How I Fucked My Hot Neighbor Bhabhi

Hi readers, this is my first story.

My name is aakansh. I m from delhi,19 yrs old ,I have a athletic body due to regular running , I am 5’9″ tall,74kg.My tool is 6″ long which can satisfy any woman, any interested girl ,woman or bhabhi who want some fun can mail me at : [email protected]

As this is my first story so please forgive for mistakes


This is a real incident which is happened with me in the month of november 2015.When I was in 12 th standard,we had a new neighbor who’s name is nisha. She is my queen of the story. I had a huge crush on my neighbor bhabhi nisha.She is one of the hottest people I have ever seen. Nisha is 28 years old and is married and had a 3-year-old child. She looks like 20 yrs old.Nisha is damn sexy of her age. Her figure is 34,28,34.Any men can get made for her beauty she usually wears western dresses.Sometimes her dresses are transparent so everyone in my locality fucks her in their thoughts and I had a crush on her since the day she comes.I always get an eye on her boobs and I wanted to suck them but don’t have guts to approach her.


One day she came to my house to say hii to my mom as my mom and nisha bhabhi become good friends but that was my lucky day my mom was not at home.I told her that mom will come after 1 hour.So she decided to stay untill she came.


That was my day for which I was waiting for past 6 months, and after some general talking, she asked me do you have a gf ,to which I replied no.She was amazed to hear this.I was looking at her tits constantly, she caught my eyes but didn’t say something.She was looking too hot in her black sleeveless top and tight jeans.Her lipstick was too appealing that I wanted to eat her lips but I controlled myself. Then she asked me if I wanted some tea and went to the kitchen.Nisha called me to the kitchen and started asking questions like which type of girl you wanted. To which I boldly replied I wanted a girl like you.She didn’t say anything to this but she understands my intension, though.Then she made herself busy in preparing tea.When tea was ready she was trying to reach to take out cups from the top shelf


Then I caught her really tight and started to smooch. She was resisting for few minutes and try to push me but my grip was too tight for her. Then after few minutes she started moaning.Then I hold her nipple above her thin top and started pressing them,she screamed and push me hard.Then I grabbed her around her waist and started to kiss her ,within seconds my tongue was in her mouth amd massaging her tongue. I was so into this moment I lifted her and made rested her against the wall ,then she wrapped her legs around my waist. We were kissing passionately at that time.


She then got on her knees, unzipped my shorts amd took my penis out of my underwear and spat on it.She was amazed to see that,nisha told me that it is much bigger than her husband’s cock and her husband can’t last more than 2 min.She was very upset from this.Then nisha started stroking it and took it into her mouth.She was wild and experienced she knew which area to explore. She was licking it like a 5-year-old kid licking lolypop. Nisha was an expert in bj’s she was not less than any pornstar. She got some really good skills and within a minute I came in her mouth. Nisha gave me a naughty smile and took all my load into her without wasting a single drop of it.After that, I picked her up to the bed and removed all her clothes and started sucking her boobs and then slowly I went down to her pussy.She was moaning in pleasure aahhh babbyyy thats the place ahhha. She was pressing my head to her pussy , I was eating it really hard.


Nisha told me to fuck her now she was enable to hold anymore.

I was in kinky mood so I made her bent and inserted my 6″ hard cock into her pussy from behind.


After inserting my dick into her pussy I gave her pounding of her life as she could only shout ohhhh awwww don’t spare your bhabhi baby. Fuck she make me your slave aakansh. I am all yours from today. After 10 min of fucking, I came in her pussy and this time she too came with me.After this, we were lying in bed for around 15 min and then my cock was ready for some more action.Iasked her to lift her booty.She was scared as I told her that I wanted to fuck her ass.Niaha was not agreeing for this but gave up in the end after too much of insisting.


I then held her by her waist and try to insert my tool but it was not going.She was virgin from her ass I could make that out. Then I applied some oil to her ass and my dick and pushed it in her with full force.She shouted too hard aaahhhhh plsssss take I out.Plsss its paining. I tried to calm her down by kissing her.After 5 min when she got relaxed. I fucked her ass as no tomorrow.And after few min, I came in her ass and she held me really tight when I was pulling out my cock.Then I hugged her gave her a kiss and laid with her for some time.


I think she really liked me and the fucking as she held out me for about an hour.We both were very happy to found each other . This carried for about 6 months after she left to some other place with her hubby as her hubby is in govt job


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