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It’s a long time since I submitted my first true incident here at ISS. Here I’m going to narrate another real boner of a story which actually took place before my incidence with Monai. Before moving into the fact let me remind u about myself. I’m 40, tall, dark and as ladies tell me I’m really sexy and handsome with a 8” boner. My thirst for sex is increasing with my age and the more interesting thing is that my power to last during sex is increasing and I’m sure those ladies, gals who find it very difficult to get satisfaction thru sexual intercourse, should consult me. It’s free of cost!! Those who want to prove me wrong, pls keep in touch with me. My mail id is [email protected] I have a request to all the readers. The incident is absolutely true and I have tried to give the total picture of the incident. In the beginning you can feel bore but keep on reading it is different from others. Now coming to the fact. We, a group of people, were traveling to Bombay from Calcutta by train in the AC 3. The trip was pure official. We were 8 in the group and my berth was in the first cubicle of the compartment. I was more interested for the window side berths, but my two friends actually occupied those giving some reasons. Hence I did not have any choice than to agree with the middle berth of the first cubicle. This cubicle was occupied by 2 gentlemen, 2 ladies and 2 of us. The gentlemen & the ladies were all traveling alone. None of the ladies were any way impressive and hence I felt no need to talk to them also initially.

Only general chit chat took place during the evening. We were rather engaged in talking among ourselves. When everyone was feeling sleepy, one of us came out with a mixture of Vodka & lime which we all enjoyed and made it sure that no one else get to notice or got disturbed by us. One of the gentlemen was traveling to Nagpur where he was posted. The other one was not interested to talk and we also did not disturb him. He was also going to Nagpur. The ladies were concentrating on their own magazines. As I told you that both the ladies were not impressive. One was Southy; age could be 45 to 50. The other one was Sindhi, age would be 32 – 35 kind of thing. But both of them were form Bombay and were going back to their places. Southy one was heavily built, black, not-so-good looking but with massive boobs and gand. To tell u the fact that I was brought up in place of Calcutta which was full of Southy’s and the most attracting part of those ladies were the Boobs & the Gands. I really feel the boner when I see a big boobed lady with tremendous gand. Even today the sight gives me immediate sexual urge and need to jack off the moment I get an opportunity.

But this Tamil lady (which I came to know later on) was not at all sexy looking. So I never felt anything about neither her nor my dick caused me much of a problem. Anyway from Calcutta to Bombay by Howrah-Bombay Mail takes two nights and a total day. It was quite boring kind of journey if one is traveling alone. But I was in a group and hence no chance of getting bored. The first night went of smoothly. I was in the middle berth, where as the Tamil lady was in the lower berth exactly below mine. The other lady was in the other lower berth opposite to ours. The next day morning all of our 7 (apart from the gentleman who never opened his mouth for once) started talking to each other. It was all general topic from politics to sports, from Madhuri Dixit to Angelina Jolie. During these discussion suddenly came up the topic of south Indian films and the hot nature of those. The Tamil lady took an aggressive stand in favor of the sexy scenes those keep on coming in the cable TV in all the south Indian channels and tried to prove that all these were natural and they are brave enough to reveal. During that she was giving me a look which I never ever will forget. But since she was not good looking I was not at all showing any kind of interest or inclination towards her. I was rather busy with my wrist worker-spring and kept on working with that. Then she asked me to give it to her and explain what that was and wanted to give a try. As she tried on she felt a jolt and injured her left wrist. It is always very painful when you try it out for the first time. She wanted my help and I innocently tired to help her by massaging her left wrist. She was hot and I did not know even then her intentions. She asked me to keep on the massaging and in between she kept on pinching my hand with a mischievous smile. I just smiled back few times. I wanted to get rid of this embarrassing situation in front of my friends and other co-passengers. I got an opportunity when Raipur station came. I went down onto the platform and waited till the train starts again. Then I came in and sat on the side berths. The lady kept on watching me and I kept on avoiding her. As I am a smoker I got many opportunities to go outside and smoke. During one such occasion she came out to go to the toilet and suddenly took the cig from me threw out saying that smoking is injurious to health and I should stop that. I was surprised by her move. She was trying to be close to me but I kept on refusing her.

Then came Nagpur and both the gentlemen got down. To my surprise no new passenger boarded the train and the two berths remained empty. It was lunch time and after we all had our lunch everyone was trying hard to sleep on their respective berths. Only I was confused by the act of the lady and did not feel like sleepy at all. The Sindhi and the Tamil ladies were sleeping on the lower berths. One of friend went to the upper berth and immediately started snoring. My two other friends were sleeping on the side berths. It’s only me who was awake. I took the permission of the Tamil lady “Can I sit on your berth since I’m not feeling sleepy?” She replied “Aramse baitho”. I was sitting at the leg-end of the berth. She had covered herself with the quilt given by railways. I started reading magazine. Then suddenly I felt that the foot of the lady was scratching my back. I looked at her and thought that she was in deep sleep and must be happening involuntarily. I took the leg and kept at a distance. But it started to happen again. I looked at her but there was no reaction. I was getting puzzled. I took the white bed sheet and wrap around me as I was also feeling the cold of AC. The legs kept on scratching my back and I tried to avoid that in order not to let others know what is happening.

