Holiday Sex

Hi this is my second story my first one was under the foreign section story titled ‘The gals of london’. I dont remember my old password so had to re register. This story involves me, my girlfriend Gina and my cousin’s friend. Like every author i will let u know this is my email address and anyone can email me ([email protected]). I am from Mumbai but been in london for last 3 years. Me and my girlfriend enjoy a good sex life, both of us need to have sex atleast twice a day. This story took place on my last trip to India.

I had been in Mumbai for over a week and was craving for sex as i had come after a long time my house was frequently visited by my relatives. This had made it difficult for me to relieve myself by reading ISS or watching porn. To make things worse my cousin(Shalu) came over with her friend(Nina). Shalu my cousin introduced me to Nina. Nina was a hottie 25 years old and had a nice voluptuos figure. I have a weakness for girls with voluptuos figure am no size zero guy. Her stats were surely 36 28 38, oh that ass of hers made me mad. Felt like i should just rip her clothes and do her right now.

I shook hands with her and felt an electric current pass through me, her hand was really soft. I held it just a little longer then i should have and shalu said willy let her hand go, this brought me back to my senses and let her hand go. I gave shalu and nina some chocolates that i had brought from london. Nina said i love ferro rocher am a sucker for them. I did have a box of them left and i gave it to her. She opened the box and took the first chocolate ball in her mouth and i dreamt as if shes sucking on my balls. Ohh those juicy lips were just driving me crazy. It was the lack of sex that was making me crazier.

As they both had arrived in the eve my parents decided that it would be better if they stayed back. After dinner they slept in the adjacent room, shalu slept in her clothes as nina was on a heavier side she asked if she could have something to change. I offered her my shorts which she readily agreed to wear. She went to change and i just stood there waiting for her to come out of the washroom after shes changed. I saw her step out of the washroom and that big ass of her was drove me mad, she caught me oggling at her and asked why am i stil waiting their. I told her i had jst been waiting to see if the shorts was comfy for her. She said its ok little short but would do.

I had given her that short on purpose i did have some longer ones but i wanted to see her in this particular one. All this sexual tension had made it impossible for me to sleep. I thought of giving my girlfriend Gina a call and having some phone sex with her. My girlfriend is white and no family in India is ready to accept their son going out with a gori. This was one of the reason why I dint bring her with me to India and this was also the reason why i dint call her for the last one week. However tonight i needed some sexual relief so i came out of my room and went to the terrace. I do have a terrace flat, its easier to talk in the terrace as my parents room is not in that corner of my house so there are less chances of them listening to my converstaion. The terrace is next to the washroom so after a steamy conversation i can wash up as well.

I called my gina and after our regular hi hellos i asked her

W: hun what are you wearing

G: Willy dont be naughty

W: Come on hun tell me what u wearing

G: U know i like to be in my thongs wen am in bed

W: oh baby i want you right now, I want that wet pussy of yours. Tell me you wet for me

G: oh willy u make me wet with all ur talks

W: baby you want my thick long dick up your wet pussy dont you

G: Willy please come back and fuck me bad

W: Gina i want to suck that juicy pussy of yours, you know how much i like sucking that wet pussy of yours and your juicy boobs i want to bite them and make you moan my name. I want to suck your pussy while you suck my dick and then shove my dick deep in ur ass and fuck you hard.

I could hear gina breath hard in the phone which was sign of her cuming she always enjoyed phone sex. Even I had taken my dick out closed my eyes and started stroking it. I heard a little gasp and opened my eyes to see Nina standing there. She was looking at my cock which was shinnig little coz of the pre-cum. She saw me looking at her and tried to run back but she hit her toe on the edge of the door and fell down. I told gina i’ll call back and disconnected. I went to Nina and asked her what was she doing. She said she had jst cme to the washroom and heard my voice so peeped out to see what was going on. I asked her how long she had been standing there, she said she has jst arrived. I could see a wet spot in the shorts and her finger smelled funny.

I told her Nina dnt lie tell me the truth why is the short wet over there. She gave a shy smile and said she had listened the entire conversation between me and my gf. I said were u playing with yourself listening to it she jst looked down on the floor. I asked her wud u like me doing all the things that you heard to you. She again looked at the floor, i wasnt gonna waste any time as i needed her badly. Before she could say anything i kissed her on her lips, i could see the shock in her eyes as she wasnt expecting it. Her eyes had widened, my tongue was pushing on her closed lips. She relaxed after the initial shock and opened her lips and let my tongue in her mouth and her eyes started to roll. Now she was enjoying the kiss i started to rub her boobs over the t-shirt. Those big melons where soft and werent saggy, her nipples were so tight that they could cut through glass. I squezzed her boobs for a long time.

It was time for me to make a move, i took her t shirt off she werent wearing a bra those melons were just free in front of me. I jumped on it like a crazy man and sucked them for 10 mins she was biting her lips and trying her best to keep her moans low. I have very bad habit of leaving bite marks on my lovers, whoever i have sex with has to cover themselves for atleast a couple of days so that they dont get caught at home. i slipped my one hand in the shorts, her panties were soaking wet. I took my finger to my nose and smelled it, the smell was mindblowing. I had to get my tongue down there, i jst cant resist a wet pussy i love to lick pussy and make my partner cum. I told her to get into 69 so that we both enjoy.

She looked at my penis and said i dont think i can take all of that in my mouth i told her nina start with the tip and u’ll get to the end as well. I have to tell you guys this was one wet bitch that i was licking, i had been down there only 5 mins and she was already cumming. I do have certain expertise with my tongue and fingers but still she was wet as hell. She orgasmed twice and was breathless and my dick in her mouth was making it even hard for her to breathe. I turned her and said its time for the real game to start. I just wanted to get in to her pink pussy now i rubbed my dick on her pussy lips jst to see how bad this bitch really wanted me. Her eyes just rolled towards heaven wen i rubbed her pussy with my dick, i played this game for few more seconds jst to enjoy the look on her face. When she expected me to carry on playing the same rubbing game i inserted my whole dick in one go and held her mouth with one hand. She gave a scream but no one cud hear it as i was prepared for it. The pleasure that i felt pushing my dick in her velvety pussy was awesome.

I waited for sometime so that she gets used to me inside her and then started the magical to and fro motion. Her pussy was warm and velvety, i could hear the music that her juicy pussy was making with my dick. Wen a girl really enjoys sex you can see it her eyes and i cud see the eroticism in her eyes. I kept pumping into her till i was ready to cum. She cud sense my eagerness and wen i tried to pull out she jst closed her legs in a scissor position with me still inside her so that i couldnt pull out. I came in big spurts inside her and she orgasmed with me again. We had sex 3 more times that night even anal and she swallowed me as well. That was one of the best fuck i had, cant wait to come back to India and enjoy again.

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