Fucked Landlord’s Daughter-In-Law On Diwali

Hi readers this is Aman. I am 22 years old and an engineering student. For my college is in a faraway town from home so have to live here in a rented flat with one more room partner. My room partner was a real loser home sick guy who always craved to go home on any vacation we got in our college. Even if it were a rakshabandhan holiday then he would ask for two three days extra leave to go and meet his family. Sometimes I really get annoyed due to his behavior but this time it made me a real lucky guy who got the opportunity to fuck the daughter in law of the landlord.

My landlord is a retired colonel and has after his retirement he has built a huge home that anyone would rather call an apartment. More because of his two sons out of whom none was living in India. The younger was already working there but the elder had recently moved abroad. So as his wife could not get Visa and also the winters were approaching so her movement was postponed until a good time might come.
Meanwhile she used to teach music and dance to young girls while living in Pune and she was herself a very bright lady. She was young and aged only 26 or 27 years. She was beautiful too. When I saw her for the first time it was then only that I had got flattered to her white face, smooth skin, red lips and every other asset that a woman possesses.

Diwali vacations had started and my roommate as I already knew was in a hurry to leave for home but as I was not as home sick like him so I decided to stay back. I had decided to utilize this time to study hard as the final year of engineering was in progress and I had to maintain a good set of grades here too.

My landlord uncle and aunty as well are both a very good natured people and I really respected them and they too in return did always care for me. They always kept asking me if I needed something and they never bothered me for rent. Moreover when they came to know that even my mess was closed due to Diwali vacation then they readily told me to come and have meals at their place.

My roommate left one morning and after an hour later I saw that bhabhi had come, so I thought that never mind if one has left then another friend has come. Bhabhi was a real fun loving lady and she had a very friendly terms with me already. She came to me and in one line she asked me why didn’t I go home and decided to stay back? To that I answered that if I went home then who would stay here to entertain her. She giggled and went upstairs. While moving she mentioned again to have lunch upstairs.

Two days passed and I went to see bhabhi whenever I got time from studies and she always made me stay with her and asked for any help to which I readily assisted. Uncle and aunty mostly used to keep visiting their relatives and companions in the same town and I had to stay with bhabhi entertaining her and not let her feel lonely without her hubby.

Now only two days were remaining for Diwali and this was high time I cleaned my house. I was alone so had loads of stuff to clean myself e.g. the beer bottles, the waste cigarette packets and all those items which were nor cleaned for months now. I was worried but suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was bhabhi on for my rescue.

As I have already told that my landlord is a real nice person so he had sent bhabhi to assist me clean the house. I was glad that at least now I can remove all this waste in half the time. Most of the things were garbaged and dumped but at once bhabhi’s eyes fell on a packet of condoms. She began asking where did this come from. And I had explanation about that. We engineers have a different idea of celebrating birthdays where we inflate condoms instead of balloons and they were the left overs. Bhabhi was convinced but kept those condoms with her only and never gave them back to me.

So far I had been frank enough with her so I didn’t hesitate asking her that what would she do with these when bhaisahab was away. She only laughed at this question but never answered. I began to think that there is something fishy and as her hubby is away then she was for sure trying to seduce me. Although I was not sure whether my assumption was totally correct, but still there is always a chance.

From that moment I saw a change in bhabhi’s attitude towards me. So far I felt that she used to play with me but there was a distance maintained between both of us but from that incident she urged to stay closer to me and also at times pressed against my body parts whenever she got a chance. I enjoyed in these conditions more than ever but at the same time I maintained distance from my side so that uncle or aunty may not get a clue or I would be shot dead by colonel uncle right in my ass.

Bhabhi gradually began asking me questions about my personal life which most of the time involved matters of my love life. I was not shy in front of her so I told her that I am in a relation with a girl who also happens to be a classmate of mine. I didn’t understand why was she interested in asking me all these stupid questions why doesn’t she talk to me straight forward about what she wanted from me? But women always have something running in their mind which they share with men only when the right time comes.