Then suddenly the Sindhi lady woke up and moved thru the door for the toilet. As soon as she left, this Tamil lady woke up and grabbed my hand and said “Sorry dear I’m really disturbing you, No?” I said rather confusedly “NO it’s all right.” “Be more comfortable and take Ur blanket and the pillow and keep on my leg. I am very comfortable with Ur touch, pls let me be comfortable.” Till then she kept holding my hand and was putting pressure on that. She was really hot. I came to my sense and my dick was also getting the effect of it. It was growing enormously inside my pant and I tried to conceal it with the blanket. I told her “I can make u more comfortable. Just put one leg behind me and the other keep in folding position in front.” I knew what I was up to. She went to sleep again, pretended to be asleep. The Sindhi lady came back and went to sleep without even getting a hint of what was going on in the berth next to her.

Then came the most wanted hours of journey!! I kept my right hand on a pillow which was placed on her leg and kept my left hand free inside the blanket. I knew that the lady was awake and waiting for my hand to go right into her sari. I moved my hand and placed it on her folded leg only to discover that she had already lifted her sari and say till thigh. I touched her thigh and she shivered. I started to move my hand slowly on the thigh and towards her pussy. I just touched her pussy area and she moved with a small moan. I looked around to check others. I was little nervous and then suddenly she gripped my hand and brought it to her pussy. OH GOD!!! It’s a pussy of a 50yr old lady, hot soft and full of juice. I gathered courage and inserted my middle finger into the hot streaming pussy. She increased the pressure on my hand by her leg. I started the in & out movement slowly and could feel the heat inside the pussy. She stared to move her hip and with this I increased my speed of finger fucking the pussy. I mix of fear and lust was working in me. I never felt my dick so hard and it was difficult for me to keep that inside my pant. I kept on fucking her. It released a fresh cum of hot lava on my hand and fingers. By this time I have inserted two fingers there. She looked at me with lust and moved up and went to the toilet with the hanky. I took out my hand smelled it. OH goodness! What a smell! I licked that and kept on licking till she came back and went inside the blanket. Immediately I put my finger inside the hot pussy and started fingering. The scene was so erratic and the smell of her cunt was so attractive that even today when I remember that incidence I get an immediate boner and jack off. I never had seen the pussy but knew for sure that she was hungry like wolf and was a great fucker. She must be starving for sex for long.

Anyway in the second episode while finger fucking her I put one of my fingers in her tight ass hole and fucked there also. It gave me immense pleasure and I was about to come in my pant. All these went on for almost 11/2 hours and then we stopped for a while as other passengers were waking up one after another. I knew that I would have to wait for the night. When in the night everyone was asleep I requested her to move to the toilet. I went to the toilet first and kept the door little open and waited for her. She came, she was little scared but the lust and heat drew her towards me. I closed the door and immediately kissed her. She held me tightly in her arms and I was busy in pulling up her sari. It was very difficult inside a train toilet to fuck. We managed. It was western style to our advantage. She took out my dick which was raging by this time and started sucking vigorously. It was very difficult for me to hold on and did not want to cum in her mouth. I wanted to fuck her badly. Movements were restricted being a very small place. I made her stand up and turned her around and lifted the sari. Oh my God!! What a GAND!! I took my raging 8 inch cock and inserted it in her pussy from back. She moved back and made a hissing sound and started hitting me back with her sexy gand. She was coming the moment I put my dick inside. Holding on her big boobs I kept on fucking as if she was the last lady on earth. She was gasping for breath and again started cumming. I kept on pounding her pussy and my big balls were hitting hard on to her ass hole which was also slippery as I fingered that hole earlier. I asked her where to cum. She immediately turned around and sat in front of me and took my poll in her eager mouth and sucking. I came and came and…. A never ending stream of hot cum moved into her hot eager mouth. She gulped most of them and the remaining part she wiped with finger and licked it from there. The scene was so sexy that I got an immediate hard on and wanted more. But both of us were aware of the fact that this was toilet of a train and we were at risk of being caught by the train staff.

She kissed me good bye and went inside the coup and I started to masturbate thinking of such a nice incidence. I came within no time and got relieved of the tension building inside me. When I came back I saw she was already under the cover of blanket and smiling at me. I bent down kissed her and pressed the big boobs and played with those balls and the big black nipple and teased her with my teeth. She became hot again and put a finger in my mouth. I could taste the pussy juice and licked her finger dry. She was fingering herself. Then I went up to my berth and went to sleep with immense satisfaction and also a hard on to play with. Next day morning we reached Bombay and she gave me a visiting card of hers and invited me to her place at Worli. It was not possible for me to visit her as I was in the south and did not get any time for next 4 days. 5th day I had to catch the return train to Cal. I still can sense the odor of the pussy form my finger and miss her a lot. If you are reading this story, pls let me know. I am still eager to fuck you the way you want. U were a great fucker! Those who want me to satisfy them the way I did in this incident, pls write back to me at [email protected] Thanks.

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