Hot Aunty Cellin

Hi friends I am Raul 21 yrs of age living in a remote village in Mangalore coastal Karnataka. I am here with another story of women who is mature and has a large ass. I am a great fan of these women’s ASS. I just love big fat round bulky smelly ass of old women. I just love to smell the asshole of these women and fuck them. I love fucking ass rather than pussy.

Even this story is of one such woman who is in her mid 30’s. Her age may be 35 or 36. She is from our neighborhoods. Her name is Cellin a catholic lady. She is married and having two children. Elder one is gal who is in 4th Study and another boy who is in 1st Study. She had 3 miscarriages after her marriage and fourth time she gave birth to a gal. That’s why her children are so small. Our place is like a slope so her house is above our house and below our house there are two more houses one of which is of our maid whom I fucked as I told in my previous story.

I was young when she married and came to our place.

She is a very short woman may be 4.8. but the gorgeous things was her ass. She had a wonderful pair of buttocks for an short woman like her. I always wondered how short woman have such big juicy asses. Her vital stats may be 36-32-40. When she had married I was not interested in her as I dint know much about sex but it all started in my class 8th when some 15 boys watched a porn movie for the first time. It was called Mysore mallige which became very famous that time. After that I started masturbating and addicted to it.

We used to talk a lot about sex in our class and started to watch our mam. Most of my friends where interested in gals of the class but I was watching big asses of our mam. We had a very large mam with big boobs and large ass who was our favorite who was giving us lot of notes to write and each day she used to correct it and we used to stand back to her right side and used to peep into her cleavage which was always exposed to our eyes. And since then I started watching women with big ass and boobs closely and this neighbor aunty also added to that list.

I started talking to her since she was coming to our house to talk to mom and to her parents over the phone. They dint have phone at home so she was coming to our house. Our phone was in my room and I used to pick the calls and whenever the calls are for her I used to sit in my room and watch her closely. First it was irritating for me but then I started enjoying by watching her body closely. She used to talk a lot over the phone and sometimes she used to sit talking to either mom or me after she finishes. But most of the time she was talking with me only when mom is not around.

Since ours is a small village she had to do lot of work. Their source of income was from agriculture. They had coconut and paddy fields. She used to go there and work. They had 6 cows so she had to take them to the fields in the summer for breeding and hills in the rainy season since the fields will be planted with paddy. Her dressing was careless as she used to wear only a nighty jus below her knees and only a panty inside with no bra. Whoever sees her can clearly make out she is not wearing bra because her big boobs will be bouncing like balls. She used to go everywhere in the village only with two piece of clothing.

Since she had to go passing backside of our house in order to go to the fields I used to get chance everyday twice o thrice and I used to wait for it. I used to come to know her coming even if I was inside by the opening of her house gate. I used to watch her bouncing tits every time in front of her and used to speak to her in order that she won get any doubts.

Before I go to the actual story how I fucked her I have to give you details of seeing her naked many times. The first time I saw her naked was at her house. Thiers was a roof house as was us. Their house style was same as us. There were two rooms in the right and left side and in the middle was the common hall where a sofa was kept near to the door of the left side room which was her room. They were getting some Konkani weekly magazines and some books also and I had the habit of reading those books and

I used to go to their house to read it. It was routine work for me and I was sitting on the sofa and reading every time. In our church there is mass in the evening on Tuesday at 4.30. She used to attend it but since I reach home from school at 5 I couldn’t attend it. One day I came from school changed my dress had tea and went to read books and I was sitting in sofa and reading she came from mass and I took her son on the lap and she bent in front of me to take his dress I could see her cleavage for the first time.

She was wearing a black bra and guys I like woman wearing black bras it looks really sexy and drives me crazy. She had worn a pink salwar which had low cut and very tight fit and had zip on the back side. It was looking very good on her. She finished taking her sons dress so I made him sit on the sofa and started reading book at the time she went inside then came back and went to her room. I saw her entering the room and I saw at the door I thought she would close it but she just pushed it.

It was half open I went to the middle of the sofa and just peeped in she kept her shawl on the rope then slowly opened her zip from behind and I could see her black bra. Then she pulled her salwar top from over her head and kept it on the rope and she was only on her black bra. Then she took her salwar pant and kept it on the rope. She was wearing a old panty which was white in color but had a hole on the left side of her ass cheek and I could see the color of ass cheek which was brown.

