Girlfirend Ki Chudai

Hello, everyone, my name is Rohan Kapoor and you can contact me at [email protected] I am average looking guy with height 5’9 and dick size 7 inch, I have my own business in Delhi NCR,., if any girl, lady wants to catch up for a casual meeting or sex chat or one night stand, she can mail me ., privacy guaranteed, guys stay away and don’t ask for pics or contact no of girls , I won’t share it .

Now coming to the story, I recently made a GF through this website only as I got a mail and we both started to date each other. She was from Delhi itself and was studying in a college of Delhi university. We started to talk on hangouts, I asked for her pic. And she sent a pic, I thought that might me fake, but I asked her for video call, and when I saw her, I was jaw drop, she was damn beautiful. We started to talk more and more , slowly we started to talk on call. Then after some days we started to share personal stuff and she told me was getting bored of her current boyfriend and then slowly topic changed into sex and we started having phone sex and exchanging nude pics.

Then we met for the first time in a cafe in cp. She was more beautiful in reality than pictures, about her stats it was 34-30-36. She was wearing blue jeans and white top and was looking like an angel… Then slowly we started to meet frequently, we had some kisses in the central park but not proper sex, we were waiting for proper opportunity, one day her parents were going to some wedding this was around December winter , she asked me to come home , I know what is going to happen today , so I took some chocolate sauce, condoms, and beer ..

When I reached her home, I called her and told that I am standing outside the gate, she opened up and I was looking at her continuously, she was wearing off-shoulder top and hot pants.I came in and closed the door and hugged her tightly and gave her a deep smooch, then she said wait wait.. Have patience , then after talking about casual things, I asked her for dance , I played a romantic song and we bought started to dance , I was holding her waist , it was so soft like a teddy bear and I turned her up and started to rub my penis on her ass .. Then after some time, I opened up a beer and asked her for ice cubes and glasses . She said it’s in the kitchen and fridge. I bought both the things, but I was in some naughty mood, so put an ice cube in her top .She was making sounds like aah , then I hugged her from behind and started to kiss on her neck , I started to lick her ears , guys neck is the , most seductive part of any women , I started to press her boobs from behind , I turned her and started to kiss and was pressing her boobs with one hand and put my other hand in her panty and started to rub there …

After 15-20 mins kissing we broke the kiss and I removed her top and started to lick her boobs above the bra itself she was making sounds like oh Rohan, please…. Then I removed her hot pants and I started to lick her thighs area, I poured chocolate sauce on her legs and started to lick it,. Then after 10 mins I removed her bra and panty, I started to lick her pussy, she was making sounds oh Rohan, please baby, continue, guys remember foreplay is as important as sex, and every girl wants that you should blow her too. After licking her pussy for around 15 mins, she removed my clothes and sat on knees and started to give me a blow job. Then after getting an awesome blowjob, I put up a condom and came in missionary position and started to fuck her. After fucking her for 30 mins, I came finally and she came thrice in this meantime.Then we slept for around 1 hour and after getting up I told her that I want something to eat, she went to the kitchen where I went and held her from behind and started to rub my monster on her ass.

She started to take deep breaths, she was like oh Rohan please don’t do this ,I started to kiss her , then I put up her in my arms and brought in bedroom for the second round I tied her hands and brought ice cubes and started to give her ice massage holding ice cubes in my mouth , I rubbed at her vagina spot, her thighs, boobs, and neck , then we started to do in doggy position and I started to fuck her hard , she was making sounds like oh yes , Rohan fuck me hard , aah , yeah , ohhhhhh … Aaahhhh fuck me like a whore, then it was getting late as her parents can come, we had a quick shower where I fucked her. And then after that, I left her home and we had many sessions after this .

If any girl from Delhi NCR wants to have a quick session, keeping identity safe. Mail me at [email protected]
I hope you would like my story, thanx for reading

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