Girl Of Dreams

My first story and I would be great if my story is published on this site this was my first story please forgive if any mistakes are there in this experience

Hi ladies I am Maadu for privacy I changed my name. I am living in Bangalore my dream is to fuck my girlfriend Anushka for this you need to know a short description Now I’m 24. I’m hot but never leave ethics for my desires.

The best philosophy of my life regarding sex is trapping a girl for sex is a crime and avoiding a girl who wants it from us is a sin maybe that’s the reason why I had very good following. I had the knowledge of sex as I am from science background n refers lot of books, watching porn etc

Coming to her details naughty girl but very good n kind hearted, her beauty was awesome even Shakespeare can’t frame the words to explain her beauty and structure and just imagine how pretty she will be as myself also doing the same. I seduced a lot and took to my villa to fulfil my desire of sex.

She came in a pink dress which was my favourite color and her boobs were well structured. I pulled her with placing my left hand around her hip and by moving my right hand softly on side of her neck made her close to my head and locked my lips on her lips.

Now her lower lip in between my lips n my upper lip between her lips we started sucking each other saliva oozing from both n my soft tongue now trying to go into her. She made a way for it spreading her mouth n both tongues dancing with each other.

Although her boobs were firm to look at but they were very soft to touch. I pressed them hard and she let out a moan like aaaahh aur jorse se dabaoou. It’s all yours handle it how you want she said.

This aroused me more and I pulled her up and removed her salwar suit. Omg! What a beauty she was inside. She was in her bra only. Her boobs were awesome I licked her boobs from above her bra and kissed her boobs.

She was holding me by my hairs and pressing me towards her boobs. I went up again and began kissing her lips while my other hand was pressing her right boobs and my left hand going down and touching her stomach her belly and her navel.

She was breathing heavily, every time he breathed in her boobs became bigger. I was not able to control and tore out her bra, ohh my god her breast hanging in front of me and her pinkish nipples, they were amazing.

I touched her breast and pressed them and moved my fingers above her pink nipple. I grabbed both her boobs in my hands and went to take her boobs in my mouth.

I sucked her right boobs while pressing the other, she was moaning in pleasure making sounds like aaah yees suck it aur chooso dood nikaalo inse mera dood piyo aur daboa mera nipple chooso aaah I then went to the left boobs and licked her nipple and bite it with my mouth.

I then quickly removed her pajama and pulled it down. Ohh her thighs were so shiny she had no hairs on her thighs. I kissed her thighs. She then stopped me and said it my turn now. In just seconds she removed my jeans and removed my underwear.

I was in red underwear. She just touches my tool from above and said yeh to bohut bada hai I said tumhara hi hai. She then removed my underwear and took my big erect penis in her hand.She loved my penis as I am Circumcised. She said aisa to sirf Maine blue films main hi dekha hai.

I said ab jaldi karo chooso ise she then took it in her mouth slowly and licked it all over. She was an expert doing that, she licked it doing up and down and made it all wet she was increasing her speed and sucking it and giving me the best blowjob ever she was sucking it hard and I was feeling some sensation building up.


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