The panty was really very old and torn and had black marks of excess washing. Now she was in front of me standing in black and white, black bra white panty what a combination. My member was already rock hard and poking inside. What a scene my dream lady standing with only bra and panty. Then she took her bra and kept it in the rope as I told you she doesn’t wear bra at home. It was dream come true to watch this hot aunty standing in front of me wearing only panty. I couldn’t see her boobs as she was facing other side I could see it only thru sides.

Her armpits were like a big black bush which clearly gave me a idea that she doesn’t shave her pubic hair which most woman in village don’t do and it looks nice on Indian woman. When she lifted her hands her boobs use to swing giving me a small view of her boobs and her armpits. The next thing which she did was strange and it shocked me. She brought her finger near her ass hole and hit her ass cheeks twice it made phat-phat sound and then started scratching her ass cheek. She then inserted the finger deep inside her ass hole and started fingering.

She then brought her finger out and smelled it holding it before her nose. I was completely taken by shock seeing it. I kept on watching then she took her nighty and wore it. I turned to the other side and started reading the book. She came with her boobs jumping. I waited for some 20 mins and I came back home. My dick was still rock solid so I started stroking and soon I spilled the juice from my dick in her name.

After that day I used to be there at her house every Tuesday same time and view the show put up by her and she was doing the same things every time. As their house is in the slope the backside of the house there is mountain and their bathroom is backside. There is a way to go to the mountain behind their bathroom. Their bathroom window is in such a position that if you just walk you can clearly see inside from window. The window has 4 grills. Since we can easily see inside they have covered up to two grills with a sheet. Still if you slowly climb up the sides of backside you can see completely.

I knew it but had not tried so I decided to give it a chance. It was very risky to try since it was a way for many people to go to their house. If someone sees it then I was gone. In the night I waited for her to go to the bathroom since I knew she baths in the night I can try but I dint know the time when she goes. I went at around 7.20 telling mom I would go to friend’s house she said don want since it was night but I went.

When I went near their window the bathroom light was on I peeped in but there was no one inside suddenly door opened and it was not her. There entered another lady who was her husband’s elder sister who is unmarried and staying in their house only. She was around 50 or 52 years old. She was also very sexy and I wondered y she had not married. Her stats may be 38-34-42. She was plump and had a voluptuous structure. Her hips were broad and ass was huge. It would be very nice to fuck her ass.

When I saw her entering inside at once I got scared and my heartbeats were loud. She came inside kept her towel, sari, blouse, petticoat in the bath rope. I understood she doesn’t wear panty or bra. She took her sari slowly took her blouse and I could see her huge boobs which were white since her body was fair. She even had bra outline on her body. Then she took her petticoat and I was surprised she was wearing a white panty as I was not expecting her to wear it and which looked new. She even had the black marks of petticoat tied very tightly on her hips she took her panty and while she turned to the rope I saw her huge ass which was fair in color.

At once I dreamed of sucking and fucking that asshole. Then she turned to this side and started scratching her pussy which had lot of hair and I guess she had never ever taken hair from her pussy because it was such a huge bush. Anyways I was lucky to see another huge aunty naked. When she got into the area of bath I just got down because it was right behind her and if she turns she can see me clearly.

Then I walked to my friend’s house and came back in 5 mins because if my mom asks him the next day I will be caught. When I came back at the window the light was off and I was waiting behind for nearly 25 mins and then light switched on and I took my position again near the window. I was really excited to see her naked since I had seen her only half naked earlier and specially was excited to see her pussy and ass without panty.

She entered the bathroom and took her nighty and there she was the same way like how I saw her in her room in semi nakedness. Then she took her panty and I saw her huge ass. She had lot of fat on her stomach and her hips were huge. I was looking at her pussy and it was covered with lot of hair just like the other lady. Then she put her finger inside the ass again and smelled it. I thought she might have been addicted to it so she does that every time. Then she started bathing and I was slowly peeping because if she turns I will be caught.

At some point she was rubbing her pussy and fingering her asshole. She finished her bath and was wiping using towel turning other side and I was watching her back which was as good as national highways and in the below was a big hump her ass which was huge. I would have fucked her then and there if I was inside but I remembered I am just peeping I have do something to seduce her. She than just wore a nighty and went out I came home took my towel and ran to the bathroom and started shagging and soon I released lot of cum because I watched two huge aunts and both drive me crazy. After that day both woman became my fantasies.

