Hot Sex With Latha Aunty

I am regular reader of ISS and love to share my first extramarital experience with the other readers. First I want to tell few words about myself. I am a dark, average looking and medium built 26 years young man from decent family from Hyderabad. My name is Sumith and got married at 24.I am very shy in nature and even avoid talking with other ladies but dreaming about them.

This incidence happened 1 week back while I was working in Hyderabad. and I sent my wife for her delivery.I loved my wife a lot and missed many sexual games with her. One weekend I planned to visit my parents who are in warangal around 150 Kms from there. I went to my Parent’s house around 10 in the morning and found it was locked. I was totally disappointed and I went to the next house where one of my mother’s friend Latha Aunty is living. Because my mother used to give her the keys of our house if she goes out.

After giving a long bell, the door opened and Latha Aunty was standing in the doorway. She was in her yellow saree. Actually this is the first time I am looking her very close. What a lovely lady she is. She was around 32years then. But the mother of two kids maintained her body in such a way you cant estimate her age more than 26 years.She invited me inside and asked me about my wife and all other matters. But I could not answer properly as I was so horny and having a beautiful lady in front of me. But I managed to tell something. Then I asked about my parents. She told me they are going out to nearby town for a function with her family. They will come back in the evening. Moreover she told me I can stay in her house till they come. Since I am not having any other option I agreed.

She told me ” Don’t be ashamed. You can ask anything you want. Feel like your home”. I thought of asking her lovely boobs . But as shy in nature and having a view that only myself is bad guy thinking bad things, I kept silent. After ten minutes she came from the kitchen with a cup of Tea and sat in front of me and talked with me casually. She asked me :”You can change into casual dress which will be convenient”. I told her “As I am go back in the night I have not brought anything”. She brought Uncle’s lungi and gave it to me. While talking I asked her “Why she has not gone for the function with other”. She told me she had some pain in her legs so she wanted some rest. Now after having some talks I got some courage and suggested her to have some massage which will give her some relief. She gave a strange look at me and asked me “who will do the massage and all”. With some fear in my heart I replied ” If you don’t mind I will do it”. Without speaking anything she went inside the bedroom. As this is the first such incidence I thought I made a mistake. She was a nice lady and I am a rogue who think always bad things. After two minutes Latha Aunty called me from the bedroom. I went inside and found she was in the bed with the saree and petticoat upto the ankle. What lovely leg. I was mad to see her bar leg. But I controlled my self and went nearer to her.

She motioned me to sit near her. I touched her leg and massaged. While massaging I have to lift her leg and placed it on my leg so that I could massage the calf. That gives some clear vision on her inner thigh. I massaged the calf ang slightly move my hand on her thigh. She moaned slightly which give me some courage I moved further and till it touch the vagina. It took me 5 minutes. On touching she moaned and press her both legs . I could not control myself and my dick had already at its full length. I stopped massaging and looked her. Her eyed are half closed. I asked her how she felt. She told me fine but she wants more.I laid by her side and gave a hug and gave a kiss and explore her tongue and drank her sweet honey. She moaned and exploring the dick in my lungi which is wet with precoming. I slowly remove her saree and blouse and saw the milky white mound and the hard nipple inside the bra. I took them in mouth and bite it gently. She wriggle her body and started to move her legs and clutched them with mine.I remove the bra and saw the lovely ‘c’ cup breasts.I squeezed and sucked. She crying ” Oh lovely boy.. love me … fuck me..” I could not myself and remove all her dress and mine within no time. I went between her legs and started eating her pussy. She hold me head and telling in low voice “do it. I am longing for that.. oh .oh dear . my lover. oh ”

She came and drank all the juice. Then I move my head to the lovely tits which are erect and hard. I took one in hand and other in the mouth while she hold my head tightly and closed her eyes. She took my dick and placed it over her juicy cunt and moaned ” I cant wait . Do it now”. I made a gentle thrush and it went inside the hot wet and waiting cunt. She cried ” Do Oh Do it for ever … fuck me .. fuck me hard.. oh… hoho” as I started pumping her. I tried to hold it for long time but I came after 3 minutes of pumping. Both got exhausted and laid side by side naked. She seems to be satisfied and we chat sometime while playing with each other organs. She told me uncle had never eaten her pussy and she loved my pussy eating. Moreover my dick which is 7″ is much bigger than uncle’s dick. Mean I got another erection as she played with it. So I wanted to her another lesson. I asked to come over me and kept her pussy over my dick and asked her to give a slight push. At first she hesitated and told me her cunt want a dick that is all. But I insisted it will give her more pleasure. I persuaded her to do that. She cried while my dick entering and she moved her buttocks up and down automatically with moaning.But the two lovely mangoes are in front me and took both of them in one mouth. She shuddered and come. She laid on me for few minutes and she went for bath. I also went inside the bathroom and both had good shower and one more session under shower.

I got full satisfaction which my wife could not give due to pregnancy and the aunty got what she did not know. Both got satisfied. After that we did not have time to get together. She left to another Town after uncle got transfer. I had a thought of going there. But she refused and said we should not take more risks which may affect our family life. I accepted that and thank her for giving food for my sexual starvation.

Now any aunties between 24 to 35 who are in need of sex may mail to me so that they can get secret, matured and satisfied love without affecting their family life.My eamil id is [email protected] It is convenient if you are in Hyderabad.

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