Bholy is my nick name. I live in Canada now. I am married to wonderful man. I am 24 year old. I came across ISS site, some one emails this site to me, and I do not know the person.

Let me tell you about me. I lived in remote village in Punjab. I only did 9 grades in India. I did not knew English. When I was 17 year old. My parent took me to visit my nanake ( mom’s Home). We stayed there for one week. There one of the couple came to see my uncle/aunt. They were from Canada. They had son who was very hansom boy. Boy’s parent talked with me and they liked me very much. The boy was 19 then. He was speaking English and broken Punjabi. He asked me if I have seen Hindi movies. I said I have not seen any movies. We don’t have theater in our village. He was surprised that I have not seen movie. My aunt told him they here in India some people don’t go to movies. After we came back to our village. About one week after my aunt came to see us. She talked with my mom and dad about me. They told them that that family from Canada really likes Bholy, if you are interested they want Bholy to make their daughter-in law. My parent told them that I am not educated and we are very poor and can not give dowry. Aunty said they do not want any dowry, as far as education she can learn when she gets to Canada. So they agreed, Then they told me that have arranged my marriage to Sonny the boy from Canada. I said I don’t want to go to Canada and leave you here.(in my mind I was kind of happy).

Every thing was settled. They have to go back to Canada then they will sponsor me from there. It took about 18 months to get the immigration. I was close to 19 then. We did not knew any one in Canada so I have to go to their home. They put me up in their friend’s house till I get married to their son. We got married, it was simple marriage. He took me to US for the honeymoon. We checked in our room. It was very big room had whirlpool and shower in the room. We unpacked our suitcase. Sonny called for tea in room. We talked I was still shy. Sonny: Bholy do you know any thing about sex? No I said, I was told by girl in India that first night is special. If husband is nice he will do it nicely If he is not nice then it will hurt lot. That’s all I know. Sonny: I will not hurt you, I will take it easy does it slowly I want to make it memorable night for you. He said he has DVD that we can watch and you can learn from that, and choose they way you wish to do it. He put the DVD in and played it. I was instruction tape showing how to make love the first time. What man and woman should do and how. We were sitting on the bed, still had our cloths on. In the movie it tells how to remove each other’s cloths. We watched it then we removed each other cloths. I could not understand but looking tells me what to do, plus Sonny was telling me in broken Punjabi. Sonny started to kiss me on lips, it felt nice. Then he started sucking my boobs, we were standing yet. He would suck one then the other. It sure made me hot. He put me on bed and lay me on my back. Sonny got between my legs, I spread my legs so he can put his lund in me.

But he just put his head between my legs, I did not knew what he is going to do, soon I found out, when he put his tongue on my choot. It felt so nice he started to lick it. I was getting real Horney. I put my legs on his shoulders and pulling his head in my choot. He sucked my choot for 10 min. I had my eyes sami closed. He got up and moved closer to me. His dick was at the door now. He took the cream and put it on his cock/ and put more in my choot. He put his finger in my choot to spread the cream in my pussy. He then moved closer and put the tip of his cock on my choot and pushed bit by bit in. It started to hurt but also feeling nice too. He was also rubbing on my choot trying to get me relax. Then he pushed more bit harder this time, it popped my hymen. It did hurt a lot. He just stopped there till I got relaxed. I said now does it slowly. Sonny started to move in and out few times. I got more relaxed. He asked me if I am ok for faster. I said yes, so he started to move bit faster it was getting good, I said do faster and faster I said. He started to fuck me faster I was feeling very good. My legs were wrapped around him and were pulling him into me as I want all of him in my choot. It was wonderful.

My first fuck, it was great. When cum he got up and asked me if I like to suck his cock. I have never sucked cock I said I never did it, He said u seen it in the movie so if you wish try it if u don’t like it then stop. He is so nice to me so I thought I should do it for him. I put his lund in my mouth, it tasted salty my cum on it, I did not like it, but I kept sucking. A few times I got use to the taste. Now I am enjoying it felt good in my mouth. He got hard again, asked if I want to be fucked again. I was horny sucking his cock so I said yes my raja chodo mujhe jor jor se chodo. He lifts my legs up and pushed his cock in my choot, it went in bit easy. He fucked me also was sucking my boobs. I was in swarg. He fucked me for half hour I must have cumed 2 more times. He finally cum. He just lay on top of me and kissed me and licked me. We did it many different ways we did in bath tub in shower. Doggy style(I like that).I also like on top. All the time we were there we fucked 4-5 times a day, watched lot of porn’s. I was surprised to see group sex. I asked Sonny about it. Sonny said it is fun for some people to watch and be watched. I did not go in details with him. But in my mind I was thinking I would love to try it once. Did not knew how Sonny would feel watching me getting fucked by other man. Also 2 women doing kind of interesting too. Please men do not offer to fuck me. If u like it then says u liked it. I will write my next experience. Be nice [email protected]

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