This was my routine work for about 1 ½ months but I was not going daily as I was crazy if they catch me. Once the other aunty was breeding the cattle in a field near my house and I by chance came out of the house and saw her going to a place where water flows during rainy season. It’s like a stream where the water falls from top of the mountain and just flows but since it was summer there was no water and she went there. I quickly ran and climbed up and saw down and she was sitting for pissing and shitting.

I could just see her ass from up since I was high enough. I was waiting for every possible chance to spy on them and I was successful till one day when I was caught while peeping through the bathroom window. I was so scared that she would tell mom as mom and she were good friends but I was lucky she dint tell. I stopped it for one month and then again I started and three days went and I was caught again but she dint tell neither mom nor anyone at home. Then I stopped it and I wanted to seduce her somehow.

After that I was not showing her face and if she had a call I used to go out of the house when she is there. During my holidays I used to take the cattle’s of our house to the hill for breeding and she used to take their cattle’s. So we used to leave it in the morning and in the afternoon around 12 we used to go and used to sit there. One day it so happened that I went before her during rainy season and was waiting there and after some time she came and it started raining heavily and there was lot of wind I was waiting under a tree but she was just coming in the open area she got wet completely and I could see her shivering but I din know what to do.

She had not seen me so she went behind a big banyan tree and looked around for some time. Then she took her nighty and she had a towel on her head she took it and wiped her hair and body then took the water from her nighty and wore it again. I was watching her all the way and her boobs were really shining with water on it. I dint come in front of her still. After sometime again I saw her sitting and pissing and this time I came near the tree and she had already finished but she may think I had seen her.

By this time I was already talking to her as she was not a aunty who was to be ignored because I have to fuck her. One day she asked me to take her to the skin specialist in my bike. I was really shocked by this unexpected call. I dint know what to tell. She told me don’t worry just a small checkup we will come back soon. I said no problem and got ready. I was on my bike and she came dressed with a yellow sari and matching blouse. I was literally staring at her she asked me what happened I said nothing.

She said then start the bike lets go. I started and she sat very close to me brushing her hips and she kept her hands on me. Now for the first time some other lady sitting with me. I asked her which doctor and she went to a lady who is a skin specialist. We went and sat for 5 mins and then entered her checkup room. I told ill stay outside but she asked to come in actually I wanted to know what was her problem. Then she told doctor about her skin she asked to sleep on the checkup table.

But since she was wearing a sari doctor couldn’t check as she had to check inside. I was still sitting and was using my cell. Then I heard doctor telling lift your sari but aunty took her sari and kept aside and then she lifted petticoat and slept. The clinic had a cloth covering near the checkup table to avoid someone seeing from the seating table. I saw near the table and found that the cloth was not properly placed so I could see lower half of aunt’s thighs which I had already seen.

When I turned again I saw that she was not wearing a panty and doctor asked her to widen her legs and she did it. Then doctor checked and told her that this is because of excess pubic hair. She told in order to be healthy you should shave your hair in the summer and clean it or else because of sweat you may cause this type of things. But I dint understand what the problem is. I was wondering is it near pussy or inside it. Then aunty opened her blouse to show her boobs. She had some rashes there and doctor asked to wash and wear only cleaned bras since in summer due to sweat u get these types of rashes.

When I was hearing this conversation I was getting horny and my dick got raised and I was tensed if people see it when we go out. Then aunt lowered her petticoat and wore sari and came and sat on the table and was correcting her boobs over the blouse. I saw it slowly. Then doctor gave her ointment and told her to apply it while sleeping and she told shave your hair and clean it daily. I was surprised that lady doctor telling that in front of me.

While on the way home she asked me to get a razor from the medical. I was surprised and happy that she is now talking freely so I can now seduce her and fuck her but I was still really scared to approach and ask her straightly. So I decided to wait. I went and brought a razor and blade for her. She gave a naughty smile and even I smiled. After that we were coming and I asked her what happened. She asked dint you listen to us I told I listened but dint understand what happened.

She said she has some injury near her pussy which has become big and it’s become red and itching. That injury is something which happens in summer due to sweat and it becomes in all dirty parts of the body and main parts of the body like in the ass near the pussy near the hips, boobs, near eyes ears. Sometimes you can’t sit if it happens in the ass it pains a lot. You can’t open eyes if it occurs there. There is no cure but it goes by itself after some days after it breaks. She had got it in her pussy. I smiled when she told me that she told understand when it happens to you I said ok.

