How I Fucked My Neighbour Aunty Very Hard

Hello ISS readers! Hope you all are in your best of health. This is Vishal from punjab and I am 19 years old and have a nice body it is my first story here and it is a true incident which happened when I was in my 12th standard please forgiving me for any mistakes in my writing. I always have lust for aunties and older women and I like girls also, so any aunty, lady or girl can email me on [email protected]

There lived an aunty in my neighborhood and her name was Suddeshna (name changed) our families had a great relationship we used to celebrate every festival and every special day together. I always had lust for her and she was very beautiful, rather very sexy and hot. I always used to masturbate imagining her and I was keen to have sex with her. She was very friendly with me and we always had a great time together.

She was about 45 years old and had a nice figure. She had a nice round ass and her figure was 38 30 38. She was mother of three children but no one could say that she was that old once her family had to go somewhere out but she was not well so she didn’t went, as she was suffering from fever and our homes were not in a safe area so her husband told my uncle me to sleep with her in the night.

Now my devil mind started working I knew this is the time I can have a chance to have sex with her in the morning her family left for Indore the day passed as usual with nothing to be done then came the night I have always waited for. I went to her home. She opened the door she was wearing a transparent nighty and she greeted me with a great smile. It was a mind blowing smile somewhat like lustful and I enter her home.

We started with our normal talks. It was around 11 o clock at that time. I asked about her health. She said she was feeling much better than before and my devil mind was working I said to aunty that I am feeling sleepy and lets sleep she said okay and switched off the TV and we went to bed and there I saw there was only one bed sheet to cover both of us. I was amazed. She enquired me that will that be fine with both of us sleeping in the same blanket.

I was glad and a say for sure aunty then we went to bed. I was not feeling sleepy. I pretend to sleep and after some time and I took my left hand and kept it on her stomach as if I did it in sleep. She did not moved nor did resisted it by this act of her I got some courage and I kept my right hand on her boob again she did not moved nor did resisted after few minutes.

I started to massage her boobs slowly and now she also started enjoying it I knew that I have got a green signal from her side. She was doing aaahhh then after a pleasant massage on her boobs she whispered in my ears “Dear I have been waiting for this time since a long time don’t waste time and please satisfy your aunt with your young tool. I was very astonished to hear words like this from her mouth as it was my first time.

I was very much excited but I kept myself calm and went on slowly. I kissed her on her lips. It was a long smooch it was the first time I kissed any lady. I was so desperate kiss. It ended after 5-10 minutes and then a started biting her ears and then came down to her neck and slowly coming down a kissed your boobs over her nighty further came down to her navel then over to pussy area and coming down to her toes and slowly.

I started my upward journey but this time lifting her nighty up. She had nice legs with our single hair on it. I lifted her nighty up to the knees and was kissing her legs and then went to her panty and kissed her pussy over her panty. It was already wet and I could trace the lining of her pussy I kissed her there and then went further up to her navel and then her boobs. Her boobs were still so firm they were struggling to get of her bra I took of her bra and started sucking them like a baby in the mean time.

She took of my shirt and boxers and I was only in my underwear and she was only in her panty. She was moaning aahhh suck it hard baby aaaahhh suck it suck it. It gave me more courage to suck it hard I bit her nipples which had become hard by now. She then started playing with my cock with her hands and after a while she took it off. She was very amazed to see my cock. She said you have a big and fat cock for your age while I was sucking her boobs.

I took her panty off and started fingering her pussy. She was in pleasure she started to stroke my cock in upward and downward motion then suddenly something struck in my mind and I went to the kitchen and brought jam from there and poured it all over her boobs and her pussy and over my cock. I licked jam from her boobs and went down to her pussy and before I started to suck her pussy she said that I want to taste your cock and so we went in 69 positions and I sucked her pussy.

She sucked my cock my cock is about 7” inches. We sucked each other for about 10 minutes and then we both cum at the same time. I transferred whole of my cum in her mouth and she licked it whole and told me that it tasted nice. I also swallowed each and every drop of her cum it tasted well. Now we were ready for action. I came on top of her and put my cock tip on her pussy starting and gave a hard push in it was now also.

I bit tight but after few strokes my cock entered her in her pussy and I started to gave good strokes she was shouting out aaahhh fuck me hard baby fuck me fuck me after a hard deep fucking of about 15-20 minutes we both cum at the same time. After that she came on me and we again fucked. That night we fucked for 5-7 times in different positions we did it in the doggy style. We slept naked in each other’s arm at 4 am in the night and were awake at 10 in the morning then we went to the shower.

We started to have shower but I was feeling restless so I fucked her then and there only in the shower and after that we did a very passionate desperate kiss for about 10 minutes and washed both our bodies and came out. We both dried you and now it was time for me to go home. I did not want to go but I have to go. We again kissed and hugged each other. Her family came after 4-5 days till then we fucked every night. Now also we fuck every time we get a chance

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