Gay Husband Offers His Wife

Hi ISS Readers, Myself Ranbir. Few days back I came across this site and found it interesting. After reading couple of stories on this portal, I thought of sharing one of the incidents that happened to me. Hope everyone here will enjoy it. I am a Computer engineer working for one of the leading organization in Mumbai. I am born & brought up in Thane. I m 5.11 in height with good physique & normal looks. I maintain a good personality as I am a yoga practitioner.

Since my college days I had been with dozen of girlfriends. The incident took place a couple of months back. I was on enjoying the weekend with my girlfriend. At around 3.30 we finished up watching a movie at Eternity mall and I was suppose to drop my girlfriend home. I left her home and started back from there alone on my bike for my place. As I had a good ride on the Ghodbunder road with my GF on the way to her home, my cock was erect and I will feeling somehow uncomfortable in my underwear. I felt an urge to pee.

I found a suitable place for the activity and stopped my bike. With lot of hurry I unzipped my pants and showed way to my cock. Meanwhile when I was happily enjoying peeing in open nature. An Honda City stood by the side of the road adjacent to me. A thin fair looking person got down from it and joined me on the other side of the road a little distance far. Some seconds later I found him starring at my penis that were already erect due to my GF.

I felt somewhat awkward and hide myself in the bush. As I finished I left on the highway with my Bike. Later on the highway I found one pan shop and went there to buy Orbit chewing gum as I’m addicted to it. To my surprise the person was standing there and smoking. When I was about to leave from the shop the person greeted me and said “Nice Bike”, I replied him “thanks”. Later he started inquiring about my bike, like for how much I got it ..and what is the mileage… where I did the modification etc. etc.

I found that person a gentleman and I started the conversation with him. We shared our contact details. He was from my city itself. He was a Guajarati businessman. Thin in physique, fair and short. Few days later I got a call from him and he were just generally discussing about how are you, where is your office and all etc. He kept calling me on regular basis and in no time we were friends. Once he called me to visit his electronic shop. Being a nice guy and new to the city he had no friends so I thought maybe he wants some company.

Days passed by and we became good friends and started meeting on weekends. We even used to go to the Bar for drinks on weekends. He was a regular smoker and being guju he still was a hard time non veg fan. I enjoyed his company. One fine day he took me his home to visit his family. I was not much interested in all such stuff. But still he insisted. He was having a plush home in one of the sky risers in thane. On the door his wife greeted us. They were a family of 3, his wife and a cute little girl who was in 4th std. Her wife was beautiful fair lady as usually the Gujju females are. She was a bit plum but had a decent figure. She was wearing a blue silk nighty at home.

Being my friends wife I had no bad intentions about her and took the ambience provide to me at their home with pure heart and mind with no bad intentions. Later we left to the bar for drinks. The lady told me ‘ Phir kabhi khane pe aanaa …aur aaj inhe jaldi ghar bhejna..late night tak bahar nahi rehna’. As we used to enjoy drinks till 12.00 or more at night and he used to drop me home and then go to his home. Later in the bar when we were boozing, My friend asked me “Do you have any girl” ? I told him about my GF. Then he asked how is your sex life…..I laughed to his question and joked that it is healthy & joyful.

Then was a strange question from him – Do you like gay sex… ?. I answered what nonsense its yuk, are you into it ? I questioned him back. He laughed loudly and said I am a father of a kid what you think. With great relief I said good then u better be straight. To my surprise he replied “I am not straight I am bisexual….will you like to join me in bed ?”I said you have got drunk and stop the nonsense talks let us leave for home. He said no lets have one larger peg; he forced me and made me sit there.

Again he started the same crap and asked me “will you like to enjoy bisexual sex”?. I just refused and asked by the way who are your bisexual partners for which he replied till now I have not done it, But I wish to get cozy with someone like you. I said shut up, you are a gay…and stop it all. For which he made a sad face and told me I need to discuss with you please don’t take me in a wrong way. I said okay u continue your crap. He confessed he is a gay since his school days & he enjoys guys humping him. I was married to Hetal just because it was a family arrangement.

Hetal is neither happy with me as I am unable to achieve complete erection and can’t hold it for a long time and he started weeping saying that. I consoled him and felt pity to his condition. He said that Hetal is unsatisfied with him but being a cultured woman was adjusting to her fate. I felt pity for them. Then Hitesh said further and confessed after seeing your cock on the day you were peeing on the roadside. I got aroused and thought of approaching you. Can you help me out. I said…sorry Hitesh I can’t.. I simply hate gay sex and I cant be with you in any such relation. He was still weeping…..later he ordered one more peg…

I asked him to stop. He said please Ranbir don’t mind I need to drink tonight. He continued talking to me on the same. He said I respect your decision to not get into gay relation but we can be still good friends. I was happy to hear that. Later he told “Ranibir can you do me a favor”, I said what ? he said, should I believe you that you won’t disclose to others what we are talking. I said “you don’t worry”.