We reached home and I wanted to go with her but dint know what reason to give so I went home. The next day I asked her how is the pain now she just smiled and went. These incidents are not in order but just the incidents in which I got to see her body intentionally or unintentionally. Then I had my 12th Study exams and I had to study so I was almost not able to see her or her body.

After my exams I again decided to give it a chance to peep into the bathroom. So I decided and went near the window and the light was on and I climbed and saw inside and she had already started bathing and I peeped in and she turned to my side I quickly went other side and slowly peeped again but she was standing right there watching outside. I was dumb and scared and ran from home. I was watching from backdoor whether she is coming to tell mom as I was caught for 3rd time but she dint come.

Next day I was inside the house only dint go anywhere. On the next day mom went to a function far away and was to come in the evening. I got up at around 9 and had breakfast and suddenly got a call. I went to attend it and I was really scared because the person who called was her mother and I had not seen her previous day and I was scared to see her but I decided to call her. I called her and she came and was talking to her mother and I was watching TV inside as to avoid her eye contact.

She spoke for 15 mins and came out but I was still watching and I thought she would go but she came and called my name and asked, Aunty: where is your mom?

Me: she went to a marriage.

A: what time she comes?

I got really scared that she is asking to tell her that I was peeping when she was bathing. She said

A: what happened y u silent?

Me: nothing aunty she comes in the evening.

A: oh ok.

Then she smiled and asked

A: what were you doing near our bathroom window?

I was scared and stood quietly.

A: tell me I have seen you thrice there and I know you were peeping from some time. You are young now but the habit is bad. You know what happens if I tell your mother.

Me: please aunty don tell mom please I won do it again I won’t even come to your house.

A: ok don cry now I dint even tell my husband so don’t do it again. It’s a bad habit peeping. If people find out then you will be caught and given to police station. Do you want to be a peeping tom? What ul get peeping when someone baths?

Me: aunty I am sorry I saw you feeding your baby so I got crazy about you please show me your body once. Only once I want to see you naked

When I said those words I was scared and dono how I told but she smiled and I got relieved that she is not angry. So I understood she won’t tell anyone if I do anything so let me just try. She started telling

A: what you want to see you have already seen me thrice o many times?

Me: please aunty I want to touch you and touch your boobs touch your ass which is very big.

A: No. This is not possible if someone comes to know then both will die.

Me: no aunty nothing happens I won tell anyone.

A: OK but one condition.

Me: tell me aunty.

A: Since you have committed crime by peeping I won show you as you expect you have to do what I like.

Me: what is that aunty I’ll do anything u tell?

A: anything which I tell?

Me: yes aunty tell me.

A: you have to lick my asshole.

When she told that I was shocked to hear it but was very happy with the offer she gave which I was dreaming for which I was waiting.

A: what are you thinking? Don’t even think of other things.

I was very happy that I can see her asshole and lick it and also was thinking if I go slow and plan properly I can even lay her.

Me: OK Aunty I will do it and make you happy. Please take your panty.

A: I won take it I’ll just bend and remove it half. U lick it. I went and closed the door and locked it. I was so nervous. She slowly lifted her nighty till her hips. When I saw her she was wearing the same panty which had a hole on the left side. Then she pulled it and made a bigger hole in the middle. Now the panty was torn in the middle and she stood in all her fours like a dog.

Wow what a scene I was watching. I was really wondering is it real or I am dreaming. I slowly touched her ass cheeks those were very soft just like sponge. Her ass cheeks were deep brown in color. She had some marks on her ass cheeks. Her asshole was black and had small hair on it just like little grass on the cricket pitch. It was typical Indian woman’s asshole which will be virgin most of the time, black in color with hair and musky smell. Then she commanded to start and I bent down and first smelled her asshole.

At once there was a musky smell from her asshole which intoxicated me den again I put the nose I felt nice as I was waiting for it then suddenly kissed her asshole she jerked as it was sudden and unexpected. Slowly I caught hold her ass cheeks and spread it and I put my tongue over it and started licking it in small circles. How heavenly feeling it was to suck the asshole of the one I dreamed for. Then I hit her ass cheeks and the sound phat phat came. I liked it. I put saliva on her anus and started licking and sucking.

