Hot Day With Lucky Encounter With Strange Woman

Hi everyone, this is yashu from bangalore. And am gonna narrate a story which was so exciting, shocking , unintentionally happened to my fortune for the first time in my life with stranger. And I still couldn’t not believe myself about what’s just happened and how horny women’s are. Coming to story this happened just week before. Am doing my engineering final year that day I left my bike to service and wanted to go with a bus for a college and readers don’t think I met that stranger in bus ?. Actually it happened while returning.

The day was very sunny and I was sweating like hell. Wen I was walking on the road which was full of apartment buildings. I sawed something which created cool breeze even in that hot day a women in her mid 30’s just standing in her balcony and looking down for something and she worn skirt with tshirt. Guys girls look hottest in this dress combination so has she. She had no tummy just perfect flat with large breasts. I was just watching out her in corner of my eyes. Listening to music on headphones.

Suddenly she raised her hand over me. I was bit tensed and excited, I signed what” to which she was said something but I didn’t hear she signed to remove my headphones. I just removed and she raised her voice ” can you plz help me out getting my towel which fell down on lawn ground floor” obviously I cant say no so I just said sure and proceeded to gate and there’s a security and he stopped me I was in weird position suddenly he got call to his landline and to my shock it was that woman and she told that ” leave that guy in he’s my relative” he said sorry and asked me to get in. But I was in a dilemma y she called me when security is available for help and y she introduced me as a relative ,!

Mean time I was very happy and excited about it. I just moved to lawn picked up towel and started towards first floor and I rang the bell and waited outside, she just said get in ” in very pleasant and soft voice. So I went in to my surprise she looks damn hot and sexier than what I sawed from far. She asked me to take a seat and I sat on coach she went to kitchen came back with glass of chilled appy fizz. I was having it in mean time exploring her body parts. Suddenly she came sat next to me.

I was bit tensed and was sweating. She sawed that in my face and whispered” don’t be tensed and am not gonna rape you” I was dumbstruck after listening to this and I broke the conversation saying” never mind if you rape me I should be fortunate enough for that” he giggled. She placed hands on my thighs I was already hard seeing her beauty now just lost in some other world.

She asked me to take off my bag pack and headphones and I did it. She didn’t introduced anything about her and asked nothing about me. And I was not so dare to ask her. She was all alone in that good apartment with all comforts. She started moving her hands on my thighs reaching till chest over my t shirt and started to take of my t shirt and baniyan.

Now she started rubbing her hands on my back hugging me very tightly and started kissing me all over my face and reached my lips she started licking my lips with her tongue slowly inserted her tongue inside my mouth searched for my tongue and we started playing with tongues. There’s no words exchanged just all saliva and warmness’ is getting engaged. Then I placed my hand on her hip and started squeezing it I just love the way she maintained her beauty and I reached her back gave a soft touch on her ass and rubbing her bra hook.

She just made a gap so I can remove her t shirts off and what I sawed was exciting a pink coloured laced bra holding on most amazing pair of breasts. I just started fondling her boobs over bra softly pinching her erect nipples. Then she held ma hand took me to her bedroom which had nice bed and surroundings. She started to unbutton my pant and soon I was on my levis. I lifted her skirt and started massaging her ass it was so soft and perfect size. I removed her skirt pulling it down.

Then we were on just inners and jumped to the bed hugging. She started kissing my chest playing with my hairs and squeezing dick over shorts. I was playing with her boobs and pressing biting over bra and squeezing her ass has hard I can. Then I removed the lace nr neck and bra revealed her boobs I was totally surprised and cloud nine she had a puffy nipple breast which I like most in porns. I thanked god in my mind and just took her whole poky nipples inside my mouth without wasting any time. Started sucking it like a hungry baby and she started forcing my head towards her boobs I squeezed it sucked bit it and I was enjoying like there’s no tomorrow.

She now pulled my dick out of shorts and she started moving foreskin back very quickly which hurt me and I moaned for which she felt sorry and kissed my lips and started doing it slowly finally my light pink cock head is out of foreskin she started stroking it. I was enjoying her every touch. I removed her panty lace and panty was stuck between her pussy due to wetness and I just moved down started smelling it. It was so seducing and can bring any boy into mood as soon smelling it.

Then I just hold her panty in my mouth and removed it and she had very less hair and it was so beautiful with vertical pink lips covered with her cum I took no time to lick her pussy and started sucking her pussy lips it was salty and very different which gives lot of pleasure to taste then she asked me to lay down and she started licking my dick head and slowly kissed it finally took whole dick inside and started to suck like an ice cream her saliva mixed with pre cum producing a seducing sound. I started to enjoy so much that I forgot I was in a earth or heaven.

Without knowing each other just looking for a seconds gave me so much pleasure I cant believe. Now she came on top of me in 69 position showing her pussy and ass to my face I started to lick her again by squeezing her ass hard.Pushing my tongue inside her hole as much as possible. And now we were on peak of excitement she just got up opened the bed drawer took out the box in which moods condom was kept she took one pack opened and kept condom on my cock now she started to pull it through her mouth over my cock it went till half and she was struggling so much to pull completely.

N she came on top of me inserted my dick slowly by rubbing against her pussy lips and it went in I was like dipping my cock inside hot juice very warm and it was gripping my dick. She started to move her ass and I started to suck her breast which is poking more and more. She fucked for few minutes hugged me I squeezed her ass and we got into missionary without pulling out my dick and I started fucking her by pressing her boobs sucking her nipples and smooching her biting her ears and neck and I was about to cum and started stroking harder and faster and I came I just hugged her and kissed her on forehead.

After sometime she pulled my cock out removed stinky condom and licked all the cum over my dick and started to suck again it was hurting like burning as she bit my cock earlier softly and you guys know how sensitive dick is under foreskin so I was moaning she took me to bathroom and on the shower we were hugging under shower again game started and I started sucking her tongue pressing her boobs squeezing nipple and she went down sucked my cock to the hardest I made her stand against wall and licked her pussy by keeping her one leg on my shoulder she got horny and made me get up turned around bent her ass was welcoming me to fuck her and I started fucking her in that position and took her one leg on my hand lifted it and again fucked but to my shock we didn’t put condom this time she said take it before cumin and I wanna drink it.

So I drilled for some time and took my cock out quickly she went on her knees sucked my cock by squeezing balls and got her drink she cleaned it we both kissed for long time again under shower exchanging max of our saliva and tongues. Finally she took towel we both got dried. She helped me to dress she was on towel itself and I made my mind to ask the main question” what we did just now? Who are you ? What’s your name, business, husband etc etc” but answer from her was” look handsome you got what you wanted and I got what I wanted so better now think its a fortunate dream and just leave home as the way you entered” this answer irritated me but still I have no rights on her to force her for answer.

Later she gave me one more glass of fizz and had it exchanged it with her through mouth hugged her and kissed her on her forehead and said thanks for everything beautiful and she too felt same and I just removed her towel and kissed her boobs for last time and just left the home. I just left home as a stranger with lots of memory which is most lovable romantic in my life. I thanked god for such fortunate till I reached home and my mind got stuck in her beauty.

So next other days again I went on her apartment road but never got chance to see her again so I just don’t want to push myself there again as she already told to be stranger and it was sign of this is first and last may be. But still whoever she’s thanks for her and thanks to god for creating a woman with so sensible parts and guys don’t hurt any gals just feel them they are mean to feel it from heart not forcing or something. Hope you guys enjoyed the story and feedback are welcomed only by genuine people at [email protected] Time passers and frauds plz stay away.

Thanks iss readers love you all.

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