Hot Sex With Husband And Wife

Hi my name is Rahul (name change). I live in Bangalore. This is a true story; I use to go for jogging in a nearby park after jogging for an hour. I would take a five minute rest on the park bench and then proceed home for my daily chores. One day while taking rest on the park bench as usual, a man in his early 40s came and sat in the same bench. After a while we both exchange a casual smile and I left the park as usual. The very next day he again met me in the park bench. This time he spoke to me.

Hi I am Ajay Sharma. I stay nearby building, saying that he pointed out the building. He is a project manager in a software company and he is married with a son. He said his wife is a house wife. I also introduce myself and told that I also stay nearby to the park and working in a private firm. As I was getting late to office I told I will talk to you later.

Next day was Saturday, there was no office for me, and as usual I finished my jogging and was sitting on the bench. But today I didn’t found him. As usual I proceed to my house as I was going out of the park gate, I heard somebody shouting my name from behind, when I turned it’s was Ajay. He told me he was late and just finished his jogging. He invited me to have a cup of coffee at his residence. I was like not that keen, but said Ok, as it was Saturday and my day was free.

Soon we reached his flat which was in the second floor, He rang the door bell, and somebody opened the door. It was his wife, oh dame I was surprise to see such a sexy lady with good body and assets. I starred at her for a while and suddenly ajay called me in and introduce to me his wife. Her name was sujata and she too gave me a sexy smile. Then I had a lengthy talk with ajay and his wife, they were from North and were working in Mumbai, but because of the present project he was transferred to

Bangalore. Thought he had no one know to him, but his wife had some few relatives. During conversation I noticed sujata was scanning me from top to bottom, and once I caught her while she was starring my Dick. I was little surprised to see that but dint gave much important, as both were very sweet in there talk and behaviour. I said good bye after a while and also exchange mobile no.

Next day since it was Sunday I remain home and was doing some chores, around 11am I got a call, to my surprise it was Ajay, He asked me whether iam free in afternoon for lunch, After a pause I said ok, because I felt he is calling me for first time and he will be upset if I said no. By 1.30 pm I reached his flat, and I was in very casual dress with a shorts and T shirt,

I saw ajay on the door and I enquired where his family is, he told his wife and son has gone to meet a relative and will be back by evening. I was served a nice lunch, I was sitting on sofa after lunch, while ajay came with a cup of ice cream. As we were chatting, I compliment Ajay that the food was very tasty and was lucky to have such a good wife who cooks so well. He too acknowledges the same, but after telling that his facial expression changed.

He was looking very upset, I asked him what happen, you were very happy suddenly why you are upset. He looked at me and said I don’t know this days iam very upset and frustrated. Everything was fine in Mumbai, but since he came to Bangalore two months back he is feeling lonely. I said it ok you will soon make lots of friends and you can hang out here too. He said no it’s not friends, it only one single friend. He told he had a very close friend and now him in US.

He told he had a very close relationship with him, in fact Ajay said he was his wife. I was surprised to hear that, you and his wife. He said yes I was his wife, we had a very close and warmth relationship. We had regular sex and I use to obey and satisfy his entire sexual requirement like an obedient wife. I was little shocked and surprised to hear what ajay was telling, but When ajay was saying about sex, unknowingly my dick started rising and bulge in my shorts was clearly visible from outside.

Ajay continued his story, he said he use dress up like a girl and that chap name is sandeep use to remove his cloths one by one and sandeep use to suck ajays, nipple kiss all over his body and in turn Ajay will also kiss and suck sandeeps Dick and Balls. Then slowly sandeep will fuck his ass. Listening to Ajays story I was full arose, though I was not that sure about my reaction as I was little confused. My Dick was in its full length and ready to bust from my shorts.

Ajay also noted my Bulge and soon he told that everything is over now between them as both are separated one in Bangalore and one in US. Telling this ajay remained silent, I don’t know what to say was also quite, but a while from there Ajay got up from his place and sat near me in the sofa and asked, Can you help me, I want to become your wife and will do anything whatever I say.

I was stun and was not sure how to react, But to my surprise before I react Ajay Kneeled before me and placed his hand on my thighs and asked Can I become your wife and before I react he caught my erected cook in the shorts. I don’t know a wave current went through my body and instead of reacting I unknowingly laid my head on the sofa, seeing this Ajay took full advantage of the situation,

He unzipped and opened my shorts and took my Dick in his hand, and without wasting much time Ajay took my whole dick in his mouth and suck. Oh my I mourned aahhhh. He took off my whole shorts and started to lick and suck my balls. While I was laying on the soft and was enjoying the pleasures and he sucked and licked my dick and after some time I cum in his mouth. He drank all my hot cum.

I slowly opened my eyes to see ajay standing and smiling at me. He told how it was; I told you are too good wife. After that Ajay went inside and came dressing as a girl, He holds my hand and we proceed to the bed room. There I removed his dress one by one and rolled my hands all over his body, Ajay too removed my dress and he slowly moved towards my Dick. I lay down on the bed he started licking and sucking my

Dick and Balls and he later kissed me all over my Body, This made me more excited and finally I too rolled over his body and reached his ass, which was smooth and soft. I made him to spread his legs so that I can see his asshole to Fuck. But ajay woke and went to the cupboard and came back with some gel. He said let me apply some gel to my asshole which will make you easy to fuck my Ass and he also applied some on my Dick.

