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Hey indian sex stories dot net members, I am back after a long break and I know that it’s been a long time because I didn’t find a perfect partner. This time I am back with a hot meeting with a couple. Before deep diving into the experience, I just want to say few things about me I am Michael from Bangalore and I do belong to the software industry. I am having good looks with athlete physique, and you would go bonkers with my 7.5 inches cock. On the other hand, I am writing this experience by taking prior approval from my partner, and I am not disclosing their names as well. In case of any doubts or to know interesting things about sex, feel free to drop an email to [email protected]

Let’s get into the story without wasting any time. One of the readers (husband & wife) from ISS read all my stories, and they implement my experiences and other sex stuff on themselves. One day husband (Harry) thought that “We are enjoying a lot from the tips and sex life from Michael stories” so why don’t we invite him for more fun. Harry shared this idea with her wife (Sejal) and without any hesitation she accepted it. He conveyed the idea to me over an email and without any second thought, I said yes. We both exchanged our ideas and implementations over the Email, both Harry n Sejal got satisfied about sexual ideas. They both thought that I was the perfect guy to start their adventurous threesome sex life.

The day we all were aspiring came true, and I went to their place. It’s Harry who opened the door, he is into his 30s with a dark complexion and lost his body shape. I was waiting to see his wife and all of a sudden Sejal came from her room in a t-shirt & skirt. I can clearly see her curves over the t-shirt and her revealing thighs were a dream to watch, I am continuously gazing at her plump boobs and bouncy ass cheeks. Completely lost myself looking at her and suddenly Harry whispered into my ears like this “36 32 38”. I was awestruck after listening to that because I never saw her in pictures (by the way I won’t ask for pictures and that’s the way I deal the things). Sejal had a bath and her hair is dripping wet, so she is cleaning her hair with a towel while doing so her t-shirt lifted up, which gave a glimpse of her belly button… It’s wet all over her body and her pop cherry boobs were shaking heavily while she is walking here and there. Harry noticed it, and he dropped his hand on my thigh and said: “Cool down buddy”. I think Harry sensed the urgency and my cock is steaming hot on that situation.

We three sat on a sofa and discussing the random stuff and sex stuff, slowly heat was turning on. Harry started to kiss Sejal from behind, they both got engaged and started to kiss each other’s lips. Harry started caressing Sejal boobs from behind and Sejal started to moan loud like “Aaaahhhhhh umm yeeaaahhhh”. I dropped my jeans and took the cock out & started to stroke it, Sejal legs were relaxing on the sofa and I took the advantage of it and started being a fetish guy. I was on my knees and licking her fingers of the feet, slowly gaining my access towards her thighs and started to lick each and every inch of her legs. Sejal was enjoying the moment, and she was in heaven and started moaning much louder like “Uuuummmmmm ahhhhhh uummm”. Harry removed her t-shirt Sejal was in a bra and skirt now, he is using his both hands and started pressing her plump boobs hard, and I am licking her thighs and somehow managed to get near her pussy. It has been a long time for Sejal I guess so it’s leaking heavily down at her pussy area and her black lingerie panty was wet at that moment. I thought of giving her more ecstasy so moved her skirt and widened her legs, angled myself to lick her pussy over the panty.

Kept my tongue out and started playing with her pussy, though her panty was on I am just licking her pussy slowly and Harry is handling the boobs and kissing her from behind. Because of this double delight, she started to moan much loud “Oooooh yeah aahhhhh uummhhhhhh fuck me Harry aaahhhhhh”. I felt like “enough is enough” and pulled off her wet panty in a blink. For the first time, I have seen the perfect view of Sejal’s horny pussy. Her age is 27 but maintaining clean pussy, it is pinkish and it is leaking at that moment. I thought, “wait for a second” and started to suck the pussy with my tongue and inserted my fingers as well. She completely lost herself while I am fingering and licking her pussy, Sejal is breathing heavily cause of the tingling sensation. I didn’t spare pussy and started to lick her clitoris part to make her much horny, and she started to moan again “Ooohhh yeah oh yeah fuck me please ahhhhhhhhhhh”.

We three stood up and removed each other remaining clothes and stood stark naked in front of others. My cock and Harry’s cock was poking directly into her pussy and asshole. Harry cuddled her from behind, and I hugged her from the front. She enjoyed that moment cause, both our drillers were pretty hard, and she can sense the heat coming out of the cocks. I am handling her boobs from the front and kissing her, Harry was quite busy in handling her pussy lips and his cock was rubbing her ass cheeks. After some time I went behind and Harry came front, I was never in control and licking her ear lobes and neck part to make Sejal much horny. On the other hand, Harry was on his knees and Sejal kept one of her legs on Harry’s shoulder. This gave perfect access to harry for licking and sucking. Sejal, as usual enjoying the show to the core, and she is on cloud nine cause she is moaning loud like “Uuuuusss umm yeah fuck me you fuckeerrrrsss aahhhhhhh yeah fuck me”

This is my recent meet with a couple, and I will let you know what happened next in the upcoming sequel, hope boys were giving some work to their hand and girls were busy rubbing off their clits. See you all in the next part and any girls or aunty or couples want to get in touch, drop an email or ping to [email protected] Don’t worry, your details will never be disclosed at any point of time.

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