He then said can you atleast get in bed with hetal (his wife). I was shocked and amazed now. I said what kind of a man are you. He told see Ranbir….Hetal is not happy with our sex life. It always ends unsatisfied for her. She satisfies herself by fantasizing of other men and using the dildo. Being seen hetal I never thought she would be like that. She was a decent, educated and a simple housewife. Hitesh continued….I am ruining up Hetals life by not giving her what she wants. She is very desperate and sad. So I had suggested her that we will take a helping hand and she agreed, will you help us in the case.

I thought for a while but after hearing about hetal I was completely aroused for the opportunity. I just shooked my head and said its okey Hitesh if I can be of any use to make your married life happy, I am ready for it but only with the consent of Hetal and it should not create problems for me neither you guys. I saw Hitesh become normal now and smiling. That night we were drunk. Hitesh was over limit and asked me to come to his home the same night. I felt a bit awkward and I asked him will hetal mind it. For which he called hetal and explained her on phone and then he asked Hetal to talk to me and handed the phone to me.

I said Hi Bhabhi…she was innocent and did not said much she just said “Raat bohot hoo chuki hai tum log ghar jaldi aa jao aur gadi sambhal ke chalana”. Then we drove in the car to the Hitesh home. Meanwhile on the way I told Hitesh, I am fine with serving Bhabhi but please you don’t be around or I don’t want any kind of gay stuff. For that Hitesh assured me to relax and not to worry he won’t disturb us. It was the first time in my life that I was into something like that, that too drunk I have never been with an women after drinks yet as ususal I was in my limits as I am a limited drinker.

The home arrived and on the door was Hetal, She was in the same Blue silk nighty, But this time I was playing wild in my mind. Bit shy I got in the home. Hetal asked us do you people want something. I nodded nothing. Hetal then kept watching the TV and Hitesh and I sat on the sofa. Hitesh asked hetal about their daughter and she said that she is already in sleep. Hitesh then said ok then I ll sleep in babys bedroom and you can make Ranbir comfortable in your room. Hetal did not even look at us for that.

As it was her first time in such a situation she was bit hesitant and was not talking much. Hitesh told me I am going to bed as I am already doozy and you enjoy my wife tonight and don’t let her complaint again and left to the daughters room. On the way he told hetal, relax and enjoy. Ranbir is a good and understanding guy, I am sure you will love his company. We both were now alone in the living room. Hetal was watching some daily soap. Then I asked Hetal “Bhabhi app thik toh hai naaa..” She said “Haa ji”.

Then I inquired “Aap ko koi dikat to nahi?” she said “Nahi par Dar lag raha hai”. For which I said agar app ko thik lage toh hi hum agey badenge” yaa phir mein yehi sofa pe soo jata hun..App bhi soo jayiye. She said “Aise koi baat nahi” and switched off the TV and went to her bedroom. I sat there for a while and then followed her to her bedroom. It was complete dark and there was a small dim light. She was sitting on the bed ideal.

I closed the bedroom door and sat next to her. In seconds she hold my hand and said. Ranbir aap yeh sab kissi ko kahenge toh nahi.. I told – don’t you worry mein nahi kahungaa..aap nichint rahiye. Hetal said thanks and said aap drinks mat kiya kijiye…aapki toh abhi shaddi bhi nahi hui. I said kya fark padta hai ? she said kuch nahi bus mat kariye. I said thik hai. She was still distant to me I took the opportunity of her getting comfortable with me and kissed her on the neck very softly. With shy and arousal she hold me very tightly and was not opening her eyes.

I asked “Hetal kya hua ?” she said “Sharma a rahi hai”. Her boobs were now touching my abs and my hard cock was glued to her waist. I lift her face and planted a smooch on her lips and in not time our tongues met and saliva started flowing between the two bodies. I don’t know how but Hetal suddenly got bold and hurried on me lyk a lizard. She took off my clothes in minutes and I was left in my underwear. She rolled down to me and pulled it off. My cock was already like a steel rod. With glitter in her eyes she just dragged her head on my tummy and started playing with my tool.

