Geeta aunty my friend’s mother

Hi guys, I am Ketan, staying in Pune. I am going to tell you a story of my experience, when I was 18 years old Studying in FY. I had a neighbor friend Retu. She was good looking and had a great body, big boobs, well shaped ass. But her mom Geeta aunty, 38, was looking much better than her. She was my fantasy woman. She had big milky boobs and ample ass that seems almost came too much out of her body from profile. I bet that was un-ignorable for any men. I had a wish that I wanted to touch those once. Retu had one younger sister, Pooja 14. Both the sisters were quiet fair, but aunty was little whitish. She was 5.2 in height. Retu’s father had his own business and staying out of the house for most of the time. He came late at night and moved back to work early from house. I often visited Retu’s house to take or give notes or just for chat, that she was my best friend. I use to stare at her moms body whenever I get chance, without noticing anyone yet. Sometimes I felt guilty, because she was my friend’s mom. But I could not helped myself whenever her huge ass came in front of my eyes.

After examinations, our vacations started and my trips to her house were increased. Retu’s cousins 12 years and 9 years both the boys came to her place to stay for 4 days of vacations. Because they were aunties brothers kids, She was very much caring for them and busy doing hospitality to them. Before they leave for their home back, She planned to take them to garden. Retu, Pooja, Aunty and 2 kids. They asked me to come with them as well. I agreed to join them. Next day I went to her Place. All were almost ready to leave except aunty. She took little time to dressed up and when she came out .She was looking amazing. She was in light purple salwer kameez which was tight, almost touching her skin from every angle. I saw her neatly within the short time before we left. Her hips were looking curvy and solid in the dress. We came out of the house, I locked the door. I entered first in the lift. Aunty entered after me. The lift had a capacity of 4. And we were 6 rushed in at a time. Obviously there were no place when lift started. And all of a sudden aunty pushed herself on me. Her big ass directly touched my dick. It grew large. I don’t know whether she realized it or not, But I did not wanted to miss the opportunity and placed my palm on her hip.

On the garden we did a lot of fun, played, and eat a lot. Kids saw there a camel and asked for the ride. Aunty agreed. Two kids on one. Pooja and Retu immediately sat on the another camels back. It took 20 minutes to came back. I chatted with aunty within that time. Retu and Pooja got down. But two kids were not satisfied yet and asked for one more ride. This time Retu told me and her mom to go with the kids. But aunty was not ready to sit on the camel. But her daughters forced her very much. Finally she agreed. We helped her climb up and sit . I sat after her. The ride was completely exciting for me. The camel was tottering a lot while walking and shaking our bodies. Auntie’s big ass was started touching and pushing frequently on my dick. I thanked camel very much. Aunty was little scary and trying to kept her balance. Two kids were screaming and enjoying the ride. I also overacted and held aunties waist with both of my hands. Continuous ups and downs of her heavy hips pushing my cock, got erected. It was great pleasure in that pose. I totally enjoyed the day. I was so excited with the experience. I decided to go back to her house. I entered first in the lift to take a chance once again on aunt . But I surrounded by the kids. I spend few minutes there and left. That day I masturbate thrice, remembering the scene.

After that day I started to go regularly at Retu’s place, adjusting the time of her computer classes and Pooja’s tuitions that I can get aunty alone at home. I started to praising her that, she is looking quite young. No one believes that she is a mother of two young girls. (that was true) . She seems like sister to them. I found she was liked that. I noticed that she was trying to stay neat and well dressed before my arrival. I had a knowledge that she likes to read women’s magazines a lot .She spend her afternoon time reading those. I started brought such magazines along with. I told her that I also like to read articles from those magazines. While you read, read loudly, so that I can hear as well. When she was busy reading loudly, I kept my eyes busy staring at her face or her big rounded bulky boobs. Once when I was looking at her boobs, she suddenly looked up, catches me looking at. I was frightened that she must have not liked it. But it was shocking. She was smiling softly. She was continuously looking at me, smiling. I was ashamed. She told me to read the remaining part of article. Gave the magazine in my hands. I started reading, hesitated. She was staring at me, smiling sexily. Told me that she could not hearing what I am reading, so read loudly. But though I was frightened I could not read properly. She told me to sit beside her more nearer on sofa, so that she can hear me. I sat beside her, started reading. She shifted little towards me and touched her thigh to mine. Because of that soft touch, I started hesitating more. She kept her hand on my thigh and said, ”What are you doing? Cant you read an article for me and I read so much for you last few days.” And she started to move her hand on my thigh, looking straight in my eyes. Seeing her looks and movements of her hand my cock got bigger in size. She saw at my pant and movement in it. She laughed and directly kept her hand on my dick. I got frozen and did not understood what to do. She opened my zip.

