House Wife And Mentally Retarded Boy

I had everything going for me. At the age of 34, I was happily married with a son almost one year old. He was a very late arrival after a few miscarriages. My husband raj is a dentist, with good income and we lived in comfortable three bed room house in the best part of the town. Raj was quite busy with his work. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have much time for me or even for his pride and joy, his only son, Sujan. I accepted it like any other dutiful wife would. After all, raj was a good provider and i had everything I needed. But when i looked at my friends who seem to be having a wholesome family life, i started to feel that i was missing out on many aspects in life, more than money could buy.
When i went out with them on the occasional times when i was able to, i noticed that they were all talking about the quality time they had with their husbands and teasing remarks about the intimate things they do. I started to brood over what i was hearing from my friends. Was i missing out on what should be normal? Were my needs being fulfilled? I never gave much thought to such things before. Some of the stuff the girls talked about, made me feel embarrassed but at the same time, to my disbelief, made me excited too. I knew that i was quite beautiful with a body to go along with it. I was quite conscious of people staring at my boobs and my bottom, especially men. In the early days of our marriage, raj was a very passionate lover and i enjoyed the physical aspect of the love making very much. With advancing pregnancy, he stopped making love and it has continued even after the birth. I was starting to miss it, but didn’t know how to raise the matter with him.
To make it worse, with his work he was having late nights even during the weekends. By the time he went to bed, i was already asleep and he seems to snooze off in no time. Thilakam was a family friend. A very friendly lady who has been very helpful to me from the time i married and had a home of my own. She was a widow and she had just one son, nandan, who unfortunately was developmentally challenged, a term used for mentally retarded. It is not fair to call him mentally retarded because he was only marginally affected. For all practical purpose, he was a normal boy, at least physically. He did schooling up to 8th grade and since then was trained to be a carpenter and he has always been quite handy with tools. He was quite independent, but his mother still treated him as an invalid. Thilakam treasured him and all her life seems to be centred on his upbringing and needs. Despite his handicap, he was a very gentle and respectful boy.
Since i had my baby, i has been quite busy and found it hard to even get my shopping done. Thilakam helped me in that aspect and sometimes even cooked a dish or two for me. I was always very appreciative of the help rendered by her. Raj and i did not have any family or relatives living nearby to help us. One day while we were talking, i noticed that thilakam looked worried. I asked her what was bothering her. She told me that she had a sister back home who was quite sick and there was nobody to take care of her. Her sister lived in a farm in a remote village and was quite adamant that she would not leave her home. Being the only living relative she felt that she had to do some thing about it. Nandan was developmentally marginally retarded. For all practical purposes he looks normal for his age. But, he was quite reserved and behaved like some one lots younger. He could manage most of the things by himself but cooking was some thing which was beyond him. Naturally the mother was worried how he would manage if she leaves him alone and go to mind her sister.

“don’t worry about it. I can look after him; it is not problem at all” i reassured her.

“but, you have your baby to care for and with all respect, raj is not much of a help”

“in fact, nandan could be of great help to me with shopping and doing other chores if he could find the time for it.”

“he would love to do that for you; that is not an issue; he could be more than handy that way. But it is the cooking part i am concerned about. I have spoilt him and not let him learn how to fend for himself.”

“all men are like that; raj is no exception.” They both laughed.

“it is mainly the dinner and the week ends. He hardly eats much for breakfast before he goes for work.” He worked at a company which employs people with disability of all kinds. He was one of the better ones and was very proud of his work and position at the work place. He was sort of a foreman.

“it is no hassle at all. After all what you have done to me over the years, it is just a drop in the ocean for me and i am glad that i have this opportunity to repay your kindness.”

