Hot Archana Aunty

Hi, guys this is Vikram 24 years old from Bangalore and this is my first story so please ignore me if any mistake and your feedbacks is awaited any hot aunties interested can contact me onto [email protected]

This story is about how I was seduced by neighbor aunty archana for sex Archana aunty was around 32 years old very hot with big boobs, a hot ass and a sexy figure she is a horny bitch she was married and her husband was working in a software firm she is a mother to a child.

I used to work in marketing field once I was travelling I saw Archana aunty was waiting for a bus so I gradually I went and asked can I drop you aunty with a smiling face she said ok. While travelling we exchanged few words and at last.

We reached and she said thanks and went in. there on whenever she use to go for shopping she use to call me to drop her once while riding my bike she started to hug me from behind wow! I just got stunned it was great feeling this continued for a month.

Gradually we were become close to each other and we had long duration phone talks One afternoon I got a call from archana aunty and she told that her husband and son has gone to their native place, so am getting bored can you please company me in the evening.

The evil started to run on my mind so I took 2 hrs permission from office and I went to her place she welcomed me at the door wow! She was wearing a low cut red coloured blouse with border saree, she was looking so beautiful.

I complimented her and she asked me to sit down and offered a coffee and I was staring at her partly visible boobs and I can’t take my eyes away from her and we both sat there and she started chatting, she started to say that since 2 days I got severe back pain its not reducing at all so.

I said why you can’t try some massage with some pain relief cream. So she said yeah but my husband is not in town and how will I massage myself. So I got some courage and I said aunty if you don’t mind I can massage you

She stared at me and gave me a sexy smile and she went to kitchen and brought some oil and she asked me to come to bedroom. Hooo! I just got excited thought it was my day.

I planned everything I went into the room she was already lying in the bed showing her back and I went behind her and slowly I poured some oil on her back and I kept my hand on her back and started to massage and I got aroused after a while I asked archana aunty can.

I unhook your blouse hooks because it’s restricting me to massage, without any hesitation she said ok within no time I unhooked her blouse. She was just in her petticoat I could not resist but somehow.

I controlled and started giving massage on her back she was closing her eyes and enjoying the massage with the moaning. Aaaahh after some 20 minutes and I asked how your feeling aunty she said yeah am feeling better please continue Vikram.

I got excited and I slowly untied her petticoat and I pulled it down now she was just left with pink panty, wow what a sight it was. I just sat back of her thigh and started to massage like a mad and my 7 inch dick was rubbing her buttocks. She was moaning like a sexy bitch aaahhhhhh.

I made her to turn and I pulled her blouse and slowly removed her panty. Now she was completely naked in front of me, her naked body was so gorgeous I just hugged her tightly and planted a kiss on her lips we were kissing passionately for some 15 minutes.

I just grabbed her both the boobs and started caressing it, I was pressing her boobs I took it fully in my mouth and I started licking her hot nipples and I was sucking it like a baby and I slowly moved towards her vagina and parted her thighs her pussy was cleanly shaved.

I was too excited to lick her hot pussy and I started to lick her pussy it had unique smell and I got hooked to it and I was licking deep in to her pink pussy. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and started finger fucking she was loudly moaning aaahhhh please don’t stop come aaahh.

I kept finger fucking and licking her pussy for around 30mts and she gave a loud moan aaahhhhhh. She started to cum all her juice flew into my hand and I licked and drank all her juices it was really tasty with very good smell she got up and ripped opened.

My shirt trouser and my boxer and caught my dick and started stroking it, my 7 inch dick was very hard by now and she took my entire dick in to her mouth and started to suck my dick. It was heavenly feeling to get a blowjob from beautiful women.

She started sucking my balls and even took my both balls in her mouth, I started moaning loudly with pleasure and she kept doing it for some 25 minutes s finally I ejaculated a sperm in her mouth and like a slut she licked and drank every drop of semen.

I pulled her up and started kissing her, we kissed each other for about 20 minutes and my dick started to rise and I said I love you archana aunty. I need you badly so she told am all yours baby fuck your slutty aunty harder as you can.

I got excited by her words and I pulled her on the bed and parted her thighs and slowly inserted my dick in her vagina and my whole 7 inches dick inserted in het pussy For the first time I felt my dick in a women’s pussy it was heavenly feeling.

I fucked her slowly initially but I increased my speed she started to shout come Vikram fuck your aunty hard come aaahhhhh come on you bastard faster more faster aaahhhhh and I got really excited and started fucking her harder and I was about to cum.

I ejaculated a lot of sperms in her pussy and even she too started to cum in same time we both started to moan loudly, we were very tired so we started kissing each other and slept naked hugging each other. We woke up after an hour and I asked aunty I wanted to fuck your ass.

I just love your ass please aunty and she said am all yours do whatever you want. I took out some oil and I applied in her ass hole and she applied oil to my dick. By now we were ready for the anal sex and I made her in a doggy style position and I slowly inserted my dick in her ass hole.

She started to scream loudly aahhhh it’s paining no aaahhh but I was not going to give up she was feeling the pain slowly my fully erected dick was inside her ass hole and I fucked her slowly in the beginning then when she started to enjoy.

I increased my speed she was moaning aaaaahh come on harder fuck harder aaahh. I was banging her ass like a mad dog for 30mts and I ejaculated in her ass I was so pleased. I took out my dick out of her ass but still my dick was covered with sperm.

She just pulled me and took my whole dick in her mouth and licked and drank all my semen and gave me dirty and lusty smile. Then we had some a passionate kiss and started saying thanks Vikram and I never had a wonderful fucking session and my husband never use to satisfy me. I just enjoyed like a bitch thanks dear. From there onwards whenever we get a chance we use to fuck.

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