Our conversations now prolonged and with time bhabhi was getting bolder with me. And with these changes in bhabhi’s behavior I became pretty sure that her intentions towards me were becoming lusty. I wanted nothing more than a sex craved lady ready to drag me to bed and was more ready than I was. I was on cloud nine and minute after minute kept figuring out that how are we supposed to make out.

Although uncle and aunty kept visiting relatives but these were Diwali days so they had to stay at home and decorate their residence. They decorated my house as well. Bhabhi in return asked me to drive her to the market and a beauty parlour so that she could get some good makeover for the Diwali. I knew that she was doing all this for me this time and was looking forward to make love to her as soon as possible.
We returned from the market 3 hours later and until then I had not made a single move towards her, although both of clearly knew each other’s intentions and we talked on these matters only with smiles or eye signals.
The mere thought of making out with this beautiful lady made me horny and I went to jerk my tool off as many times I was alone thinking about bhabhi. The only problem was that how are we going to get a chance.

Later that night after having dinner, bhabhi asked me to take a walk with her around the colony. I had to agree, and we went out. At times she held my hands to show how cold the climate was getting night after night, but I simply said the weather was romantic and a perfect time for couples to make love. She laughed and brushed my hair with her fingers and told me if I were with my girlfriend then what would I do. I said she would not allow me to even kiss her let alone the matter of sex. She pitied my condition but told me there is always a chance and I should not lose heart. Why would I lose heart if I had a bhabhi ready to help me with that was all I could say for then and after a minute’s pause she told me to return home as it was getting later in night and she was feeling tired after all the day’s work.

As soon as we entered the stair case there was a power cut and was totally dark everywhere. As there was no moon also at all so I decided to take advantage of the time. But bhabhi was much sharper as I had anticipated. Before I could grab her she caught hold of my neck and dragged my head towards her face. In no time we were kissing each other and that was the first kiss of my life. I was new to it but bhabhi had experience and she let her tongue into my mouth and kept circling and exploring it inside all over. At a point I began to suffocate and it was then that I heard the door handle of uncle’s flat turn.

I retreated two steps and bhabhi leapt forward and before uncle could bring out his torchlight we were well in distance from each other and discussing about the plans of tomorrow. She told me that the Lakshmi puja was to be held in the evening and she might need my help in the kitchen.

Uncle went inside showing us the way in the light of the torch and bhabhi followed him. I slapped her butt from behind knowing that no one would know that……and then I realized that how soft her buttock was that it did not produce even a slight sound when I hit her.

Now the anxiety inside me was getting over and over, the level had grown such that I saw bhabhi come in my dream and seducing me but however I was being helpless in dragging hold of her due to some reason. This dream was broken with a call on my cell in the morning at 5:30. It was from bhabhi. She told me to come online as she had to show mw something. Reluctantly I woke up to switch on my laptop and we met each other on Skype. I asked her about what was she willing to show me so early in the morning.

At my surprise she very boldly remover her top and there I could see she was wearing nothing underneath. Oh what a way to wake me up. I thanked her and told to remove the remaining clothes to which she let out her tongue only to tease. But what she did just now was enough to make my day. She told me she was not going to show me anything more and I will have to wait as a part of punishment for I had spanked her ass last night.
I laughed and asked for apology but she was rigid. Soon we had to go offline as she had to do household works and prepare breakfast for everybody. And I went straight to the bathroom to masturbate. Later I had a much awaited movie to release so I went to see it with a few other friends and came back in the afternoon. Went to see if bhabhi was in need of me. She asked where had I been to which I told the truth.

We had lunch together as she too was waiting for me only so that we could eat together. She knew that I hated to eat alone. After lunch I went to take rest and to make some more plans in my mind about have to have this dream lady onto the bed. But I could not really figure out any fool proof plan. On the other side bhabhi was playing cool as if she was well visioned of what to do.

As the evening grew dark I lighted the candles all over and worshipped Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. But it was hard to focus. So I fed up and went straight upstairs to uncle’s home and found that they were about to call me for the arty, I joined them and after having all the Prasad bhabhi called me in the kitchen to help her. As soon as I entered the kitchen she planted a kiss on my cheek to tell me she loved me and I was looking good in traditional kurta. I too praised her as she too was looking like a damn beauty in her red sari which she had bought just yesterday. In the due course she told me that she had bought this sari only for me as she also somehow managed to know that red clothes used to turn me on.

