Hot Mumbai shop girl

Hi Dudes, One more story about my escapade in Chembur. I was walking along Diamond Garden at noon about 4 pm. I saw this dusky decent looking chick at the Diamond Garden bus stop. Since I’m a pro at “eye contacts” I signaled her to follow me (look straight in her eyes & tilt the head slightly to the right). I walked in a nearby lane for a few minutes till she joined me. We fixed the deal at Rs.400 and I confirmed that she gives a blow job. Caught an auto rickshaw and went straight to the dingy hotel opposite Basant Theatre about 2 minutes ride from Diamond Garden. Got an a/c room for 1 1/2 hours with condoms for Rs.250. As soon as we checked in, the whore revealed her heat. She quickly stripped to her undergarments which I yanked off with professionalism. Now here is my best talent. To speak politely yet with no-nonsense style. I told her that I pick girls off the street twice every week. So if she gives me good service, I’ll start picking her twice every week. She smiled n told me to just wait and watch her service. We started with fondling our nude bodies, me caressing her tits and pecking her on cheeks n neck. I found her to be clean with no bad breath and shaved pussy n armpits. She was soon aroused and offered me her lips. I made her untie her plait. God! I freak over the Indian black silky hair (which she had). I made her sit and yank my Johnny till it stood erect.

Then I forced my Johnny in her mouth, pulled her hair back with one hand and with the other started pushing her head up n down my dick. She put her one finger in her clit and started moaning. Soon I pushed her down, slipped a condom on and inserted in her. I made her put her legs on my shoulders, squeezed her arise with one hand, sucked her tits and banged her as if it’s the end of the world. We did this for about 10 mins and then rested. Boot of us smoked and she put her head on my chest as though she was my firkin go and caressed my chest hair. I was amused but liked it though. We spoke for about 15 mins after which we went for round 2. This time it was doggy style which she simply lovvveeeddd. Another 10 mins of furious banging and I was ready to squirt. Now I don’t fancy squirting my load in a girl’s pussy than I love shooting it in her mouth. So I pulled her face towards me and thrust my Johnny in her mouth and squirted all the load I’d ever produced. She tried to pull back but I pulled her hair tightly and made sure she gulps every drop of the creamy froth. I then made her lick every drop of the remaining cream on my dick till it was squeaky clean. We both cleaned up. Got dressed, exchanged our mobile phone numbers.

The best part is that I just gave her Rs.300 (Rs. 100 less than decided) and she was happy to accept. I got to know she works in some shitty shop in Chamber and turns a whore whenever she needs some money or whenever she’s desperate for sex. She told me she needs sex at least once a week and then calls some of her friendly customers. Doesn’t charge them. I told her to feel free to call me whenever she needed my Johnny at her service. We have planned to meet next week where we drive in my car and she gives me a blowjob in the car. Then we plan to go to a lonely spot outside Mumbai and fuck under the goddamn sky.

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