Had Sex With My Cousin Sister

Hi Friends again Shankar ([email protected])this is my second sex experience story but am gang to introduce me again to new readers those who don’t know me. I had sex with My Cousin’s Sister 20. This Happens 1 year before when I was 19 and my cousin sister was 25 by that time she was married but as we are in tamilnadu here in a Tamil month they want allow newly married couple to be together so they will be separated so by that time my sister was with her parents i like my sister very much but my sex interested started on when suddenly only because mostly I use to talk to my sister touch her those times.

I don’t feel any thing but when she came to her parents home for that 1 month time she called me to be with her to accompany her as she feel boring and me too went as days passed one day. I was taking a bath she suddenly came into bathroom because that bathroom lock was not good without knowing that I’m inside. She came after seeing me. She went out and after that one day while she was taking a bath without knowingly, I went in and after I saw her I came out after that only my sex interested started after that I started touching her wanted once no one there in home.

She was doing some work in kitchen, I just went normally to drink water I saw her there her structure size was “36-30-40” her boobs and buttocks are big while I as drinking water I saw her back her buttocks attracted me I want back side of her and toughed her buttocks and said akka your back has become bigger than before. She too normally said yes that it’s bigger now, have to reduce you teaching some exercise to reduce that I said. We will check in net for exercise ka after that,

I went out and next day power was not there so she started to prepare some food items with the help of stones which is used I olden days to make masala. She called me for help that she will rotate that stone you put food grains so we started by that time she was wearing nigh ties. Her top was low cut so I could see her boobs little not fully as I was sitting opposite to her I could see clearly it made me more hot so I though of seeing fully her breast but I can’t not see. After that next day again no one there home we both were in bedroom we were talking.

She was sitting in bed I was lying on her thighs very close it was hot suddenly thought she is married surly she would have done sex with her husband but this month she can’t not meet her husband so she might be very much eager to do sex so I thought this is the right time so I planned but before my plan start that day she was taking bath and called me I jus went near bathroom door and asked what she said she need help in her bathing I said ok and she opened the lock she was in her pavadai covering her boobs. I asked what she said to apply soap in her back and clean her back with brush.

I started soaping her back but her pavadai was disturbing to put soap all her back I said her this she said she will low it while she was lowing her pavadai I started putting soap but due to my force of putting soap my hands pushed her pavadi in floor she was nude her full back I could see but t front because she is facing towards the wall I said sorry I will put it again she said its ok leave it you apply soap all over my back she said I started after that I said wait I will apply soap in your face also and applied after that I raised her hand and cleaned her armpit and next suddenly due to soap my hand slipped to her front and touched her boobs it was to soft and I became hot and started squeezing her boobs.


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