I was mad with lust. Then I bit her ass cheeks slowly and put my tongue over her asshole again and I put some saliva over her asshole and licked it again. I put saliva all over her ass cheeks and sucked her big big buttocks. She was really enjoying the licking and the wonderful sensation my touch was making. She was still in same position and I continued licking. I wanted more so I slowly pulled her panties down all of a sudden to her knees. By this time she was enjoying so she dint tell me anything and I saw her beautiful pussy. I suddenly inserted one finger and she jerked and left a moan ahhh and this was the signal for me.

Her pussy was almost wet with her juices since I was licking her asshole. I kissed her pussy mound and she moaned again. Then suddenly I stopped since she was almost 20 mins in the same position. She was tired so I told her to sleep on her back and she did it. She was tired so she just kept her head on the pillow and slept. I then pulled her panty down completely and took it off. She was taken by surprise but she dint tell anything, she suddenly commanded me to suck her pussy. I quickly got into position between her legs.

Her pussy had some silky patch of hair not as bushy as before. The pussy with fat lips was covered with sparse trimmed pubic hairs. I clearly could see the cleavage of the lips and a big lump of soft flesh flourished from the lips which were her clitoris and it was slightly dark in color. I kissed her pussy it was already wet with her juices. I started licking her pussy. I saw her clitoral hood which was small and black in color. Just below it was her beautiful clitoris pinkish in color. I touched it and it gave shivers to her.

She moaned suddenly and pulled my head to suck it and she told me to concentrate on it by pointing. Then I started sucking it and she was moaning heavily. Whenever she moaned I stopped it to tease her. Women have two openings one is urethral opening and one vaginal opening. I saw her vaginal opening and opened it. It was pinkish inside and I saw her small hymen ruptured. I started licking again and within a minute she gave a grunt and shouted and gave a thundering orgasm which was like a flood and it was so heavy she almost took me by surprise and my face was wet with it my t-shirt also.

She moaned lovely ahh ahh amazing I always wanted to feel this. Now I knew I have turned her on I can fuck her so I removed my t-shirt and started removing my shorts. I was already having a big tent inside my underwear. I took it and became naked completely. She saw my 8” cock and got surprised. She told its very huge and took it in her hand peeled the skin back a little. I was waiting when she takes it in her mouth. The touch of her hand was amazing. She was sitting on the bed and I was standing and she took it in her mouth.

Wow what a feeling it was when those rosy lips came in contact with my big black pole. I almost died of pleasure. I slowly started touching her boobs over her nighty. As expected she was not wearing bra she dint tell me anything. She was sucking my cock like a expert sucker just like in porn movies. I was really surprised to see that so I asked do you suck your husband’s cock she told no by shaking her head. I surprised asked her then how you are doing it so nicely so she replied she watched it in porn movies.

I really got surprised as how she gets porn movies as she doesn’t even have a TV at home. She told me one of a lady in our village who is a land lady well built called rosemary as it. I was really surprised as even she is on my fuck list. I dint reveal her that. As she was talking she took her nighty and she was completely naked. There they were her gorgeous boobs which I already had seen many a times but the feeling when I touched those was irresistible. Those were a big mound of flesh round and soft. Her boobs were wonderful and a big grape like nipples and her areolas was really big.

Then I made her sleep on the bed and I took her grape like nipple in my mouth. It was hard and stood still I kept on sucking and mean while squeezing literally. It was real fun squeezing her nipples which was making her moan. She was moaning and then told me please fuck me I am desperate please but I dint listen to her . I pushed her in the bed and came in 69 position and I gave my dick in her mouth. She started sucking licking biting my dick very badly. So even I started biting her pussy and pulling her pubic hair with my mouth.

Then I lifted her both the legs and started licking her asshole again. I was strong enough not to cum inside her mouth. After the sucking in that position for almost half an hour I made her sleep properly. I then lifted her both the legs put on my shoulder and slowly inserted my dick in her pussy. My dick was well lubricated so was her pussy. I started humping her slowly. My dick entered slowly inside her ruptured hymen. By her look on her face I could sense she was having some pain but she faced it.