Thilakam hugged me and thanked me profusely for my kind offer. I mentioned it to raj who did not seem to care much about it. His callous attitude towards what was happening around the house hold infuriates me at best of times. Thilakam left within the next few days. Before she left, she brought nandan around to say hello to both of us. Raj remarked after they left what a well behaved boy he was. I never paid too much of attention to him before. But for the first time i noticed that he was not just a boy but a grown up young man. Tall, handsome and well built. Looking at him no one would day that he was in any way abnormal. Only thing which was obvious was that he was quite reserved for his age to the extent of being shy, almost like a girl.
He had his head bowed and stood still when his mother told him that i will be providing his meals and he should help me with the chores around the house. Nandan looked at my face and nodded his head. I was sort of amused at his discomfiture. I told him that he should feel at home at our place and feel free to do what ever he felt like; he just nodded. Thilakam left that evening and nandan came to our house next morning before raj left for work. Raj talked to him about his work and sports etc. He shared the passion for cricket with raj and thus they talked about it at length. Raj told him that he shouldn’t be shy at their place and asked him to be free and ask for anything he needed. I noticed lot of movement inside the bermuda shorts he was wearing and wondered whether they boy was wearing any underwear or not. It made me blush when the thoughts went through my mind and i had to try hard to distract my mind and think of other matters.
Nandan ate his breakfast when i was feeding my son. Sujan was still on the breast milk. Nandan could not help but notice sujan sucking my boobs from the corner of his eye. My child had a habit of playing with the other nipple when he is sucking one. I have never thought much of it in the past and as such always had my blouse open completely, exposing both my boobs while i was feeding sujan. Sujan loved the breast milk and incidentally the sucking gave me lot of pleasure and my panty always got wet when i feed my child. On this particular day, the fact that nandan was watching made it even more intense and i thought i was going to make a mess of myself! I asked nandan about his lunch and he said that he was hoping to come back at 1 pm and may not be going back to work in the afternoon.
After finishing his breakfast, he went to catch the bus. Later in the morning, raj telephoned to inform me that unexpectedly he has been called to attend the courts to give evidence in a case where he treated a man with a broken jaw in a fight and he had to go to chennai to give evidence on behalf of the injured. He asked me to pack his briefcase with necessary clothes etc. So that he could leave as soon as he comes back from his dental clinic. He was catching the night flight. Since i have finished cooking and sujan was sleeping, i finished my bath and packed his suitcase. Nandan came at 1 pm to have his lunch. It was heartening to see that he had a healthy appetite. He seemed to like my dishes and he ate his food with relish. I was watching him while he was eating. He was a very handsome boy with big hands and wide shoulders; it was a pleasure to just to watch him. I told him that raj was going to be away for a few days and that i would be alone and would appreciate if he could come and sleep in our house. I don’t know what made me do it but, it came out in the spur of the moment and i didn’t even consider what raj would think about it. Nandan was thoughtful for a minute but finally agreed. I thought that it was best i don’t say anything to raj about it.
He went home and said that he could come back whenever i wanted him to. I told him that raj would probably leave for the airport by 7 pm and he could come any time afterwards. I reminded him to bring his clothes as he will be sleeping over. Raj was in a hurry to leave for the airport. He was a bit concerned about leaving me behind as thilakam was also out of town. I mentioned to him that i was thinking of asking nandan to stay over if i felt afraid to be by myself. He thought it was a great idea and asked me to ask nandan if it was agreeable to stay at our place while he was away. I was so glad that it worked out well.