To my shock I was amazed to hear something weired from her. With her open hairs she turned to me and said. Ranbir tera lund toh bohot sahi hai….i was stunned for a second..but before I can say anything she gulped my cock and was stroking it with her mouth. She was trying hard on it and was biting it sometimes. She played with my balls and even sucked them. She was like hungry for everything. I was amazed to see the transformation in her. Then I stood up from the bed and pulled out her nighty and to my surprise she was not wearing anything inside…as if she was ready to be fucked. To my delight she was shining in the dark like a tube light.

Her skin was too good and fair. Her boobs were a bit looks but huge nipples that made me crazy. Her pussy was clean and butt was huge. I just made her sleep on the bed and she was over me. She was sucking my cock and at the same time my tongue was into her pussy. I explored her g-spot with my 2 fingers and shee became crazy..She shot all her juices on my face and was busy with my cock all the time..She was not leaving it for a moment. I liked her pussy and drank all her juice.

I asked her to stop for a while as I thought I was about to ejaculate. We breathed for sometime within each other arms. She said….Ranbir tere lund se mujhe pyar ho gaya hai, Mere bhadve pati kaa toh bohot kamjor hai. I was enjoying those words form the women as I was hearing such words first time from some lady.Tu aaj meri chut ko phad daal bohot dinoo se yeh tere jaise lund ki bhooki hai. Hearning all those words I got out of control I put on the condom and straight away entered her love hole with a jerk for which she cried bus… I stopped a bit….she said haramiii rukaa kyou chod teri hetal koo.

I was then unstoppable I drilled her hole with my tool, I pummed badly into her pussy and she was jerking her butt upside. I was pumping hard and was not in my senses. She was continuously murmuring…chod mujee..phad daall….ghused dee….jor see….aurrr kar…but the word I like was…randi bana de mujhe…who madarchod toh kuch kar nahi paaya tu maar daal mujhee….she was too good in bed and I was mad because of her unexpected language. None of my GF’s gave me such pleasure. After 10-15 mins of hard pumping she jeked her butt very badly 4-5 times and hold me too tightly…..due to which I ejaculated…..

We slept in each other’s arms for some moments and then she kissed me tightly. We were parted then and lied there for sometime without talking. Then i told hetal, Hetal tum ne mujhe bohot pyar diyaa…meine kabhi nahi socha taa ki tum itni sexy hogi….Hetal said…Ranbir tumne aaj mujhe phir se jawan kar diya thanks tum bohot acche ho… aaj meri banjar zindgi mein phir se kushi aa gayi…Mein tumhe bohot pasand karne lagi hu. And again she stated playing with my semi erect cock. She then again started sucking my cock, in minutes it was hard back again.

She said dekh tera lowda phir se khada ho gaya….mere pati kaa raat bhar masloo par khada nahi hota tha…….ab mein tumse chudwaungi….she made me lied and then she sat on my erect cock . She sat in such a way that her back was facing me and she hold my cock and inserted in her ass hole…I felt a bit of pain…but then I felt like heaven when I cock slid completely inside her ass hole.. She stated going up and down and I was literally drilling her ass. It was the first time in my life itself.

She was saying Ranbir aaj tune mere chut phad dali…abhi dekh tere lund ki kya halat karti hun…and was stroking badly but I was enjoying the utmost. She was murmuring behncod mere pati kaa toh gand mein ghusta hi nahi…Ranbir tu ghused dallll….chod daall….randi banaa muje. Hearing this I dragged her in other position and fucked her ass in doggy style. After 20-25 mins I ejaculated. She took off my condom and sucked my cock.

Then she said to me…Ranbir tum khush ho…I said “bhoto”. She said “Aaj meri bhi chut shantusth ho gayii…tum mujhe kabhi nahi chod ke jaana …mein tumse hamesha chudti rehnaaa chahati hun. We slept later. Morning Hitesh got up and came to wake us up. We were all in the living room and Hitesh said “Hetal raat kaisi rahi” ? she said…”bohot acchi” . Hitesh asked me “Ranbir tujhe mazza aya”, I said “Haa Hitesh, Hetal bohot acchii hai”. For which he said Gujju dhokla hai hetal jab marzi kare aa kee khaa lena…Bus kissi se kehna nahi….Aur ho sake toh mujh par bhi meherbani kar dena..

I said Hitesh “yeh tum bhul jaoo, aur dosti rakhni hai toh gay sex ki batte band karo”. For which Hetal scoulded Hitesh….”Tum Usse tang mat Karo, use mere liye chod doo”. I laughed and left. We continued fucking with regular intervals and now I am the second husband to Hetal. I enjoy her company and she too does. Thanks readers for reading my experience. Hope you have enjoyed it. Feel free to email me your comments and feedback on my experience [email protected]

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