Hot Journey

I am Manu with one of my escapades with a Married woman. I was waiting at Bangalore
bus stop for my bus to Mangalore. There I see a woman, with a very hot body,
absolutely round and shapely buttocks and thin waist in a tight revealing
Salwar. My urge to feel her buttocks and press my dick between them and rub was
so severe that, when she boarded a bus coming from Chennai going to mangalore I
took my first chance and thrust my dick into her buttocks when there was crowd
gathered to board the bus.

Oh! What a feeling over my pant itself, I felt as if my dick
was encompassed by both sides by soft mounds and they were the best place for
my dick to stay, I rubbed it a little. When I entered the bus along with her I found
on the last but one seat there was one person sitting on the aisle side and
this lady went and occupied the Window seat with the middle seat being empty
for me to occupy, I occupied it without hesitation. I had no control over
myself, immediately folded my

Full shirt till my forearm and started feeling her breasts
from the side while the other hand was holding the seat infront. The woman
reacted and moved to the front, but with this rubbing my urge to own her top to
bottom had increased; I changed my hand holding the seat and positioned my
elbow exactly to touch her breast. It is strange dilemma for a person who has
to elbow womans breast and not know exactly where it is. For men who have tried
this, you will vouch; you cannot directly locate the bull’s eye making it

The conductor came I told him one ticket to mangalore, every
one including the lady laughed, it is then I remembered that the bus was going
to mysore and not mangalore. I apologised and said sorry when the lady brought
a ticket for mysore and so did I. This meant I had five hours to satisfy my
urge also for ease held the purse in my hand. The lights went out and I had a
novel idea, I went on rubbing her sides in to and fro motion sometimes feeling
her breasts and

Sometimes her side and it went on, everytime i rubbed her
breast she would let out sounds of anguish sheh chi etc. First time, maybe, it
was my animal instict more the sounds of anguish more the hardon faster the
rub. Suddenly she pulls out her mobile and tells some one that hassan is one
hour and she was sitting on seat 37 next to a heavybuilt man with black shirt,
please be there on time and then realising I am listening reduces the volume in
which she was speaking.

My heart skipped all beats and my prayer to God let the man
not beat me along with public. My hardon was gone, my surge of urge was never
existed, and the stress I went through was making me sweat in winter. I removed
my hand and became an absolute gentleman. I felt couple of times she making her
breast touch my shoulder but believe me breast are of no interests infront of
prospects of getting beaten. Hassan came and I ran to the front to occupy empty

I clearly heard the woman calling out hey hey hey. I went in
the front and got an empty three seater and looked behind to find the
attractive woman with a 6 feet and very heavy built man looking each and every
person in their face, I was almost in state of panic when she came next to me
and gave me a sweet smile and said, in hurry to get a better seat you had left
your wallet behind and in spite of me calling you, you were running away. I did
not have my voice coming out to say thank you.

The man said are you expecting some one to which I said you
may sit here. The woman came in and the man took the isle seat i window. The
bus started I could not but feel so relieved and exonerated. The window was
open and cold chilly breeze hitting my face, the chill biting me. I am a
balding man with little hair on the center; the chill was hitting the head to.
Suddenly I uttered to myself, how cold it is. I never realised it was loud, the
woman laughed and said Close the window if it is so!

My eyes were watering due to the cold when I looked at her,
she also looked deep in my eyes and said are you crying. I laughed and said it
is the cold and wind. I closed the window and also closed my eyes. All the
travellers will know there are some areas and roads, where there is no street
light or any other sound we were also going through the same type of road,
except for some mild snoring. I found the source to be the pretty lady’s man,
leaning on her shoulder.

But the fear of such a heavy built man does not encourage
any sexual thoughts.when a woman boarded with a cardboard pretty big to fit in
the above racks. She was not keeping it on the aisle but holding in her hand, I
offered to hold it for her. Due to the size it was also covering the pretty
lady thighs. I said sorry to the lady to which she said, it is Ok you are just
helping her. Holding the cardboard made my hand raised in an odd angle and also
kept it pretty tout.

Not sure what made this happen, but the woman turned
slightly to the right to help her sleeping husband, who brought her breasts
very close to my arms.The road being pretty bad, made the bus jerk a lot and
every jerk making her breasts touching my arm frequently. What a transformation
from such a soft mound to tout flesh. I looked at her and she was also looking
at me, and then she pushed her breasts to fully touch my arm. I started my
movements up and down to and fro, with my gun fully erect.

I got back all my desires for this voluptous lady. I kept on
rubbing. Whenever i looked at her i used to find her looking at me with a
smile, which was unleashing an animal in me. Every bit of me wanted to touch
her all over and the sense of urgency making me rub her breasts faster. In this
urgency i felt her thighs pressing into mine, with my arms i was rubbing her
breasts and with my thighs i was pushing her thighs which she was doing with
equal fervour. I to fold my arm so

I made the cardboard lean on the front seat and freed my
arms, when Haveri came and lights came on. The girl thanked me and took her cardboard.I
also found her husband murmuring something to her. The bus started again and
the lights went out. I casually kept my hand on her thighs and started to
slowly rub it vertically. I was using my two fingers to crawl up from lower
thighs to upper thighs waiting for some time for each press to sink into her

Whenever it went high enough she would press her both thigs
together. I started feeling her whole thighs with my palm both outside to
inside and back to outside. All this on her dress in one of the jerks my hand
slipped and went between her thighs, she crushed my hand between her thighs and
first time let out the sound shhhhhhhhh. I inserted my hand from the cut of her
salwar and started to rub her crotch, when her hand started rubbing my man on
my pant,

I was squeezing it, tickling it and slowly started to move
my head towards her face, I could smell the ponds powder when I kissed her
cheeks. I let my lips rest on her cheeks for some time, I also bit her. She had
undone my zip and was rubbing me squeezing me on my innergarment. I moved my
hand to her navel and started tickling her, when i thought why not open her
salwar, I opened it and started to touch her stomach till I touched her panty
she pulled out my man and started to mastrubuate me, my hand was playing with
her bush,

My lips sucking her lips and her hand mastrubuating me, oh
what a feeling and now I started to finger fuck her , it was tight and she was
spreading her legs her hand was going on in the same speed as my finger inside
outside inside. I was sucking her breasts when we both came At the same moment
her husband got up, I could not remove my hand so I went still with her cum
oozing out on my fingers she had removed her hand, somehow pushed my man inside
with my other free hand. I started to rub her again and she forcefully kept her
hand to stop me.

When her husband went to ask the conductor as to how far
mysore was we both smooched and she said now you tie my salwar which I did. She
zipped me up and told me that her name was kavya and gave me her number. Mysore
came lights came and found that my cum was on my pant, immediately pulled my
shirt out, to which kavya burst out into such a hearty laugh, which gave me so
much of happiness that I will cherish this for a long time. My id [email protected]

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