Push down the underwear and took my 8 inch stuff out held in her hand. Slowly started to rubbing it. She came more close to me and took my lip kiss. She told me that she was very much aware of the things I did that day in the lift and garden, as well my tricks of praising her. Even I stare at her body every time. I came to know that she was not an innocent that I was thinking and know about the attraction I had about her. So I decided to take it from my side as well. I held her beautiful face in both of my hands and started to kiss her. Her lips were so soft and creamy. I moved my hand over her cheeks and lips. She held my hand and kept it on her breast .I started to fondle it. She pressed my hand hard. I felt her bra and her tits. I started caressing wonderfully shaped breasts over her gown. She took off my T-shirt And pant. I moved my hands under her buttocks. And lifted her slightly. I made her sit in my laps and started to squeeze her hips madly. I lifted up her gown. There was only a panty inside. I entered my hand in her panty from sideways and squeezed her ass for some time. Moved my hand through the gully between the ass cheeks. I inserted my finger in to her ass hole and she moaned ”ooouuuchhhh.” I removed her gown completely. She had a black satin panty and black bra. The panty unable to covered her big ass, left a lot of her ass uncovered. Her big bubbly breasts trying to came out. I opened the clip of a bra and her beautiful breasts jumped out of it free . I cupped those big melons in my hands. I sucked and fondled those lovely breasts. Squeezed both, they were so soft. I took her nipples in my mouth. She moaned with pleasure. I took her panty off. Now she was completely nude. I saw her beautiful pussy covered with soft curly hairs. I rubbed my hand over it and put my finger in. She pulled away my underwear down. She held my cock in her hand and started massaging it. After fondled it for several minutes, It threw out a hot semen, she directed my cock towards the floor. Then she took it in her mouth She sucks it with lust for a while. Same time with the other hand she was caressing my ass.

Suddenly she got up and went inside. When she came back she had something in her hand. That was a packet of a condom. I thrilled with the thought that I am going to get a chance to fuck her. She opened it and pulled out one. She put it on my cock by herself. I asked her that where she got it from? She told me that her husband has kept a stock inside the cupboard, away from the sight of their daughters. “You still did a sex?” I asked ”Yes Of course, but I haven’t got hard for long time that Retu’s father came very late and tired.” Saying this She spread her legs apart. Then she took my dick towards her pussy and guided it to push inside. As it inserted well in, she started to make movements slowly. Then she told me to do the action. After few strokes as I started moving fast, she closed her eyes. Started moaning with pleasure. Her breasts were jingling like a jelly as she moves. I amazed with her skills in the game of sex. Of course she had a good experience of years. I increased my speed of action. She started moaning little loudly. She held my ass tight and started pulling me forcefully with every stroke, that she wanted me more and more inside her. After some more fuck my cock exploded more semen inside the condom. She stopped screaming. Its showing a satisfaction on her face. Then I pulled my cock out.

I wished her to try out her asshole. And she said she had never done this before from ass. I was mad fan of her hips. I told her that her butts were my favorite part of her body and I used to stare at those from her back. She pinched me on my thigh for that. She turned her face away and wow! Her huge butts now completely bare in front of me. I slapped slowly on it. She smiled and seductively looked at me. I moved my hand over her big butts tried to get all the flesh in my palms. I started kissing all over. I moved my finger through the valley and move them apart from each other. She helped me by spreading her ass cheeks. My cock entered in her tightest asshole. As I started fucking her from behind she also started cooperating by pushing her ass back and moaning. I started fucking her slowly for few strokes. With every stroke her huge, solid butts were shaking. I leaned on her and cupped her boobs from backside. After fucking hard in her ass hole eyes, I was filling Geeta aunty with my thick cum. Aunty was feeling cum inside her ass for the fist time in her life, after that We slept on each other very tired. After some time I got up. I saw white thick cum coming out of her ass crack and going down on her thighs. We positioned ourselves in clothes before her daughters arrived.

She thanks me for new experience of fucking ass and she like it. After that day I got many chances to fuck Geeta aunty, when she was alone. But it was real fun when I did naughtiness with her butts, when Retu and Pooja were at home, without get noticed them. Aunty warned me not to do such things in the presence of her family members. But I did not listen and enjoyed it many times. Once I was fucking her ass at afternoon she was moaning by closing her eyes and I watch two eyes seeing from us from window I think she was Retu or Pooja. Please don’t forget to write your comments on my story and send it to [email protected] Hope you enjoyed the story. Any married woman, girl near to Pune, can mail me for fun.

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