Great Fuck Of Wife’s Sister

Hi ISS readers for quite some I was thinking to paste this true story of mine about seducing my wife’s sister Priyanka and I am sure you all will enjoy this.

My name is Srikanth – 32 years old and I live in Powai area of Mumbai working as marketing manager and job involving frequent travels. I have good physique with ht of 5′.7″ and used to play basket ball till recently which has made me to look handsome.

I make quick friend and most girls are fond of me as told by my wife. This incident is 2 years back story and I reached Hyderabad and called Priyanka whom I did not talk to for 1 month now nor she and she answered my call and did not show any anxiety.

I told her and I am in Hyderabad and would like to meet her on Friday evening at taj Krishna where I stay regularly. You should be wondering why I did not talk to her past 1 month what is wrong with our relationship. The story goes like this. I was married at the age of 26 years and the year.

I got married my Priyanka took up her engineering in computer science in a collage near Mumbai and stayed in a hostel and she visited us very frequently and very lively girl and let me explain Priyanka’s structure and she is quite fare with long hairs with ht of about 5′.5″ weighing 55 kgs approx.

She is a classical dancer and hence have good structure her boobs is of 32 Size and believe me she had cute good round bums at that age of 18 years. Though we were very friendly and open sometimes and I used to get thinking of squeezing her boobs and pinching her lovely bums.

At times when we are closely under discussion and I used to manage to touch her boobs or bums which she will not think otherwise because she had good regards for me. I used to coach her in education and most of times.

I manage to take full glimpse of her curvature deep till her nipple as she normally wears salwar and easy to peep. My wife gets good fuck on that day but never taught of fucking my wife sister Priyanka till a month back. Priyanka finished her engineering and got selected in TCS thru campus interview .

She is 22 years at that time and I at 30 years. She had already added some mass and now she looks more sexy due to her happiness of getting job. She got a posting in TCS-Hyderabad and was asked to report for personnel interview .Since her father was busy and had no brothers.

I was asked to accompany her to Hyderabad incidentally even I had a job in Hyderabad. I booked a flight for both of us and reached Hyderabad at 8.30 AM on that special Monday. It was her first flight and too much excited about everything happening to her and felt very lucky. I dropped her at TCS and asked her to come to Taj Krishna in the evening.

I finished my work and reached hotel to 6PM and got freshened up and changed to casual when the room bell rang at 6.30PM as Priyanka entered the room she just bounced on me and hugged me tightly out of excitement with full weight on me.

I could feel the warmth of her body as her boobs dug deep to my chest fully as I had broad sholders. She kissed me passionately on the cheeks which drove a deep current to my spine and my monster become active in no time and started swelling so that he touched that crack through her pajama.

She was wearing her favourite tight pink half salwar and pajama and looking gorgeous. I am sure she had the first feeling of my cock which will explore her tonight. The room was quite pleasant and good for making love. I do not know what happened my mind started to work actively for fucking her.

We ordered a coffee and while we discussed about our days sitting next by next my mind was working like scanner looking in to every details of her. Her eyes so pretty her bump cheeks and boobs fully matured and looking forward to bubble out of the salwar her deep cut clevis her fleshy thighs and her soft toes made me feel hungry.


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