Guest In My Ooty Cottage

Fucking my guest in my cottage . Hi every one in here. I am new as a story writer to iss environment , very old follower of indian sex stories dot net .I am sorry if there are some errors in my words and verbal expressions. Introducing myself I am 27 yrs from ooty. I do business in lodging and cottage. Very desperate for love and sex. I love hearing moaning and sex sounds from my guest. I masturbate with lust and dream of those sounds, voices.. For the ladies in here I am still a bachelor. Contact me [email protected] I have a 7 inch dick ,and a very good built body.


It’s a real story, now coming back to the story it all happen when a women of 30’s called me for a booking to stay in my cottage for 2 night along with her family with two kids one 2yrs , other 5 yrs . It was off season time in ooty, I got a call and she asked me for some pic of my cottage during booking process. She was in watsapp, I sent her pic and she was ok with it after consulting her husband on next day.. She added me in watsapp, only then I saw stunning dp pic with saree .. Gooshh , her breast where in round , big, can’t cover it with single hand her arms were slim, her neck was perfect without any fat, her hairs were smooth. We had normal talk through chat about ooty touring and places to cover , food. I liked two points from her ,1st when she told me about my dp pic with my adventure bike, to take a small ride for her as she ll ask her husband for permission. 2nd when I slipped my chat about her adorable look and beauty, she replied , yes but am lucky but my husband is useless after my first child. I knew now she is desperate for sex, so I stopped flirting .Needed a thrilling and exciting sex. I saw waiting in eager to meet her and take her out.


Time came when she arrived at my cottage. They came on week days, during offseason, all 5 room weree vacant… It started here, the dream of sex with her. They arrived at afternoon, she was looking damm hot with her low neck saree , I guessed it she deliberately wrote such blouse to make me come towards her. My dick was fully erected after watching her big breast popping out while taking her hand bag … She was not wearing any bra. Ahhhh this aroused me to heaven staring at her booms. She caught me with my sight and looked at my paints . I read her eyes while looking at my pants and me.. It’s was a big positive sign to approach her.


Her figure was 38-34-36 .My room boy helped keeping there luggage. After 15 min she called me for hot water, her husband was out in lawn smoking. I went in to check the heaters.When I entered the room I saw her full right side breast trying to feed her 2 yrs baby. I couldn’t move my eyes and body standing next to door.. Stunt. Huuuffff … She left her baby on bed and came to bathroom, I showed her mixer, switches. She deliberately moved her body on my back, I can feel her huge breast which was covering my back, so soft I left.. I couldn’t control, moved to other room and started shaking my dick hard and cum … They slept for while until 6pm, woke up and asked for coffee to b served outside in lawn, my room boy served it. She came out with her husband , she was now in half skirt and t-shirt without bra. Her nipples were popping out, my dick was in mountain shape in my jean…


I went to her seated opposite to her , to take a opportunity to look at her underneath.. Her kids were playing, both husband and her chatting with me.. My glance was looking at her kids , then her husband then her underneath.. She understood my act from eyes, she noticed my pants while I was in cross leg seated as she too.. At my next sight she widened a little of her legs, changing from cross leg position.I can feel my underwear a bit wet of precum.. I needed and waited her to widen more to look at her pussy, I was holding my dick between my legs, … Patiently waiting for right moment … Her husband took off the seat to play with kids, she smiled naughtily at me and widened her legs after some min, she was watching me, I put my pen down and saw the heaven , whitish tight, red panty, a bit of wet in it ,she had cleaned her hairs…. Both smelled the hungry of sex in each eyes…

I needed to jerk my dick hard, I got up from there telling needed a hot coffee, she replied looking at my raised dick on pants she too need it . I went in kitchen to make myself , she came in kitchen as I made it very late, I was busy hold my dick inside my pants and trying to cum out , thinking of her shaved pussy, milky breast… She saw the act as she was walking towards kitchen. She said, I can help you out as it too late.. I took my hands of as soon as I heard it, she came in ,I turned my self towards her.. She never wasted a sec, planted her right hands on my full erected dick and started to rub it slowly. No words can b heard from both of us.. I unhooked my pants , she took my dick into her hands and gave a wild look..


