabkuch aese hi karna hai kya??

Jab b vo (me) rahta hai to dar rahta hai kahi aa na jaye or sabkuch jaldi karna padta. aaj mujhe maje to karao.” my poor dick stands n start paining. Jd put her down then pulled her pallu from shoulder n pulled it further making kuhu to go round n round to undressed her sari completely. then he grabbed kuhu from behind pressing his dick in her ass. he hold the thin rope of her petticoat n pulled it away n in next moment within no time her petticoat divorced her waist. at same time he unbuttoned her blouse from other hand. now she is in bra-panty in front of Jd n also me.

Jd pinched her boobs n she cried. “dard hota hai na.” Jd said, “saali nai to jab pelta hu tab to bahut maaja aata hai or gand ucchal-ucchal k chudwati hai.” she shy with this talk n utter no word. Then Jd pulled her bra from the front by which it unhooked self gets out. Jd suddenly bite her boobs like a mad dog. kuhu cried, “aahhhhh nai na.” then Jd kneeled down in front of her n pulled her panty down. Friends I see 1st naked lady of my life that time. she was 28-29 that time with nice assets means boobs n butts n shaved pussy.

Jd licked her pussy a little; n then stands up n asked her to suck his dick. kuhu pulled Jd’s pants n underwear down n hold his dick n start playing with it. Sometimes kisses, sometimes take the whole of it in n sometimes chews the balls  in between Jd unbuttoned his shirt n get rid of his inners. now both were naked n i wont believes on what I was watching. The scenes of sex novels run in front of my eyes. they embraced, kissed, fondled n playing all the way they can with each other’s sex organs. I start masturbating by the time slowly, as my heart goes up to sufficient height.

Now Jd take kuhu in his arms, threw her on the bed n jumps over her. he takes her one boob in mouth n start pressing other with other hand. kuhu just play with his hairs as she was enjoying every movement of it. then they change position, Jd come over her n start a deep kiss on her lips. Their lips get wide open as they trying to eat each other’s tongue. kuhu made sound like, “mmmmm.” they engrossed tightly each other as they were messing each other. After few minutes they come in 69 position n starts the foreplay. as Jd lay on the bed n kuhu on him,

Sometimes he strokes his dick up in her mouth for more access on which she gagged n in return Jd slaps her butt saying, “saali kutiya, acche se chus na. nai to sab ko bata dunga mere se chudwati hai tu.” My mom in reply tries her best to suck his dick as she likes it very much. When one increases the pace the other’s speed goes up automatically. they continue for few more minutes then kuhu complained about the etching inside her pussy. This is an indirect invitation of a lady to fuck her. Jd lift her in his arm n hug her then let her sit on the sofa’s edge so that her butts hanged out of it. he lifted her legs on his shoulder n trying to locate her pussy by his dick.

Kuhu parted her legs wide to allow easy access n visibility for correct position. then Jd place his dick at her pink openings which is already wet n shines with the saliva of Jd. on other side Jd’s dick also shines with the saliva of my mom. he rubbed his dick there two three times in her openings then suddenly pushed hard. a fantastic sound spread in the room for a moment, “fat.” n then kuhu cried biting her lower lips, “uuuuhhhhhhhh.”

Jd looks like a professional fucker in that position n acts accordingly. he fucked her to n fro really hard made her bouncy on the sofa like a doll. she holds jd’s waist n pull him wherever he pulled back. after sometime a wet sound of ramming a pussy in full pace by dick starts coming out like, “facchhh faccchhhhhhh faccchhhhhh this made the atmosphere hornier. She cried like a bitch cried when fucked by a wild dog. Jd was fucking her in full pace n she was moaning fast but at low voice. After sometime she pulled Jd over her n hugged him tightly as she is about to reach her climax.

Jd continues with same pace in that position also. after a moment she squirts out lot of cum which flows from the space between her pussy n Jd’s dick. some of it sticks on Jd’s thigh n some poured on the ground. Jd again stands when kuhu looses her grip now he made her his bitch n penetrate in doggy style n start fucking. her boobs hanged n swing like feather in air now Jd has increased his speed as he is coming to his climax also. on the other hand when a woman squirts her inner walls of pussy becomes tendon more sensitive so it became easy to make her cum. hence with Jd mom also reached towards her second climax.

When Jd moves forward mom moves back to accompany his thrust after few more strokes mom cum first. this time all the juices flows out of her pussy on the ground drop by drop. then Jd took out his dick suddenly n thrust it back in to her asshole without telling her she screamed this time louder, “aaaaaaaaa” n her cry died inside her mouth as Jd cupped her mouth tightly. She is crying with tears falling from her eyes this time thanks that nobody comes to investigate what’s happening there?

Jd continues faster n stronger strokes in her asshole as he is going to drill it very large. with few strokes he cum, “uuuuhhhhhh sali kutiya maar dali.” while coming his dick was fully accommodated by mom’s asshole which rarely take the half of it at the time of stroking. mom gagged n cried silently. tears all over her face. then Jd fall over her n she pushed him beside on the sofa n rested herself trying to bear the pain in asshole. Jd smiled at her, “i love u sweet heart, sorry par mae aaj condom nai laya tha or aids k dar se tumhare andar nahi giraya, par josh me tumhare piche ghusa k gira diya.

I’m sorry Janeman.” n he kissed her all over her face, neck, boobs, back, earlobe on naval n bums also on which mom laughed as it made a giggled sensation in the body now she is partly forget about all her pain. then again they start kissing or say eating each other like anything after few minutes they parted as it’s too much time they lay naked. they clean up themselves n get dressed properly. Mom smiled at her giving thanks n jd kissed her back n asked, “maja aaya ki nai ish baar, har baar shikayat karti thiki chod k chala jata hu or tujhe maje nai deta?” kuhu replied,

Tujhe maene kab aesa kaha? bahut maja aaya.” she planted a kiss on her lips n both smooched each other suddenly the door bell rang. Jd run through the back door silently n mom before opening the door cleaned the floor of her cum grandpa is there. He saw mom walking something different n asked what happened. she replied that she slipped in toilet but actually she can hardly walk because her asshole gets penetrated today she lied to paa also but

I knows the truth. I also silently move out from backside when mom went front side to open the door friends by today I fucked her so many times n it’s my fantasy that a strong guy fuck her ass in front of me while i put my dick in her mouth please help me to make my dream come true any guy from Chattishgarh please e-mail me. if m waiting eagerly by the way for my friends, It’s Akku 23 ½ years old ([email protected]). to be continued…

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