She shouted slowly I kept pumping slowly a few strokes and suddenly gave a huge thrust and my dick was completely in her tunnel. I started pumping hardly for almost 15 mins. Then I took my dick out which was soaked in precum and her vaginal juices. Then I made her in doggy position and I entered her from behind and meanwhile I put lot of saliva on her small virgin asshole. I inserted one finger inside her asshole. It was burning hot inside. I started humping her pussy and fingering her asshole.

I was fingering as well as dropping saliva to make her asshole ready for next session. Due to saliva entering her ass and mixing with shit it was smelly but I liked it and so I continued. I then inserted two fingers and started fingering in and out and within some time it was almost open so I stopped it. Then I started humping her pussy very harder she was screaming with pleasure and pain. Then all of a sudden I screamed aunty I am Cumming, I am Cumming and within she could open her mouth I came inside her with a big load and both fell on the bed. The feeling when my hot jet of stream hitting the wall of her pussy was amazing. My dick became limp and came out of her pussy. I slept there and she took my dick in mouth and cleaned it.

She was very happy and told me thank you. You have made me experience real fun after quite some time. She asked me what were you so interested in me that you always peeped. I told her, aunty you don’t wear bra and your boobs jump like crazy balls which always turned me and your big ass made me horny. For a short women like you the ass you have is really big and I wanted to see how such a small panty could hold it and the way you fingered your asshole and smelled it turned me really horny. She smiled at me. Then I asked her aunty I have liked your asshole and made you happy. Can I fuck it?

She was surprised and told it hurts please don’t want. I told her no aunty I will lubricate it well and then fuck it won’t hurt. She hesitated but then I switched on my pc and showed her a porn movie of anal fucking. Then she agreed so then I made her lie on the bed and I lifted her legs and licked her asshole slowly and put some saliva on it and entered a finger and started fingering it and then entered another finger till her hole became deeper and easy for penetration. Now her hole was slightly open and I told her to loosen it.

I gave my penis in her mouth to make it hard and to lubricate it. And then I lifted her legs again and kept my penis head on her hole and pushed it slightly till my penis head entered in. I really like the way it enters inside the asshole. I waited her to get relaxed and asked her whether its paining. She replied no. so I told her to loosen her ass sphincter muscles. She did so and I slowly entered it and suddenly gave a thrust and my 8” penis was completely disappeared inside her asshole. She screamed with pain saying please remove it but I said don worry only little you’ll enjoy.

Then slowly I started and gradually I increased my pace. Her asshole was really tight and hot and when I was pumping her she was screaming heavily come on fuck me harder still harder and I pushed it deep very deep and within no time I came inside her. Wow I enjoyed very much. Her asshole was amazing. I asked her how was it she told it was painful in the beginning but I enjoyed. I couldn’t change the position as I came quickly. I told her aunty your ass is lovely I want to fuck it always.

When I took my dick it was having my semen and some shit and she cleaned it. I told her aunty you give your pussy to anyone but I need your ass every time. Your ass is for me. I am the owner of it. She smiled it. We slept for some time and later she got up she wore her nighty and left since her panty was torn. I kept that panty with me. She was in my house till around two. I was really happy that day and within 10 mins after she left our maid sarojini came and then I started fucking her.

After that day I fucked her many times. I used to fuck her when she used to go to collect firewood to the forest. It was small session always. I used to lift her nighty from behind and fuck her ass and discharge inside. One day she came to call her mother my mom was outside she was talking over the phone. Since the phone is inside my room I was in my room doing something on my pc. My room is very small and the pc is kept facing the bed and I sit on the bed and use it. On the computer table phone is kept.

So the people speaking have to face the door and speak. She came and was speaking and I lifted her nighty and kept squeezing her ass. She was enjoying it as was I. I pulled her panty and was fingering her asshole for about 20 mins till the time she was speaking. Then she went home. I kept on fucking her whenever we got a chance. Sometimes I fucked in her pussy but most of the time I fucked her ass. In one month I literally screwed her asshole and now its wide open like the wide bottle opening.

Please send me your comments at “[email protected]” and if I get encouragement from you people I will be able to write more and post more. If I get proper replies then I’ll write about how I fucked both maid and aunty together. Any women above 40 yrs and living in Mangalore and desperate for sex and don’t enjoy with their partners Please contact me on my mail. I love women with large ass. If any women want to get their pussy armpits o asshole licked Please contact me. Plz mail me with your replies. Please let me know how to download Indian porn movies for free.

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