Later I pushed slowly my dick in his ass, he Mourned ahh. My dick went in full and I started slowly fucking and He said pls fuck me hard. It’s too long that nobody has fucked my ass. I started fucking him hard and he was in full pleasure and I trusted him hard and after some time I cum in his ass. He was very happy and told me you are a good fucker. I want you to fuck me every day.

After that he took me the bath room and we both had a bath together where he cleaned my dick and again we had a session under the shower. I was fully satisfied by Ajay and I came and after having shower and was sitting in the sofa. Ajay came with a chocolate drink and told me to have it so that I get more strength to fuck him hard.

After some time I asked Ajay with out of curiosity. Do your wife your sexual orientation. Is she aware of the Mumbai relationship with Sandeep? He was told no and was looking very afraid. I asked him what happen, why are u so scare. He told his wife doesn’t know anything about the relation and in fact when he started the relationship with Sandeed 3 years back, since then he never had sex with his wife.

His wife tried to ask him the reason, but he avoided it and for that his wife was very upset. After hearing this I said, what if your wife comes to know about our relationship. He said he doesn’t know what will happen, how his wife will react and he also very scared that his wife might leave him for this. I said then it is better we don’t proceed the relationship between us, I am telling this so that I don’t want you to face any future problem, let call this relation off.

He said no please don’t do that, now only I started feeling happy after a long time and suddenly if it ends then I will once again feel lonely and depressed. After some time, I said i have an idea, If you don’t mind and cooperate with me then I can convince your wife to join us. Ajay said oh that will be great, tell what should I do I will do anything for our relationship.

I said I will seduce your wife and will have sex with her and if she agrees for it then I will later make her to accept our relationship. He said that’s a great idea, infact she will be sexually satisfied and I will also maintain the relationship with you. Tell me said Ajay what should I do. I said call me this evening for a Tea when your wife returns, and when we all have a conversation then you slowly leave us alone and go out with your son and come back when i give you a call.

He agreed and I left the place by 5.30 pm I got a call from Ajay, I went to his house and this time his wife opened the door, I gave a look from top to bottom and stared at her boobs, she felt little shy and called me in. As tea was served I sat close to sujatas chair and Ajay told his wife Look sujata, whole day you was with son, now I am going out with son and will come back soon. His wife was surprised but didn’t show much resistance.

I think even sujata was liking it, that we were left alone.When ajay went out I slowly started talking to her and said you are very good looking and sexy, for that she gave me a smile and i told her you are very lucky to have a good understanding husband, for that she said yes. But i feel you are missing something very important and exciting in your life and she was surprise to hear that and she asked what that is. I told if I tell you correctly,

What you will give me and she smiled and asked what you want. I told told a sexy lady like you can give me many things, ok said Sujata let me know first what is that I am missing in my life. I said sex and hearing that she was shocked and tears rolled in her eyes. I asked what happen did i hurt you, I’m not correct and she shook her head and with low tone she said you are right. How to tell you, if you keep this as secret from Ajay then i will tell you.

I told you can trust me. She told she never had sex for last 3 years,when ever i tired to have sex with Ajay, he will ignore and avoid me, I feel very dejected and helpless. I don’t know what to do. And tell that she started to cry. I went close to her and grabbed her by side and told her don’t worry I will help you and I slowly moved my hand on her face and was about to kiss her. She stopped me and told Ajay will come home soon and what if he comes to know.

I told don’t worry he will not come soon and she told, how do you know this. I told Ajay told me all about your relationship and told me to help you. He very understands husband. He purposely left us behind together. If you don’t believe, I will call him and i called ajay from my cell with the speaker phone On, Hi Ajay your wife want to talk to you, and gave to sujajta.

Ajay said sujata you take care of rahul, he our guest and you too have a nice time with him. Tell this he cut the phone. I saw a relief on the face of sujata, and her tear was vanished and a smile set in. She came to give the cell phone to me; i hold her hand and pulled sujata towards me. I hugged her and kissed her on her lips. She too responded and told me to come to bed room.

I followed her to the bed room and I again hugged her and slowly pulled her sari down oh I can see her big boobs waiting for me. I kissed her forehead then came to her ears, then to her cheeks, then rolled my hands on her lips and gently kissed her. I went down and kissed her navel and opened fully her sari and her petticoat. I see her red panty. Then I went up and opened her hair and started feeling the scent and moved back and grabbed her from behind my hand first time pressed her boobs.

Slowly I removed her blouse and then her bra. I felt the boobs in my hand I pressed and pinched her nipple and she said ahhhhhhhhh. I kissed her bare back and went down and kneel down to kiss her ass and thigh. I turned around and kissed her pussy. She grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me up and started to kiss me and she opened my t-shirt and I opened my shorts. She bent down and opened my underwear and Sujata took my dick in her hand shake.

She took my whole dick in her hand and started to kiss and lick ooooh what a feeling, after some time we laid on the bed where kiss her whole body and finally I reached her pussy is again. I spread her legs and started licking gently and my two fingers started to fuck her and she was shout with fun and i came u and give her fuck of her life time, I inserted my dick and started to fuck slowly and gradually I increased my speed and she mourned and put my tough in her mount and we passionately kissed and fucked.

After some time I cum inside her and rested on her. She too was tired and later I moved from her and she again jumped on me and said thank you, you again gave me the fun and pleasure of sex. You are a real good fucker. That I remembered Ajay, he too told the same thing. Later I came out of the bed room and said good bye to sujata after kissing her. She was very happy. I came home and called Ajay and told everything, Ajay was very happy and thanked me. If any couples want to have sex in Bangalore. Mail me at [email protected]

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