After some time she briefed me with a plan, that uncle and aunty will be leaving for their relative’s place to attend the opening of a new automobile showroom and will be returning after midnight for the real puja of goddess Lakshmi takes place at midnight in most of the places. I was very pleased to know all this and within half an hour uncle and aunty left us alone telling us to take care of each other and have dinner by ourselves for they will be returning late. We promised to TAKE CARE of each other by all means.

As I shut the door at their back I jumped to embrace bhabhi but she was cunning and planned to tease me first. But I was also as sharp as a predator and held her arm in no time and dragged her to myself and forcefully planted a deep kiss on her lips.

She initially kept her face moving left and right to not let me kiss her properly and to tease me but very soon she too got carried away in the stream and was also deeply involved with me alike. This kissing kept on going for the next few minutes and then she asked me to move further. As if I was waiting for the same thing to be said by her I began moving my fingers on her body here and there. She was only busy moaning all this time and now I took my finger slowly to her blouse strings behind her and untied the knots in one go.

Now it was only the red coloured bra that was within my palm and bhabhi’s bare breasts. Soon I removed it. And now with one hand I was pressing one of them and with my lips I was sucking another.
Bhabhi was standing there speechless and was only moving her fingers here and there in my hair. Now I felt to explore more so I left the breast and then started circling my finger around her navel. Her skin felt so smooth that I just can’t say whether it was silk or her skin. Bhabhi told me to keep pressing her boobs so now both my hands cupped and kneaded her boobs and I began licking her navel.

And then I could not stop myself from removing the remaining clothes on her body. She too removes all my clothes except my underwear. My fully erect tool was eager to come outside but bhabhi told me to let it spend some more time in prison, meanwhile you lubricate my hole. Without delay I began fingering her pussy and she started uttering loud moans now. Friends if it were not Diwali then it was certain that some neighbor around would have heard, but her voice was buried under the loud thunder of crackers outside.

I kept on fingering and fingering until she had an orgasm. She let it out all in such a force that it might have shot around tree feet or so. She spilled a lot and a lot was also spilled on my kurta thrown nearby. I worried that the stains would not be removed now but even happier that now I have made a woman shoot cum and that too in the real life. Earlier I had seen these things in only porn movies.

So bhabhi was shivering and I quickly grabbed her into my tight embrace. She now asked me to remove my underwear to which I said she should do it herself. Very quickly she did so and was pleased to see the erection that was so arousing for her.

She made me clear at that time that she hated oral sex and also disliked anal. So if wished to continue I had to follow her rules and not ask for any other hole than her cunt. I thought at least I have one. Earlier I have not even got any of them in my whole life. I took no time in saying yes. She then took me with her to the bedroom. I followed her as if she was the locomotive and I was the train. Bound to go wherever the engine took me.

Bhabhi lay on the bed and asked me to take the missionary position right on her top. I obeyed. Then she took out the condom from beneath the mattress and now I realized why she did not give that back to me yesterday. However I got to wear it for the first time in life so I was lost in these feelings only and as the time was passing I went to have more and more hardon. Bhabhi got hold of my penis and guide it to the door of the hole. But now it was my turn to tease her. I did not insert it then, instead I kept it rubbing and rubbing on her clitoris.

This was giving her immense pleasure and she was loudly moaning, and her moaning was turning me on and on. At last she said what do you think you are trying to have standing at the entrance??? Come on son of a bitch, hurry up, fuck me. I was surprised to hear this. At least a well-spoken lady like bhabhi would never speak that way.

But this aroused the manhood in me and I thrust the whole length of my dick directly into her whole. I pushed it so brutally that bhabhi shouted another few abuses at me. And then I realized that I have inserted very badly. It had even hurt me but soon I recovered from pain and told bhabhi that I am doing this for first time so you guide me how to do this and place the dick in the right position so that it gives pleasure to either of us.
Bhabhi held my penis and guided it inside her hole and now I started making back and forth motion. Slowly first and then increasing the speed. Then again slow and while being slow I was pushing the length more and more inside. Bhabhi was also having immense pleasure alike me. She kept her eyes closed and uttering my name and moaning. Asking me to increase the pace at times.