Nandan came around 8 pm with his suitcase full of clothes. We had a spare bed room and i asked him to occupy it. I had the tv on and asked him to get changed and sit and come back and join me and watch a movie, if he wanted to. Nandan was quite interested since his mother never allowed him to sit late and watch tv movies. Sujan was fast asleep after the feed. I went to the bathroom and changed into a nightie. Usually i don’t wear any bra in the night so that if he wakes up, it will be easy for me to feed. When i came into the lounge room nandan was already seated in the sofa. I notice that he was discreetly staring at my body scantly covered by the nightie. He was in a shorts and banian. I tried some local channels; there were nothing good so i changed it to english channels.
There was a movie on one of them and i left it there. To start with there was nothing exciting about the movie but soon there was a love scene. The man was kissing the girl which first started as a gentle one but soon turned out to be very passionate. I was concerned whether it was too much for nandan, but he seemed to be non-perturbed by it. The kiss prolonged for a long time and i noticed the hand of the man was touching and squeezing the boobs of the woman. I was used to seeing such scenes before but for some unknown reasons, i was excited to an extent that it released a flood from my pussy into the panty. My boobs were also aching due to the load of milk by watching the erotic scene on the tv screen. I noticed a small pulsating bulge in the shorts of nandan. My throat was dry and i asked him to get me a glass of water. He was a bit hesitant and i realised why only a bit later as he had a bulge in his shirts. When he returned with the glass, his tent formation was clearly visible.
When he came near me the tip of his bulge was quite very close to me. While handing me the glass, his eyes were fixed on the tv screen. The man had uncovered the woman’s boobs and was sucking her nipples with all eagerness. Poor nandan was very much aroused by it and so did i. I took the glass with one hand and impulsively i touched his cock with the other hand. Nandan was shocked. He tried to pull himself away from my grip. I laughed and asked him to come closer and let me see what is inside the tent. He hesitantly came closer to me and i undid his shorts and took out his cock. As i guessed, he didn’t have any undies. It was quite long and thick, even bigger than raj’s and was creamy coloured, with bulging veins and hard as a rock. His scrotum was shrunken. Keeping the empty glass on the floor, i took the cock with my both hands and ran my hand over it. Nandan was shy but excited. He was looking at the tv monitor and at my face, alternating from one to the other. The scene in the tv was very exciting and i never knew they showed such movies at nights. I unhooked my nightie and brought out my boobs for him to see.
He looked at them greedily but was not bold enough to touch them. I took his hands and placed them on my boobs and made him to press them. I gave a tug to his shorts and it fell to the grounds and he was totally nude, waist below. I ran my hands on his thighs and ass. They were so nice, firm and beautiful. He was massaging my boobs with all vigour. I pulled his cock to my face and sniffed at it. It had a healthy masculine smell which was very arousing. I opened my mouth and licked the tip of the cock and tasted the pre cum. Poor chap was breathing very heavily. I took his cock in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. He gave out a cry and tried to pull back. I held him firm and went on sucking. His cock was so big that i could not take the whole length into my mouth. Raj’s cock was comparatively small and his erection never lasted long. When i put it in my mouth, raj generally comes in my mouth within a minute or two and usually turns away and goes to sleep having no desire to fuck me afterwards. This always infuriates me.
Surprisingly, nandan was holding up. He still had his erection when i took my mouth away from his cock. I removed my nightie and pulled my panties down exposing my pussy. He was amazed. He said he has never seen the private parts of a woman before. I gently led him to our bed room. Baby was sleeping in the next room and i knew that we would disturb him. I made him sit next to me. I asked him to suck my boobs. It didn’t take much coaxing as he straight away bent down and took one of my nipples and started to suck on it. He was just like sujan when he is hungry and he sucked with all vigour. It didn’t take long before the milk started to flow out. In his eagerness, he now and then bit on my nipples. Even though it did hurt a little bit, i didn’t mind and it gave sort of a different kind of pleasure. As he kept sucking, i felt the same way i felt when the baby sucks me and started to get wet underneath. As i didn’t have any panties, the juices were flowing down into the sofa.
He went form one breast to the other and i kept moaning as i was very stimulated by his sucking. I didn’t want him to finish off all the milk s sujan would need some soon, so i had to stop him. He reluctantly withdrew his mouth form my boobs. I took his hand and placed it on my pussy and asked whether he like the feel of it. He was too shy to answer. My pussy was clean shaven and was very smooth. He looked at it eagerly and ran his hand all over. I told him to open the lips and see inside. He was afraid he may hurt me and looked at my face. I opened the lips of my pussy and asked him to look at the hole and the clit. He did not know about the clit. I showed him all the different parts and explained to him its functions and asked him to smell it and if he liked it to lick it. Nandan kneeled on the floor and sniffed at my cunt.

