How i Enjoyed holi

Hi. How was your holi ppl. We had a holi party in our society in chandigarh in our garden. People of all age groups were present.young and old, aunties and uncles everyone.there were lot of girls and women too. I did not knew many ppl around but on holi u can play with anyone as no one minds.this is the best time to have fun with girls and women round.there were a few gals wearing tight blue jeans and t-shirts / tops. A few ladies in saris and salwaar kameez. The bolder ones were in short skirts and sleeveless skimpy tops.i was sitting with my friends when a group of ladies came to us. They had color buckets in their hands and all of them suddenly threw all the colored water on us and all guys were drenched including me. We decided to take revenge looked at each other and picked up a few pichkaris. There was this girl in a short white kurta and tight blue jeans.i aimed my pichkari on her kurta and completely drenched her white kurta in red color. It got stuck to her body and the shape of her bra was clearly visible as she was totally other friends were busy pouring water on other ladies , it was a small place and lot of crowd. I went close to that girl, i had a few water balloons in my hand and inserted them inside her kurta. I caught her from behind her hips and lifted her legs in the air.she shouted no please put me down.but i grabbed her tightly from her waist and while doing that we both slipped on the ground full of colored water.i had dry color in my pockets and while she was on the ground rubbed some on her face, some on her neck.while we were on the ground my male friends came suddenly and all climbed on me around four of them.the girl was lying below and i was on her now and my freinds half on me half on the ground.i thought this was a chance and i grabbed her right breast on her kurta softly.

She grabbed my hand indicating me to remove my hand from her breast but i held tightly. Meanwhile the other girls came to us to help their friend in this holi game.they all were laughing and giggling and they climbed on all my male friends. So we were around 6 girls and 6 boys in all with me lying at the bottom on top of this girl.she cud not see my face and was feeling the load of this crowd and said please move im feeling the pressure.i said how can i there r many ppl on top of me.while the girls and boys were playing on tops of us with colours water balloons etc. I slipped my hands inside the jeans of the girl below me and felt her panties. She didnt do anything as her hand dint reach there.she told me somebodys hand is inside my jeans please move. I said its not me for sure.i then slowly slipped my hand inside her panty and pinched it softly she said “ouch” whos this naughty guy,trying to be smart.i said not me trust me. Suddenly they all got up and me and the girl too.she got up and ran away without looking at me but i enjoyed it. The group of girls ran away. A few ladies in saris were sitting close by. We all guys went close to them.they were six ladies in saris and we were six guys.we grabbed them from behind and started rubbing colors on thier faces.the lady with me was a bit plump , i stared rubbing color on her neck with left hand while my right had grabbed her from her waist.she tried to free herself but i gripped tightly. While rubbing color i slipped my hand inside her blouse and rubbed her right breast with color.she caught my hand and said kya kar rahe ho stop it. But i gripped more tightly and pinched her nipples. In revenge she threw some color on my face and started rubbing.from my right hand i started rubbing around her navel area and color it in diff colors.we fell suddenly and i was lying on her (my hand was still grabbing her right breast).she was laughing and started coloring my hair. My friends came and pour a few buckets of water on us and we both were more drenched.

In that force of water i fell aside and the aunty stood up and ran away. Faces of all ppl were colored so i cud not find that women again but there were many more around. I saw somewhere my friends were putting buckets of water on one girl wearing a salwaar kameez. She had a lovely plus sized curvy butt and amazing hips. I took a water balloon in my hand and went close to her.i pressed the balloon on her butt and bursted it also pinching a part of her butt.she did not realize who it was in all this holi play. Then they were serving some bhaang which makes u mad.i drank some and offered it to an aunty who had a fantastic figure and was looking dilecious. She had a few glasses and she started feeling dizzy. She was about to fall when i caught her and asked kya hua aunty ji. She said chakkar sa aarahe hai.i want to sit somewhere. I took her slowly away from the garden, on the back side of the building. She was a bit unconscious. There was a car parking in our building where a few cars were parked. She sat on the bonnete of one car. She cudnt sit straight so she lied down.i thought this is a best chance. She was bare feet and she was shaking her feet like a mad women whos drunk and the sweet sound of her anklets (payal) was making me aroused. I lifted her sari and took it to her waist exposing her fair n milky thighs.started kissing her feet moving upwards and her knees then her thighs.i was so aroused i dint have time for fore play so i pulled her panties down to her feet. She had a well cleaned shaven puss just like a flower with layers of petals. I used my fingers to separate the petals and spread her legs and inserted my dick. I fucked her for about 15 minutes and had a climax while she was lying on the bonnet.she was not totally awake, so i put on her clothes and left the place.and joined my other friends. We had lunch and the party was over. It was a memorable holi for me,,,,any womens or girls near chandigarh can contact me on [email protected] waiting for your replys.

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