Fun with married woman in Bangalore

Hi, I am penning down real life story which i never thought, i will be sharing with anyone. Anyway, i am married and watching IPL non-competing match and browing thru indian sex stories for some entertainment. After reading couple of stories, i felt like penning down my own story.. A little about myself, i am 31 year young, working in Mnc in bangalore, spent couple of years in Western Europe and Scandevadian countries and kind of happy go lucky. Before marriage, i had relationship with my 3 girls/woman at different point of time and all relationship were fulfilling, so to speak. After getting married, i was happy with my wife and we had a very active,adventurous and passionate sex life and hence never felt like venturing outside. Its a different stuff though that sometime, i do imagine some other woman while fucking my wife..I must write here that i am always quite attracted to plumb woman. Well, my wife went to her native for about 2 weeks recently and as usual, there are couple of work lined up for me. Since i am working out of Outer ring road, Bangalore. I found some time to go to Hometown which is barely 6 kms from my office. I finished my lunch quickly and drove to the hometown to use a coupon voucher. It may be around 1:15 Pm and i was in Hometown. A matured woman, in mid/late 30’s was checking perfume candle and we chatted a point or two on perfume candle. I was in easy mood and mentioned that perfume fragrance and color has lot to do with room environment and mood. She asked me to explain and that’s how we started into conversation and shopping together. We were surely flirting each other in limits and she told me that she stays in Bangalore with her husband and a teenage daughter. I also told her that i am also married. During shopping itself, she told me that her husband has got long term assignment in Germany and they are leaving to Munich next month and i can drop her on my way to Office. We came out of hometown and settled in my car. Since it was raining, weather and two craving heart got romantic.We became little naughty in the car and teasing each other orally. I was putting my hand on her thigh and carresses whenever we had something to laugh about. She was also touching my thighs in and around. She asked me if i can have a cup of coffee while dropping her to the apartment. I said ok since needy people in office can reach me on mobile if required.

She also told me that no body is at home since her daughter is in other town with grandparents and hubby in office. In 15-20 mins, we reached close to her apartment and she directed me the way to her apartment. It was about 1.2 kms inside the main road. My eyes were trying to find medical/pharmacy shop and once i saw one, i stopped the car and picked up small pack of protection(condoms). She had noticed that i have purchased something and kept in my pocket,smiled but she did not utter a word. We headed to her apartment. We parked the car outside only since guest vehicle was not allowed inside the apartment compound. I was following her while she was walking towards the lift. She must be 38-32-40 and i was enjoying the movement of her bums from behind. We smiled at each other in lift and i kissed her on the cheek while caressing her back. We came out of the lift and she headed towards her flat while i was noticing all the contours of her body. She opened the door and let me in and closed the door. The moment she closed the door and turned back, i took her in the arm and start caressing her back, bums and side navel. I started kissing her neck, ear and slow whirling motion around neck and back. She was holding me and caressing my back and bums.I pushed her little towards wall and start getting down on her neck. I was playing with her boobs with right palm and caressing the navel from the

Other hand. We had a long smooch though she was not able to hold her breadth for long..and after a sighed smooch…she whispered me to move to bedroom.I removed my shoes since they was wet and followed her to the bedroom. She clung to me the moment i enter bedroom. It was nice small room and she was giving me kisses all around my neck, lips, cheek,ear….my hand was moving on her bumps and i lifted her kurta to tease her bottom and back…I was holding her tight while she was pushing me to the bed…..she was quite violent by now and trying to remove my shirts and kissing me wildly…She took out condoms from my pocket and threw it on the bed and start unlocking my belt and trouser. She was too wild to unlock the belt and i helped her loosening it. In the meantime, i removed her kurta. She was wearing while bra and her boobs were coming out of it. I did not untie the bra since we are reaching momentum and there is so much fun in doing it slowly at times. I was enjoying her whole upper body and kissing passionately on upper portion of boobs, shoulder, neck and ear while my hand was caressing her bottom.She removed my trouser and took out my cock from the undie..I always shaved the portion around penis for hygine reason…it was already erected and ready to fuck..She removed her salwar and panty while playing with my penis…She was naked with just bra..she tried to untie bra as well but i hold it back…She was little tired by now, and hence i pushed her to bed. She was sitting and sucking my penis, while i was standing..She wasn’t an expert but she was enjoying the hardness in her mouth..She was taking it back and forth and swirling her tongue on penis head. My penis head is very sensitive and i had to stop her to prolong the session and pushed her back..Now her legs are open and her love hole was throbbing with thudder. She had little hair on her pelvic and i kissed and moved my tongue around her love hole, pelvic, thigh but did not swirl my tongue inside…While i was playing with her bottom half, she removed her bra and released the boobs..I lift her up on the bed for a comfortable position and put on condoms…

She raised her legs in anticipation and i played with my finger to check the right position and entered her slowly. Once the penis was in, we started with rhythmic movement and then i started giving strong jerk to take her to heaven. I put my palm below her both bums and started moving it back and forth along with strokes…Both us came in 4-5 mins…and held on each other for a minutes before heading to toilet to clean ourselves…We sat and hold each other for about ten minutes and then she checked if we can have coffee…she put on her clothes and went to kitchen and brought one coffee for her and juice for me..we were sipping our respective mugs and still playing with each other. Both of us are happily married to our respective spouse and for me, it was first adventure after marriage. After the coffee, since both are us are getting hot again, i checked if she is ok for a quickie before we part off..she said i can do it without putting condom since she would love to feel me inside her….i said…we don’t know any history of each other and its better to put protection..I removed her clothes and spread her leg on the bed and put my tongue between her cunt walls. She was cleaned after first fuck and i was moving my tongue on her clitoris..She was high in no time and holding my head tight. She lifts me up and started moving down on my penis..she sucked it fiercely and penis was erected in no time…i lift her up and adjusted her hole and enter my penis in ” woman on top” position and moving her back and forth holding her buttocks..She was enjoying it deep inside and almost came when i rolled her down and

Asked her to take’ doggy style’..she made the posture and requested me not to do anal as she doesn’t enjoy anal sex much..I entered her vagina from behind and started giving moderate strokes…my balls were touching the walls of her vagina..again, we started moving in rhythm since she lifts her buttock more for comfortable entry and hard stroke…we started getting high and i rolled her to the missionary position and we end up together with big spurt of release. We remain in each other for sometime and then washed and checked the clock…its close to 4:30 and hence we have to part our ways…We did not exchanged our number/contact and promised to remain discreet on our adventure. I think, She left to Munich since we don’t keep in touch. This is my only story and i would appreciate your comments at [email protected] though accepting in advance that i am not a good writer.

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