Hot Anjani Aunty

Hii guys…this is Akhil.The story here involves my lovely encounters with my aunty. Her name is Anjani. She is of 36 yrs of age & a very hot woman. Her vital stats are 38-26-38. So she posses a little plump but nevertheless a sexy curves body. She had been married some 8 yrs back and her hubby was a politician who used to be very busy . So she used to stay with our family. Mine is a large house few kms from the city. The house resides my family & the families of two of my uncles.

Anjani aunty as i use to call her was a very caring woman when i was in my childhood. I use to spend most of my time with her but as i grew, the separation became more prominent & till the time i left home for my education there was hardly any dialog between us. But i noticed a sudden changed in her behavior when i visited my house during vacations. I observed that she was taking a very unusual interest in me. Like she often used to come to my room when i would be alone and will inquire about my gfs. During this time i often noticed that her, pallu will always be down and her suits always exposed her boobs generously.

I was 18 yrs old healthy guy and such scenes ignited the fire of lust in me. Now i too started taking interest in her (or in her body). I would always look for a chance to view across her tight suits or see thru kameezs that generously revealed her hot body. It was one such occasion; we were coming back from the city after watching a movie. I was there with my aunty & we were driving back to village. Others were coming in different vehicles. It was all dark and we were moving through the dark fields leading to our village.

Just then near a hand pump, aunty told me to stop as she wanted to get fresh. I stood near the jeep as she went behind the pump wall but after some time she called me. As i went there, the scene i saw was biggest and most pleasurable shock of my life. I saw her naked boobs. Perfect round melons, huge much larger than i had thought. Pink nipples and dark brown areolas wow for a moment i froze. It was first time i had ever seen such beautiful boobs that too in full nudity. They were just killing. More killing was her hot body with upper half completely naked. She said what r u looking akhil i know u want them badly. Even i want u akhil c’mon hurry up gives your aunt’s boobs a nice suck. I moved forward and took them into my hands.

Oh they were so soft; i started kneading her boobs hard. She started moaning , i pressed them hard trying to squeeze milk out of them and then mouthed her right nipple, pressed it sucked it bite it. I was hungry and there she had offered me chicken biryani i was not going to let it go easily. I went like maniacs kissing sucking squeezing licking biting each and every part of her wonderful breast. All she could do was respond to my brutal assault, and then i threw some water on breast and started sucking it from her nipples.

I remained grossed in her boobs for a long period of time. There was not a single inch on her breast that didn’t have marks of my teeth on it. He boobs had become red with my biting and rubbing. Finally she stopped me and reminded me for being late. It was difficult but then we left and thru the whole way i kept pressing her boobs over her clothes. That night i couldn’t sleep for a second even when i did i fantasized of making a hot steamy love to my sexy aunty.

I woke up to find my underwear wet with my cum. I went straight looking for her but was disappointed to know that she has left to attend marriage in a neighboring village. I don’t like going to parties so i stayed home. She came late at night and by the time i had already gone to sleep. When i woke up i went thru the house and found that most of the members had stayed in the marriage only and those who had come back at night were fast asleep. This again was good opportunity for me, so i went straight to my aunt’s room.


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