Funny Sex With Student

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I love reading the real stories and some excellent imaginary stories, I am not sure whether all the stories which are posted in the site are true or not but the story which I am posting now is real. To my earlier real stories I had got very surprises from story lovers and they had been my friends as well, the surprising responses are from a couple from Pune, Girl from Chennai, Married female from Rajhamundry, girl from coimbatore and a couple from Hyderabad as well. I had posted on story with Chennai female in which she had shown me everything and we had fun through webcam and having fun through telephone on daily basis.

The story is between me and a student in my class, I am a faculty and the students are around 20 to 30 in each batch. A girl who is yet to get marry and she got engaged and her would be is in states. She is having daily chat with him and some time her chat crosses the limits to their personal fantasies, telephonic kisses, moanings, etc and discussions on their private parts sizes, description, midnight activities, fantacies etc, which making her too horny and she desparately in need of some fun (physical activity) but not much interested in loosing her virginity. This is all about her but me totally not known all these things. My life goes with her as a faculty but not anything else.

These classes are went very well around a month or so and the relationship is like a teacher and a student between us, One day there was a function in our apartment for which everyone of the members are invited. In that function she saw me and asked me do u live here and I said and asked her who are you and how u do know about me. She described abt herself that she is attending my classes etc, and then I recollected about her. Then she said I can get clarified most of the doubts on the course which I am teaching to them and she took my mobile number for queries but promised me that she will not give to anyone else. After that she used to call for me clarifications and I used to provide for the same and sometime I clarified her at her home in her system and we became very close as well through which she told me about her engagement and marriage dates, her would be and his photos etc.

To the incident now, one night around 9:30 PM I was in her home and clarifying her doubts in her room, as she is got engaged her parents had given some freedom to her and I was their neighbour they do not have any doubts about me as well their parents. During the this time she got a call from her would be and she was talking to him and he was giving kiss to her through phone but she could not reply as I was there, then I realised and came outside for some time. After 10 minutes she came out and she called me inside her room for the doubts. I said please do enjoy your private life as well along with all your knowledge as this time will not come again and requested her not call me at nights as she may get the calls from her would be. After that she had not called me at night for 20 days and then started calling me at nights as usual. Some times she gets calls from him and in front me without hesitation she used to kiss him and say I love you etc. I said

please do enjoy your private life yourself and do not do this, then she asked why you didn’t do with your wife, I said I do but not like this. She replies, I am doing only before you bcs you know everything as well as me better so I don’t feel wrong doing so. Then she used to tell me about her interests, fantasies, conversations with her would be, fun during their conversation and I used to encourage her. One day she was squeezing her boobs in front of me while talking to him and rubbing her pussy as well.

On one Sunday morning 11:00 am I was at her home and no one in her home were there. I was clarifying her doubts and she got the call from her fiancé. She told him that no one is there at home and the conversation went quite extremes like what she wore (meaning inners) bra, panty, colours, size, shapes. She was explaining him that she wore black colour panty and bra, push up like bra, narrow cut panty with lace, brands of inners. And the then to shaved armpits, pussy, frequency of shaving, frequency of periods, brand of whisper and he might be explaining about his inners brands, size and his pennies size etc, she used to how thick, tip size, frequency of masturbation etc. He requested a kiss and both were kissing on telephone and then went for a long smooch. During that conversation she was actually kissing me and gave a sign of silence, she asked me to squeeze her booobs on top of her t shirt from behind and she was talking him. He said please squeeze your boobs and moan, I was pressing her boobs so that she can moan and do the sounds of real nature. She said I am removing my t shirt, pressing booobs on bra and I am doing the activities and then removed her bra as well. My boy was tooo hot and Now she is half nude holding my rod with her left hand inside my pant and on the other hand mobile talking to him. I was holding her booobs from behind and slowly moved hand towards her belly button (naval) making circles with a finger, putting finger inside her naval as well. I was playing with her belly similar to Murder (hero moving hands over mallika’s belly where she is breathing with her belly, so exciting. Please try this and enjoy the feelings on the smooth belly). I slowly moved my hands inside her jeans and trying to feel her panty, inside the panty the hiding wet pussy and rubbing on the panty, feeling the laces of the panty, fingering inside panty and feeling the hair on her pussy. She continued

talking for an half an hour and I was playing with her half nude body, full nude boobs.

After the telephonic conversation, she kissed me hardly with lip to lip holding my hair from back side, moving her hands all over my back side till the bums and squeezing them quite hard and moaning. I was kissing her lips, chicks, neck and two fingers of my left hand was pinching the nipple of her right boob, my right hand was playing with naval and then searching for pussy inside the jean from naval. Finally reaching to the hair over pussy and started inserting my index finger inside her pussy keeping other fingers on the lips of the pussy and the palm is on the upper side of pussy below naval. She was moaning and started sucking faster my lips similar to Murder sin. We both went to her bed, laid over there with smooch, hug and I started pressing my chest over her boobs while playing her smooth back side. Then I started licking her boobs, squeezing them, biting her hard nipples, kissing all over boobs, arola, nipples, shoulder, neck, hands, belly,

naval, waist, squeezing the waist and making circles all over her naval. She was enjoying with all sorts of sounds hhhhhh aaaaaaaa ahahahaha then I slowly started removing her jeans the moment I opened her jip there was black panty V shaped which covers full pussy and a rope over her waist. Her thies were fantastic like actress Illeana in Telugu. Sorry her structure is 32 27 34 but after my fun her boobs had been increased to 34 or 35, her boobs were firm, round shape and the nipple is in the middle of the boob on the upper part which is readily available for some one to suck, lick. She removed my all clothes and watching my hot rod, hairy chest, V Shaped body with shivering legs. She moved with her boobs all over my body and gave very sexy boob massage all over my body and especially over my pennies. My penny was hidden between her boobs for around 5 minutes moving between two smooth melons. We moved to 69 position for having fun on eating or sucking

each ones legs, fingers and kissing each ones whole leg till the ties and finally reach to individuals organs (pussy, pennies). We were licking, kissing thies, pussy, biting her pussy over her panty and then I removed her panty now we both are nude and she is biting my rod, pulling with her teeth hair on pennies area and the pain is so exciting along with her kisses. She then started putting my pennies in her mouth, it went upto her throat and she was moving her mouth forward and backward whereas I was playing with her pussy area, naval, thies and her pussy started snoozing with cum. We played like for half an hour and she started shouting like love you darling (nokku na sallu, dengu na pukulo, dengu ra magada puku ni, e puku ki modda kavali) fuck me hard, insert the anaconda in my whole fuck me hard fuck me….. Then I came on her and made her legs to spread put my hot rod on her pussy just pushed but not entered as the pussy so hard even after

wetness. Then I requested for vasaline and applied on my penis and then inserted into the wet whole finally it went with little hard into her pussy. While I was fucking her, her boobs were jumping, legs are dancing and her sexy sounds were keeps increasing. After the fucking show we went to bathroom for wash, we cleaned each others private area and started messaging with oil all over the body. During the message her nipples were very hard and were poking like any thing and I started pulling, pinching, biting with lips keeping between the teeth, fingering hardly with one finger then to two fingers and then to three fingers and she was enjoying the show. After the oil message she again gave oily boob message all over my body for 5 minutes and we put a different bed sheet so that it will not be dirty with oil and we laid each other on one antoher for some time. After some we had been to bathroom for washing and bathing. We had shower, had one more sex in

bathroom of small session and finally finished the session. From then we used to enjoy whenever we get chance and during shopping for anything I used to take some advantages of touching her private parts accidentally to the public and intentionally to her as she also enjoys the same.

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