He looked at my face and smiled and said it looked beautiful. I asked him to lick it from bottom to top. He did it obediently. He was very much aroused and i could hear him breathing heavily. Poor chap, i didn’t want to hasten my process of seducing him. His licking was raising my arousal level and i was getting near an orgasm. It was very long time since i got a clitoral orgasm. I lifted my hip and kept my hand on his head and guided him to concentrate on my clit. On his own, he caught on to it and with his lips he was pulling and bitting at it. I cried out as i had an orgasm. It came in waves and i started moaning loudly. Nandan was surprised at the flow of my fluids. He got up and his cock was bent upwards and touching his stomach. I asked him to fuck me. I guided his cock into my cunt and asked him to push it in. Leaning over me, he pushed his cock inside me. He was not in a hurry like any other man would have under the circumstances.
He took his time to insert it completely and he left it in for a short time, came out and went back again. I didn’t have to instruct him what to do as it became natural to him. His cock went through many unexplored corners of my vagina and my orgasm was at its peak. He started to pump slowly. I asked him to go fast and he increased the speed. Finally he shot his cum inside me in quick and powerful spurts. I could feel his cock filling me completely and i could feel his cum overflowing on to the sofa. I pulled him closer and wound my legs around him and hugged him to my chest. As his body crushed against mine, my boobs got squashed and the milk also started flowing heavily making our chests wet. But his erection was intact. He went on pumping and my next bout of orgasms started again. The fellow had wonderful persistence and his next session was longer than the first. Finally we both reached orgasm together and lied still for some time.
He got up with fluids dripping from his cock. It was still semi limp and i took it in my mouth and cleaned it for him. I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself of all the mess. Nandan followed me like a faithful dog. I was totally nude and he did not take his eyes off me. I asked him how was. He said it was very nice. I asked him whether he wanted more. Shyly he said yes. I asked to wait while i sat on the toilet and urinated. He was fascinated by the way urine was coming out of my piss hole. I guess he would not have seen a woman on a toilet before and he bent down to watch the urine spurting out. I was a bit embarrassed by some one watching me so closely, but i guess it was sort of an education for him. When i finished urinating and i tried to wipe myself, he wanted to do it foe me. Now it was my turn to be shy as i watched him gently wipe my bottom. I got up and hugged him and gently took him back to the bed room.
There was more i wanted to do with him as well as teach him. Raj was a very conservative lover and was not very agreeable to try various positions and techniques. I always wanted to try out the things i have read about and i realised here was the opportunity for me to do. I always fantasised having it in doggy style. I showed him how to fuck in a doggy style. I knelt on the bed and made him insert his cock from behind. His cock was erect in no time and he started to fuck my arsehole. His hard cock was sending new sensations inside me which was unknown to me. At first, it was slightly painful, but as he started to gently move in and out it got better and started to enjoy it. I was also moaning heavily as he increased his tempo.
I felt as if my bowel were going to explode as it felt so full. He was also moaning and finally he came and his cum was pumped inside me. It was a very weird sensation to feel the bowel getting filled with the gooey stuff. I don’t know where he was producing all the stuff from, as copious amount of cum kept flowing pour of my arse hole. It was getting very late and i told him that we should go to sleep. He was going to get back to his bed room, but smilingly i told him that he will be sleeping with me until raj comes back. He was quite please with that idea. I realised that we never got around kissing each other. As we were lying next to each other, i started to kiss him and slowly he also caught on to it. He was a very fast learner and soon we were french kissing, our tongues playing with each others. He embraced me and kissed me on my face and lips.
We were naked as we lied down and talked for some time embracing each other. I asked him whether he has ever masturbated. Shyly he replied saying that he did it on a daily basis and hesitantly he confessed that he has done it often fantasising about me! He said that he was so happy that his dreams have come true. I couldn’t believe that he has been having a fantasy about me all these days. I kissed him and we went off to sleep after making him promise that what ever happened between us has to be a secret. He was more than happy with that. Next morning i gave him a big breakfast teasing him that he had to recoup all the energy he spent the previous night. He enjoyed his food and wanted to have sex before he went to work. He was like a child in a candy shop! I had to tell him that he has to wait till he came back from work. He was slightly disappointed but i kissed him and told him that i will eagerly wait for him to come from work.
He happily ran away to catch the bus. He was back earlier than usual that afternoon. I knew what he had in mind as soon as he walked in. With an embarrassed grin, he asked whether we could ‘do it aging’. I told him that i had a few chores to do and asked him to wait until i bathed, fed and put sujan to sleep. He was a bit disappointed but took it well and went to his room. I put sujan to sleep, then took my bath and then i called nandan to come. I was naked. He came running out of his room and he was naked too! I wanted to try more positions with him. He was keen to try out every thing i was prepared to teach him. I made him to lie down on the bed; his cock was standing like a flagpole. I climbed over him putting my legs across, i straddled him and took his cock and inserted into my cunt and with a gentle jerk of my hip, and i slipped it inside my cunt. It went in easily as i was quite excited about the prospect of fucking and was already wet. Leaning over his body, i fucked him, moving my body up and down on his cock. He was enjoying it very much as he could see my boobs were dangling over his face. He opened his mouth and sucked my nipples.
I positioned myself in such a way that his cock rubbed on all sides of my vagina. It gave me immeasurable pleasure. I could hear the sound of our flesh thrashing against each other as if it was coming from deep inside my cunt. Since this position gave me a greater advantage over him i was reaching my orgasm very fast. I had a couple of orgasms before he reached his orgasm. When he orgasmed, his face was making all sorts of expressions! He closed his eyes to enjoy the orgasm. Since his erection was intact, i went on fucking even after he emptied his contents into my pussy. I looked down and saw the cum flowing out of my pussy all over his belly. I tilted my hip so that his cock rubbed against my clit. It was heavenly. I wished that this could go on for ever. I felt guilty for having seduced an innocent boy to satisfy my lust, taking advantage of the absence of his mother and my husband. Further more, the fact that he was mentally retarded, how ever mild it was, it made it even worse. But the temptation was more compelling and unfortunately i succumbed to it. But i realised that it was not just me. Without being aware of it, i have stirred up a hornets nest. He also had his feeling and desires, which were suppressed and had no way of expressing itself until now.
It so happened that we were both at the right place at the right time. We talked about it. I realised that he was more intelligent than we gave him credit for. He was happy with the situation and knew that it was only temporary but was content to take what ever we could get out of it. I didn’t want to raise his hopes, but i knew that even after the return of raj as well as his mother, i would still love to fuck him and will have to find ways and means of doing. I didn’t want to say any thing to him about it now. Raj was away for longer than he thought it would take. He came back after 5 days. Nandan’s mum took another couple of days before she returned. Until raj came back, he slept with me and we fucked every other way and at every opportunity we had. The only down side was that sujan was not getting enough milk as nandan was sucking me so much that there was not much left for the baby. I had to give him some formula milk to supplement. But i didn’t mind that as i enjoyed feeding nandan! (please give me feed back on [email protected])

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