Girl Next Door

Hi All readers, this is Luv, 19 yr old guy..I’ve had sex with my gfs since more my 18th b’day but I never had an experience
like this..I am living in Panchkula, away from home for studies. I live in a room alone
and every night is horny for me..I’ve been doing the weed thing lately. And let me mention that I am 6 feet tall
and my dick is 7 inch long and hell of a thick.

So I bought some weed for myself one day. There’s a girls pg just opposite to my
room where I saw hot chicks coming and going. At night, I would sit outside my
door, play music in my I-pod and smoke a cigarette. One girl from that pg
always used to come out and walk around in her lobby. It was dark there so I
couldn’t see her face. But I was sure that she used to stop for a while and try
to see my face. This went on for a few weeks. I hardly sleep at night so my
room light was mostly on. The day I bought the weed, After midnight, I made the
weed and went outside the door and sat. I saw her once again looking at me.
After 2-3 drags, I thought about walking’ in the street and smoke, so I opened
the gate and started walking’. After taking a turn at the end of the road, I
heard someone just said something. So I paused the music and turned around. I
thought that was it the weed that had hit me or is it real.

When I turned around, there was a beautiful girl with a winter gray winter cap,
a jacket, tight slacks and puffy shoes. I was lost in her amazing beauty when
she woke me by saying ” Hi! I am Shreya”. I dint expected that so I
said Hi quickly because I heard only ‘hi’. Then she said again ” I am
Shreya”. I replied ” I am Luv”. She said cute name. She told me
that she was the girl from girls pg who watched me. I said “okay, you look
more beautiful in the light”. I never did it before but I was flirting
with a stranger so quickly. She smiled and I said nice smile. Then she asked me
if she can walk with me. I cant say no so i said yes. We kept on walking for a
while and sat in a park on bench. Chatting went on a while when she asked if i
had an extra smoke (no wonder why she would talk to a stranger like that). I
said yeah I got some. I kept on smoking weed and she was smoking plain
cigarette. She said thanks for the smoke because she was depressed because of
her ex and all that shit. I asked her if she would like to smoke some weed. She
kinda got exited and said sure. I told her I got some weed in my room. She can
accompany me if she wont mind. She said not to worry as all the people in the society
are asleep. Then we went to my room silently and I told her to make herself
comfortable and reached for some coke. I went to the kitchen and came back with
the coke.

To my surprise again, she had already removed her jacket and was
sitting in a red tight top exposing her cleavage as hell. I began to get a hard
on. I went to her and gave the coke. And started making weed while chatting.
She was sitting on the bed cross legged and I was sitting next to her. For my
another surprise, her black panty was visible from side. It was driving me
crazy. Somehow controlling myself, I started the weed and gave it to her. After
a while she said “nice kick”. when it was over, I offered some more.
We smoked about 4 weed cigs and were really high and laughing like hell. She
asked if she could stay here for the night as she was high and having a lot of
fun. I said of course and she moved next to me and sat beside me with her head on
my shoulder. She was really high. I turned the conversation toward dirty chat
slowly and I asked her if she was a virgin. She said she had sex 1 time and his
dick was smaller than expected. Then she asked if I had sex. I said many a
times. She said that you might be expert by now. And she slowly moved her hand
and placed it over my hand and she got closer. I was totally hard Dying to get
it started. She asked if I had a gf. I was single that time so I said not right
now, tonight I’m single (lil’ wayne!). She asked if I can be her boyfriend.

Did I say no? Hell no.. I said yes. She smiled and kissed my cheek. Then I
asked her if she would be my gf, she laughed and said yeah. Just when she
stopped, I moved to kiss her cheek, but I took a little turn and kissed her
lips softly. When she opened her eyes and gave me a cute look. I thought this
is it, and I kissed her again. This time for a little longer. I started to wrap
around my hands around her waist and rubbing slowly and softly. I was thinking
was it too early if I touched her boobs when she moved her hand down my jeans
and touched my dick.

Right then, I touched her boobs and started rubbing them.
The smooch kept on going fast and wild with every move we made. I started
removing her top to see those big boobs. when it was completely removed, I
reached for her shoes and slacks. Stripping her down slowly, I was looking at a
rocking body, the perfect figure in black lace bra and black panty. I started
touching her and she was moaning already as she was way too high. She reached
for her panty but I stopped her by hand and said take it slow babe, we got whole
night. Then I bent down and started kissing her feet and moving upwards slowly.
When reached her panty, she was moaning heavily but I skipped the area. She
said lick my pussy but I kept on licking her belly button and she rested her
head back again. I reached her bra and kissed and licked between her boobs and
skipped them too. Her neck was so fucking hot. I smooched and kissed her many
times then I went to give her a ear job. I did checked her ear was clean. She
was feeling very horny and removed my shirt.

She got hornier on seeing my body. She wrapped her hands around my neck and her
legs around my back and pulled me close. I told her to turn around and she did
so. I moved her hair and started going downwards. When I reached her ass, I
just felt like fucking it already. But I skipped and after her foot, I turned
her around again. Then I reached for her boobs and opened the bra with my
hands. I smelled the inner side of the bra and it was amazing. Then I made her
smell the bra and she got more aroused. Then I started kissing and licked her
boobs, biting her nipples and sucking them. After 5-6 min, I reached for her
panty and removed it too. I smelled her pussy and it was the best
fragrance I ever had. I then started licking her pussy and finger fucking her.
She moaned and moved her ass around in a rhythm. She hit the orgasm for the
first time and I could taste that. She was like on seventh heaven. Then I lay
beside her touching her boobs. She rose up and started removing my jeans. I
helped her open and I was there in my underwear. She removed it slowly
expecting it to be bigger than she had before and she was shocked to see the 7
inch and thick monster.

She came to my lips, kissed me and went down to lick
it. It was sure that she was sucking for the first time but she was a good
learner. After 7-8 min, I stopped her and turned her around to lick her sexy
ass. I kissed the cheek first then the line and finally the ass hole. She was
again reaching for an orgasm and I hit two in a row. Then I turned her again
and put on a condom and started inserting it in her vagina. She said “oh
yeah honey, make it slow”. And I was like (babe babe babe ooo!) yeah
honey, just hang in there. Slowly Digging in, her moans kept on getting louder
so I smooched her again. When the whole of my dick went in her tight vagina,
she was moaning loud. I stared making it in and out when she pulled me down
next to her and she got on the top.

Now she was doing the movement and I was
playing with her boobs, touching and squeezing them. She was moving her ass
round and round. Damn it felt so great. When I was about to cum, I stopped her
and asked her where did she want me to cum. I touched and asked ass, pussy,
belly, boobs or face in a sexy tone. She said cum it all in my vagina. So I did
it. She fell right down on me and i could feel her soft boobs and hard nipples
on my chest. After a while we rose up and wore the clothes. Than we sat on the
bed in a single blanket and talked for hours. Now my nights are never lonely
ever as I call her over whenever I feel alone.
That’s it folks, will be up for more..

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