Fucked Neighbor Bhabhi Named Chayya

Hi, my name is Bhargav. I am from Gujarat, and currently living in thane (mumbai). I am 20 years old, 5’8” with above average looks, good body and 7.5” Every one told me to write my experience of sex in my life with bhabhi. So I’m narrating a story which had happened between me and my neighbor bhabhi. So not wasting much more time directly starting with the story

She was a free and frank woman. And it was only Chayya Bhabhi who used to serve me the tea & dinner. So I had more communication and interaction with her in the house. Chayya Bhabhi used to come to upstairs for hanging their washed clothes or keeping there some other things for drying. Chayya Bhabhi was a very young looking woman. She was 26 yrs. She was an educated woman with a modern outlook and attitude. She was fair enough with good attractive looks. She was beautiful. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36 Chayya Bhabhi’s breasts were eye catching and fleshy. Her breasts were in proper shape. Her hips were quite heavy. Her breasts bounced and hips shook as she walked. Ever since I got there i had my eyes on her.

Very soon Chayya Bhabhi came close to me & taking interest in me and intentionally engaged me in talking all to me. She started talking me directly looking into my eyes. Step by step Chayya Bhabhi came closer to me. She later started coming to my room for one or the other reasons. I did her small works also that she requested me from time to time, Thus i would go to her room when no one else used to be there in the house. Slowly i started feeling thirst in her eyes when she looked at me. It was clearly noticeable. She appeared to be bold in her talks. We freely and frankly talked about everything films, heroes, heroines, models, etc.

I used to be in my room as much as possible except for going to my workplace during the daytime, that was five days a week.

She was enjoying a lot and my other hand went down went between her legs and found her dripping wet pussy with love juices. I was warm down there and as my fingers touched her labia she moaned like a slut. I went down and started to rub her red hot pussy with my hot rod and she closed her eyes and her hands held on to the bed and her nails were digging in and she was making strange sounds like a cat out of the extreme pleasure for all the teasing. And in one hard stroke my dick entered her. It was easy as it was already filled with her juices. I started stroking her gently and increased my pace and she was responding well for each stroke and she was raising her hips to balance the force of my strokes. I geared further up and started to fuck her fast like a rabbit and as the bulge veins of my penis were brushing her pussy walls she was going crazy as it is evident on her expressions. And finally she came and moments later I loaded her hole full of my juice. Tired by the pounding lied beside her on the bed for some time and got dressed and left home and after that we had lot of fucking session. Any girls , women, widow, divorce, aunty, housewives want to have sex with me in Mumbai & Thane around Mumbai &Thane please contact me on [email protected] Full privacy is concern and your identity is always a secret


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