I Fucked Lily Bhabi – The Wife Of My Neighbor

I stood like a statue by the side view of one piece of very attractive boob of Lily Bhabi, imprisoned under the red semi-transparent blouse. The nipple was clearly detected. The visible strips of the bra was making me hot. Oh! What an asset. The wetness of the cloth of the blouse around her armpit implied the density of her armpit hair. Oh how lucky Akash bheya is. He was so fortunate to have such a sexy partner. Lily bhabi, the beautiful wife of my neighbour Akash bheya and mother of a two year’s child. I was flying in great imagination. When I shifted my focus from the boob to the face of Lily, she was smiling.I was ashamed of and really hurt inside. What happened, she asked. Oh nothing I replied with shy. She smiled and entered into her quarter.

Lily bhabi and her husband were in possession of Qtr. No.B/24, just in front of my qtr. I being a bachelor, her husband used to come to my quarter. He loves me as his younger brother. When, Lily bhabi suns her dresses in the balcony, I enjoy her beauty from my room through the small eye hole of my balcony door. I had no other option to masturbate daily, imagining different parts of her body. But the satisfaction is not up to expectation.

Having taken three pegs of whisky, I was watching a match between CSK and Mumbai Indians in the IPL, when my door bell rang. I opened the door anticipating it to be Akash bheya. No, it was not Akash bheya, it was the most beautiful Lily bhabi. Chand, (my nick name) you will have dinner with us tonight.I was a little bit nervous because I had taken alcohol.I was in a fix. Sorry bhabi.Thanks for the invitation. Tonight I can’t, replied very politely. Sorry… I refused for fear of being caught by bhabi that I had taken liquor. She could smell the whisky I had taken, from a distance and understood the reason of my refusal. Though I was her neighbour for last three months, she had not known that I take liquor. Oh I know why you are reluctant to accept my request.

Now a days who is not taking. Even your brother takes occasionally. There is half a bottle of whisky in my refrigerator. OK bhabi, any thing special today? I asked with anxiety. No, nothing, she replied.Then.., I waited for the reply. Your brother (Akash) suddenly rushed to his village today on an urgent work. I am accustomed to cook for two. So, ..I cooked for two. Then you have to take the share of your brother till his return. I observed a teasing smile on her lips. Please come by 9PM and she entered her quarter.

When I rang her door bell, she opened the door within a second ,as if she were waiting at the door. When I entered her quarter, I was told to take the seat in the drawing room. I observed,now she was in a different saree. She had tried her best to design her as the sexiest lady on the globe. I was electriculated. I turned mad. I thanked her saree for being a little bit transparent. We had talks on different topics. During the conversation, I could view her beautiful naval area.

When she bent downward, I observed her breasts struggled to escape by jumping over the prison wall. We watched a movie on HBO for 10 minutes. I was surprised, when she asked me whether I would like to take some more pegs of whisky lying in her refrigerator . Before I answer she brought a half filled whisky bottle and made a peg for me. You are really very good at making pegs. She smiled. It is a compulsion to take drinks alone I said. What ..You want me to enjoy drinks with you tonight? I was frightened. OK, you being my pyara dewar, I can do it for you. She made another page for her and drank it at a stretch.

Then we both finished the half-filled bottle. She stood up and went to the dining table and served food for both of us. I started eating. How is it she asked? Beautiful and mind-blowing in this black saree. I mean how are the dishes, she asked with smile. Very nice. She smiled and offered more food . No Bhabi, no more . No..No..you have to take the share of your Akash bheya. I will listen no plea. Dinner was finished by 10 PM. We rested on sofa in the drawing room. She entered into her bed room to change the saree. I was watching her from the drawing room.The inside of the bed room is clearly visible from the drawing room. She switched on a 15 watt blue light. First she put off her sari then hooked off her blouse and threw it on the bed.


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