Hot sex with Ammu at hideout

I asked ammu to come and meet me behind the school in the mango grove where we

Used to meet always. Since we both were in tenth standard, we dont get time for

Our usual sexual pursuits. I am atul and ammu, that the name i call her with and

It is easy and conveyes lots of.

Love, and her real name was gayathri. She likes her name ammu and she responds

To my call. It is more than a month since i cummed last and she too was eager to

Taste my cum. When i suggested to her she readily agreed and we were to meet at

The old dilapidated building in the.

Mango grove, the surroundings are very bushy and nobody will notice anybody

Sitting there. All that we did was just fingerfuck her and a blow job for me and

Then we were off. But to our dismay we found out that some grown up have

Discovered the advantages of this spot and have.

Started utilising this place. To our utter dismay we noticed used condoms and

Remanents of some eatables lying scattered. We thought that the sanctity and

Serenity of the spot has been spoilt by someone. Ammu was very fair skinned and

Her creamy thighs and cunt was thing of beauty.

I used to kiss those areas and lick them. She used to feel tickled and shudder.

But later she started to enjoy my touch. She used to ask me to lick her pussy.

Keeping her pussy lips open she used to ask me to lick her clit and suck it.

I used to enjoy doing it and ammu used to suck me when i suck her clit. This was

A great enjoyment. We have been having this fun for the past three years and so

Far we have not ventured to fuck. She was scared that she may get pregnant.

I saw ammu coming from a distance and i was getting ready to receive her. She

Came running on seeing me and hugged me violently and her urgent hands started

To proble my zip. Before we began our actions we heard the sound of somebody

Approaching from a distance.

Our fist instinct was to hide inside the building so that others may not know

Our presence. A grown up girl and a man were approaching. Ammu said in a hushed

Tone that we too are trapped and tht we will not be able to go unless they go.

I said wait and looked around and i found out a door at the rear of the

Dilapidated building which opened up to the rear of the house and we can sneak

Out without these people noticing. But just let us wait and see what they are

Going to do, said i.

The man who came brought some grass from around and spread them and asked the

Girl to undress. He removed his shirt and pant and was in is vest and brief. He

Took out a small bottle from his pocket and took a long swig and offered to the

Girl. But she did not drink.

Slowly she removed her kurthi and pyjama and stood in her panty and bra. He

Seemed to be in a hurry. He pulled her down on him and she fell on him. She

Thrust her boobs on his face and he started to lick and suck them.

The girl took his average 5 inch cock in her hands and started to shake it. It

Was erect. He made her to lie down on the grass and climbed on her inserted his

Cock and started to fuck. Though we both have seen fucking at our respective

Home by our parents,

They did it discreetly and not this open. The woman crying and cooing throwing

Her legs into the air, started to pull his body down. We saw her when she was on

The throngs of a climax. She was like an animal, moving violently and shouting

At him for cumming fast and asking him to

Suck her clit and enable her to complete the orgasm. Poor fellow did as he was

Told and his face full of her juices and his own cum. But the girl did not allow

Him to go off like that. She sucked him and brought him to erect again and asked

Him to fuck her and make her cum.

Poor fellow meakly did as he was told and he went on pumping and pumping and

Finally she reached orgasm. She squeezed him out and her legs and hands wound

Around him did not allow him to move. Finally she took a bunch of tissues from

Her bag and cleaned up her pussy and

Helped him to clean up his cock. The got dressed and left. I looked at ammu. She

Was in a dazed condition at the brazen display of sex in our presence. She

Extended her hand and took my cock and said that definitely this one is bigger

Than the one we saw now and lowered her face and planted a kiss on it.

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