N started to give blow job, very soon I cum in her mouth, as I was jerking before inside my pants.. We started to smoochy ,her whole body was now trembling with pleasure. The intensity of breathing had also increased. She was scrolling her hands through my hairs.  .I couldn’t control still, need to fuck her was only my intention now. I inserted my finger in no time in her pussy while kissing. She gave a blow with aahhhh…I started pounding my middle finger hard and fast.. The only sound which could be heard was heavy breathing, both of us lips locked… She cum in no time within few min.. I took my finger out and licked it, luv licking salty cum.. I slowly moved down, my lips towards her lingerie and kissed slowly over her pussy and cleaned her pussy by slowly licking it with no sexy voice coming from her… Except for hhhmmmm .


I took a sweet ooty carrot and had its tip part, she asked wat you doing..I told you ll feel baby, then bent down and pushed it slowly inside her pussy, she moaned ahh, ahh ahhhh. and told don’t take it out I need a salty carrot let it soke in ur wet pussy..


We had coffee out, I texted her I never had such a thrilling ,exciting fun, .. The thrill was wat if ur husband interrupted us and watched us doing it.. I need to drink ur milk and explore ur pussy… She nodded her head and replied in text with one single msg tonight night baby… Sh couldn’t set in on position, kept on moving and changing position.. It’s all because of carrot. She heard her little baby awake from bed , went in room.


At 8.00 , they ordered me for dinner which is brought from out.. Her husband asked for drinks.. My devil mind started thinking to fuck her wife in absence of him… I told him you can go with my worker buy food and drinks as you like. He agreed with my plan, by then the little 1st kid compelled his dad to take her too.. I was very happy with this plan going to work out. My baby came out of room to send off her kid and husband, she winked at me.. I went hugged her from behind as soon as they left.. The wild and romantic sex started… I stared to blow kiss her neck, back, hip, ass. She was trembling, I was hold two big tits from behind and slowly squeezing it.. She started to moan in slow voice.. Shhh,aahh,ahhhhh. Now she turned in front and kissed me on forehead and told let’s get inside .. I held her hands while going inside and asked if my carrot is ready to serve… She replied it’s ready for half an hour, now I need ur fleshy carrot in side my pussy.. This made me more horny…


Took off her t shirt as soon as I entered the room while both horny smooching … I dint waste a sec as she was high, took both of her huge breast and started to suck her milk. Waooo . My first ever hot milk from breast. I saw drinking, sucking as a hungry baby… Pinching her other breast and making her milk come out, while other busy taking another one… She was very heavy breathing and moaning a lot. Aaaaahhh ,yyyessss, aaahhhhh.. Please fuck me fuck me..


I tried to take whole of her breast, it’s too big… She took off my dress, made me nude.. I undressed her skirt and panty.. Her red panty was fully wet.. She told she had come 2 times because of carrot and now once… I took my carrot out, stared to lick my carrot and her pussy. He held my head and buried me under her pussy, her moan made me more crazy, never let me to eat my carrot.. Hurry baby he might come any time, you have this carrot later. I followed her , planted my dick on her pussy, it entered her pussy easily.. Every one must b knowing y it went easily.. Started to fuck her slowly, her pussy was very hot inside… She was laying her nail mark on my back, aaahhhhh baby plz make it fast.. I was then pumping it higher rhythm… Took both her legs and placed on my shoulders and fucked her like never before.. Made her cum… We changed position, she was on me now, loved watching her big booms swinging in air, drops of milk on her nipples. .. Started giving back stroke, holding and squeezing both breast.. The moaning of both were high, her milk was flowing out, from my face to stomach it was with her milk.. In between she layered her breast on my mouth, sucking her milk and pounding her with back strokes..


She said baby make it faster, cum inside me , he might come it’s late. Made her on doggy style and fuckinh her harder , her moan where greater in this style, . Hold her one big breast and made her cum again.. With in few sec I cummed in her juicy, hot pussy… We played on each other and shared juicy carrot which was dry from her cum. She told ,I never had cum so many times , thank u. She made me dress and wore her cloths without panty.. We planned to have during late night after bon fire with drinks , giving her husband extra dose.


How I fucked her during late night and next day in bike to b continued on next story

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