Fucked My Ex-Girfriend

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i am regular reader of ISS. I am engaged and going to get married soon, but then i have a big fetish for girls, i love extra marital sex and passionate sex.

I never knew the luck will strike my doorstep one day.i am an IT employee and i am 28 i have 6.5 long inch dick.

In my early days of office i used to work in a call center where i met a girl called vidya. she was 5 6 inch tall and was well built, she used to smoke too.

We used to often party at pubs and dance at discos. I even flirted with her. she was however close to me than other friends and i used to usually drop her home. I in fact proposed her once on my way back to drop her home. we used to chat in the yahoo for long long nites and she was a really close friend of mine.

Soon her marriage was finalized but i was not ready for marriage. I went to her wedding and only then i realized that she was having a lot of crush on me.

A few days after her wedding and honeymoon she was back to office and working in the call center. she was talking with normal everyone. she however did not talk to me. hence i approached her and said a sorry.

She knew why i said a sorry but acted as if she knew nothing. we became close again. now dont know what went in my mind i asked her about her relationship.

She had issues with her husband , he had to work in mornings while she had to work in nights and they rarely had time to meet and have sex..

Slowly slowly we became closer and she revealed that she is not having a good sex life, i saw this was my chance, i brought the topic of our past relationship and asked her if she loved me. talked to her about my feelings on her, started to flirt again. she said that she was serious on me and wanted me to be her’s…

One day morning talking to her i said what if i ask you for a date out…she knew what i meant she did not respond…soon her hubby got a chance to go to UK.

I saw this opportunity and asked her to come out one night to a pub with me. she was now staying with her hubby in a separate flat.

We drank vodka and danced for a while i was staring at her big boobs , she wore a red t-shirt and a blue jeans. she drank more and soon lost control. I drove her back home. it was night already. the watch man was not there she had the keys of the door in her front jean pocket and she need my hands to keep her in control. she was not shouting but was warning. she could not take out hence i put my hands in her front pocket, i could feel her panty through that. i opened the door and she was on the bed. i brought some water while she lay on the bed with her navel exposed. This made my dick erect through my pants,

She saw that and smiled at me….i came close to her and said go chance the clothes but she was in a different mood all together….she winked at me. i understood this was the signal. i told her vidya do u know u look very sexy in that dress…she said how sexy… i said so sexy that i want to……i stopped….

She said what…what do u want to do….she was seeing my dick…what does a guy do when he finds his girl all alone…i got my signal… i said vidya i wanna smooch you…There was silence and we kissed…this was passionate… she responded… and after a few while she fell flat on the bed…i went on her and kissed her passionately and slowly , she took her tongue out and signaled me to suck her tongue… while sucking her tongue my hands went on her mound and i pressed her and she moaned… she said that she was just enjoying it so much…..

I lifted her up…. made her sit on my lap we started smooching passionately… soon my hands were on her back and i went into her tshirt and press her mounds … we kissed for a while and we undressed …..i wanted to suck her but she was not ready…. so i asked her if she was ready for a fuck…

She said she enjoyed the foreplay very much and we foreplayed a while till i leaked…. then we hugged each other and slept semi nude…..

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