She was really an expert and while guiding me through all this she took the best out of me and gave me a useful technique of how to stay longer. But however after half an hour I shot my loads. This was the first time that I shot cum in any woman’s pussy otherwise millions of my unborn children have been gifted to the drains.

Bhabhi was probably not so satisfied with this single fuck and she asked me to have one more round back to back. I was panting like a dog and also tired moreover the little junior refused to wake up at that very instant. I told bhabhi that it will take at least 15 minutes for it to rise again. Then bhabhi told me then at least we should have dinner and will begin the next round after that. I agreed because I also needed to recover some energy before I fucked her again. She was a difficult horse to ride now I realized and now feeling inferiority that I could not even please a woman.

However we ate naked and I made bhabhi sit on my lap, and while eating she fed me most of the sweets with her lips only and did not let me use my hand to touch any of the food. She was such an expert that I must say I will not find any other woman ever again in my life.

Now that we had light dinner for a tummy full is not good for sexercise I have heard. But the sweet items had put on great energy in myself and that I was looking at her bare breasts continuously it kept me arousing and arousing. This time around we started on the couch in the living room itself. But bhabhi demanded woman on top while I was insisting for doggy. She won anyways, and I had to sleep under her. She was very light to lift and while she guide the tool again into her hole and began movement I began to stare at the two delicious fruits hanging from her and shaking right above my face.

I raised my hand to touch them. Feel them. Take out their juices and ultimately munch them. I did that all. Bhabhi was also lost in some other world, she could not keep her eyed open, such was the pleasure reaching to her mind. She kept moaning loudly and louder went the pitch as time spent. She had to be stopped somehow so I started the liplock, but soon she removed the lock and told me not to disturb and let her focus on what is giving her this out of the world pleasure. And then her muscles contracted as I could feel it and she let out her cum with a louder moan. I knew that this time around I have made it. I thanked my tool to give bhabhi such immense pleasure and then bhabhi told that she wanted to get fucked from behind now.

I made her sit like a dog then and rubbed the clitoris before inserting again. But as it was very wet the penis almost slipped inside. Yet her hole was tight enough to give a right grip to my tool and also it was very well lubricated to nicely let the motion take place.

Now I got hold of bhabhi’s hair and started the action as if I were riding a horse in derby. The movement was very fast and the penis was touching the extreme end of the vagina. This was again making bhabhi scream loud. I really thanked god that it was Diwali otherwise this lady would have certainly made my ass blown off by colonel’s bullet.

I thought and kept pumping. And I now felt that this time I have stayed for more than an hour, but still I wanted to stay more and more so I stopped for I second. Bhabhi did not like me to take any halt in ride and as a result she again abused me. Roughlier this time and now it agitated me. I pulled her hair more mercilessly and pounded her cunt more fastly this time and as a result she again started shooting juices and within a few seconds she stopped shooting her cum I also let my load out and this was the time I realized that I hadn’t put condom for the second round.

However I saw signs of satisfaction on bhabhi’s face and she was happy she had made a man out of me now. I was no more a virgin. She cuddled me in her arms and told me that she loved her husband but it was her sexual needs that had made her do so. She told me that she was not sure if she would like to do it again with me or not, but after looking at my hung up face she agreed to have sex with me whenever we found a good chance.

I was happy to hear this and we took deep kisses to end up the session. Clean up the mess we had done and after we finished cleaning I reminded bhabhi of not having any condom put on for the second round. She looked worried for a while but then she told she will take pills if she feels necessary. As it was not a safe time for her to get pregnant.

After staying for two more days with her in laws bhabhi went back to Pune and now calls me to only tell me that she misses me. I also miss her because the first time in life is always cherished and the first person whom you do with is always very special….

I love bhabhi and now that I have written the whole experience as a story, I showed the first draft to bhabhi and after getting her consent, I have published it here. Do tell me friends if you liked the story.

What did you think of this story??


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