I Fucked Her Hard But Husband Didn’t See

Hi all this is Jayan. My Email address is [email protected] I never thought of writing a story here in ISS. But here I come with my story. This happened 3 months ago.I am an average married guy with lot of ambition. I always wanted to have sex with house wife’s. But I never tried for that because I didn’t know how approach them.

One Sunday I was in my office (I have a small company of my own in Bangalore I am outsourcing the work to the people who are willing to work from home ) usually my Employees wont come on Sunday, don’t think I have too many employees working in my office. Only two to manage my office.work will be done by my customer who are working from home. One girl named Nisha(Not real name) used to take work from me and she used to finish that work in 2 to 3 days and she used to send it back through email. But this time she called me and said that her Internet is not working, If possible can I come to the office and give you the completed work? It is Sunday that’s why first I called otherwise I would have come there without asking. I said You can come. After some time I forgot about that and was continuing the work. Around 2 hours later she came to my office. Oh boy she is hot. Just looking in to her face I had an Hard On and it was not going down. She gave me the work in a pen drive and I put that in my computer and find out that this pen drive contain virus. So I told her that first I will scan the pen drive and after that I will download the files. She said OK. So I started scanning the files in pen drive. On the same time I was talking to her. She told me that next month she is going to UK as she got a new job there in GUCCI. I told her that it’s a good company. After sometime scanning got finish and I started checking the files and I was finding ERRORS in the file so we were talking about errors suddenly her phone rings. She picked it up and talk for around 30 second. After that I asked her casually who was it? She told me its her husband. He is standing in front of the building waiting for her. I said then you must leave. She said its OK as he has some friends nearby and he will go there and will comeback when I call him. So we continued our work.

After sometime while checking the files I just want to check her, If she is comfortable with me? I asked her why you are not wearing ”kunkummam”(Bindi) in your forehead? She said I usually don’t put it. I started flirting with her. I told it looks good on you. She smiled. Then I understand that she is comfortable with me. So I started talking. And was getting nice response from her. I know that she got married one year back. But I was asking lots of personal questions and she didn’t hesitate to answer. All this time my tools was hard and sometimes it was hurting me to come out from my underwear. But suddenly she got a message from her husband that he met all his friends and will be in front of the office in 10 minutes. Then she told me she has to leave as he will be back in 10 minutes. I don’t know what to say that’s why I said OK because I don’t know what else to say. I never experience any like this before.

She was about to reach the door, suddenly I went near her and grab her and kissed her in the lips, she refused but I didn’t leave her, at same time I put my hand inside her churidar and through her panties I touch her pussy. Then I suddenly realize that she was fully wet. But still she was refusing but I understand that she was also in full mood but she don’t want me to know that. That’s why she is refusing. But when I touched her pussy I understand it fully that she was horny and she want get fucked. After around 3 minutes of French kissing her resistance was over and started saying I always wanted this but didn’t know this was right or wrong. I told her in a way it is wrong. But its all about satisfaction. She told me that she only got some minutes I told her, that we will see. Saying that I raised her churidar top and removed her bra, and I saw her boobs , nipples were already hard and I started sucking them like crazy. After sometime again I went to her lips but this time my hands was in her boobs pressing it in different ways. I kissed her in all face behind neck everywhere and again went to her boobs and this time I found out that her nipple was hard like stone. I was still sucking the nipple and started to move my hands down. I removed her churidar pants(Bottom that’s what they call it) and she had nice panties. When I touched her pussy through panties I felt huge wetness in her panties. I removed the panties. Went down to bellybutton and was kissing all area near bellybutton then I moved my two hands to the nipple and started squeezing it and she started making small noises. I asked her to lay down on the floor and when she did that I went to her pussy and move her leg and started watching her wet pussy. It was very wet like the juice was oozing from her pussy . In shyness she covered her face with hands . At that time using my hands I parted her pussy lips and kissed her in the pussy. When I did that she was shiffering and I started rubbing her clit using my tongue. Within a minute she had her Orgasm. And at that time she was shiffering like hell. Same time she pushed my head towards her clit using her hands. It was great to see her coming ”not only her I love to see women cumming when I suck then or fuck them ”. I drunk all her pussy juice. Salty but tasty.

After that she kissed me. And when straight down on to my cock and removed my pants and underwear and within no time she started sucking my already hard cock. After around 4 minutes of sucking she asked me to fuck her and I told her that am waiting for that only. Saying that I pushed her to the floor and parted her legs and rubbed my cock up and down touching her clit and she started making small but erotic sound. Her pussy juice was all over my cock. And slowly I pushed my tool, it was little tight. I have an average size cock not like 7 to 8 inch long. But it was like little tight and it was around 4 or 5 pushes and it was inside and she made some hard noise this time. With in a minute I started moving little fast. Suddenly her husband came to our office. And I was stunned. but didn’t stop the movement but was slow and she asked me not to stop. He wont be able to see us until he open the cabin. as it is been cove by black paper. He waited outside and we started the play. Looking at him and fucking his wife was a great feeling. Around 25 minutes pass by and we fucked in many style. I think he was loosing patience and after sometime he called her to mobile just to inform that he is sitting out side. She mentioned back that wait for a little more time. And we continued. Our fucking section was going wild and we two were making sounds. When ever she comes we change position. At last she asked me to come inside her as she is OK if she get pregnant. I warned her but is insist and with in some minutes I cum inside her really wet pussy. But didn’t stop fucking. I want make her cum many times that’s why I didn’t stop. She already had around 7 orgasms and she was saying she had enough but I was not satisfied as everyday I wont get this type of chance and she was very precious. She smiled at me and we continue for 20 more minutes and in that we change position 3 times and again she come four times within that 20 minutes. And this time when I was coming I made a little loud noise I think he heard me. But didn’t come inside. We layed there for 5 minutes. I kept my cock inside her for that 5 minutes and after that when I took is out side sperm was oozing out. And I collected that in my hands and put that on her face didn’t think that her husband may get to know about this. She removed it using her churidar shall. We dressed up and checked each other. After 5 minutes she went outside. I think after seen her he was relieved. He asked her why you so late? She said there were lot of errors in the file what I have done. So I was correcting that. And she looked inside. Maybe she make sure that he didn’t see a thing or may be she was looking for me. Any way I went out and she introduce her husband to me. I shake hand with him. She said bye to be and turn back and started moving . suddenly I notice behind her neck one can clearly see my cum. Even she didn’t notice that. I called her back and said can you come inside my cabin for one minute it wont take long I assure you. She smiled and looked in to her husband face. He shake his face saying yes and when she came inside I kissed her very hard in the lips and moved my hands towards her pussy and and started rubbing the clit within 2 minute she came. Before asking her to suck on me she move to my pants and remove the underwear and started sucking within 10 minutes I flushed my sperm to her mouth. She drunk all without loosing single drop. I took her churidar shall and removed the cum from her neck and told her that this is why I called you back. She said thanks and went out. Her husband was waiting. When he saw her he smiled and she gave a smile back and they left. After this we had couple of fucking sections in my home and her also till she left to UK. Any girls any age want to have safe sex? contact me on my email it will be between us I can assure that. My email id is [email protected]

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