Fucked Good At Party

We had been married for more than seven years and my wife was beginning to feel that our sex was getting a bit stale. Any suggestions I made to be a bit adventurous was politely ignored. She was terrific in bed but I could sense she needed more than our usual routines. And then it happened.

We were out shopping for groceries. I was just tagging along pushing the shopping trolley behind my wife and I noticed the African couple on their shopping too. Both well built, good looking in their African sort of way. They did seem a bit confused with our Indian products and the lady approached my wife for some help with local Indian names of ingredients to cook some of their African recipes. By the time the discussion was over we were being invited to their place for dinner. We accepted in an effort to help foreigners settle in our country.

I must mention we are of mixed Indian-European decent and my wife is fair with blue eyes from the European bloodline and with jet black hair and high breasts from her Indian bloodline. Her figure was terrific and she had the right plumpness in her thighs that made her mini-skirts drive men horny. That’s what she wore for the dinner, a low cut miniskirt with high heels. Normally would dress more conservatively for going to a fellow Indian home but we were going to foreigners so she wanted to show off.

We arrived and found that there were two other guests. Both young senior student from Africa. Looked like in their early twenties. Both very virile in tight tee shirts and jeans advertising their muscles and crotch bulges. We were served drinks. My wife loves Caribbean rum and coke and that puts her in a carefree Caribbean mood. The atmosphere was light and casual with a lot of talk of lovely India is and how sensuous are the people. Light music was playing and the lady then took my hand and said to me suggestively ‘let’s dance and get to know each other’. She took my hand and drew my body close and started swaying with me to the music.

We were totally six of us at the party. The African couple, the two male African guys, my wife and myself. It appeared that the African lady would keep dancing with me while the other three took turns to dance with my wife. The music was slow and sensuous and they would hold her very close with one leg wedged between her thighs as the moved around the floor. While one was dancing with her the other two would be waiting their chance and their hard-ons were quite obvious bulging their jeans. You could imagine their hard dicks pressing against her belly as they danced. This was turning my wife on and soon she was obviously in heat. her eyes were dilated, her breathing heavy although the dancing was too slow music and her voice was getting thick. the African lady was intent on keeping me attentive to her by pressing tighter to my body. I was surprised at her softness. At one time she said to me ‘relax, let them dance’. I realised we were invited here so that her husband and two friends could enjoy my wife.

Now two of the guys were dancing with my wife. She was sandwiched between two tightly and gently swaying to the music and she was quite enjoying it. She glanced over and caught my eye as I was tightly squeezing the African lady in our dance. She seemed to be looking for my reaction to her pleasure. And then I could see she was hot. Her pussy juices were out of control. Her thighs were wet and her mini skirt could not cover it.

The African husband was now dancing with her. The African lady pulled me onto the sofa and sat me down putting one of her hands on my crotch. The other two guys too took seats and we all watched the couple on the floor dancing slowly in a tight embrace and in sexual heat. My wife was grinding her crotch against the bulge of his dick. Her head was buried in his chest as he pressed her body against his. Then, slowly, he caressed his hand down the side of her hips and up her mini skirt between her thighs. She began to whimper as he rubbed her pussy as they danced. Her thighs parted to allow the fingering and her juices were now streaming down her knees. Her eyes glazed, she was whimpering and moaning. her knees were buckling out of control but he held her up with the hand around her waist while his other hand was fingering her pussy and clitty in time to the sensuous music. A slow rhythmic African drum and flute tune which sounded like the thumping when a pussy is getting pumped.

He seemed to be taking his time with the slow massage of her cunt. Her knees had given way and he was holding her up like a rag doll as she hung onto his neck while he fingered her juicy chute. You could hear the sloshing sound of her wetness being fingered and you could hear her softly saying to him ‘fuck me now’. He was biting her neck with two of his thick fingers inserted into her pussy. She moaned louder. You could not actually see her cunt because of the mini skirt but the way she spread her thighs and the flowing juices told the tale. ‘Fuck me please’ she asked. ‘Darling’ she cried to me, ‘My body needs to be fucked. Tell him to fuuuuck me pleeeeease’.

He now leant back, unzipped and unleashed his monster cock. Because it was pressed against her in his jeans, its magnitude was not visible. But now in the open, it was 10inch and thick. the feel of this against her crotch was what was driving her heat. When her eyes saw it showed wonder, fear, anticipation, and lust all at the same time. Her legs were weak and she collapsed while he carried her to the sofa next to mine and lay her on her back. the other two guys went around to start caressing her breasts. I stroked her hair to comfort her. ‘let them fuck me’ she pleaded. The African husband bent down and started licking her cunt and clitty. ‘No’ she cried. ‘Fuck meeee pleeeease. ‘FUCK ME’.

He then put his monster on the mouth of her pussy and started pushing and stretching her white cunt. My wife shaves her pussy frequently and it’s always smooth and hairless. His black dick stretching her white cunt. She mooooaned and whimpered. ‘aaaaaaaahhhh ooooh god! ‘Slowly’. ‘it’s hurting but don’t stop’. ‘I like it’. ‘Fuck me’. ‘Fuuuuuuuck. ‘Fuuuuuuuck’. ooooooohhhh ooooooohhhh.

He began pumping her and pounding her cunt to the rhythm of the African drums. She moaned and moaaaaaaned as his monster was pleasuring her cunt. I could not believe a number of juices she was generating. It was streaming down her thighs when she was dancing. Now it was gushing out of her pussy with the pounding. It was good because his thick cock had stretched her cunt to the max. you could see the tightness and wonder how it could still slide in and out in such tightness. It was the juices that made it possible. The tightness and stretching were giving her pleasures and sensations in her cunt she never felt before. The squishing sound was mingled with her cries and moans. ‘Oh fuck me good’. ‘Don’t stop’. ‘Pound my pussy’ she was wild and out of control. Her cunt had taken over her body and mind. ‘It hurts so grandly’. ‘Fuck me hard’. ‘Fuuuck meee haaaaarder.’

Suddenly her legs stiffened. Her legs and thighs spread apart as wide as they could, up in the air as if she wanted to open her chute as much as possible to engulf that massive dick which was now stroking its entire length in and out in and out her squishing cunt. Her pleadings and cries now changed to a slow whimpering which was gradually building up. She was building to an orgasm. The whimperings got louder and quicker and then she burst – ‘FUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEE. ‘FUUUUUUUUUUK MEEEEEEEEeeeeeee’ she wailed as her cunt reached ecstasy. ‘OOOooooo God’.

Whether it was his timing or my wife’s pulsating cunt around his cock he began to come with a hard thrust into her pussy right up to the hilt as if he wanted to drive his balls in also. The thrusts and the swelling of his shaft as his juices pumped through made her cunt go into another throw of pleasure. Her thighs opened more and her cunt quivered around his monster. ‘OOOoooooh give me more please’ she said in a voice fully satisfied but still driven by a desire for more pleasure. ‘Don’t take it out’. ‘keep me stretched, I like it please’.

While she was being fucked I was gently stroking her hair to let her know I was with her and she could enjoy her pleasure in safety. Meanwhile, the African lady was massaging my cock and I could not hold myself longer and she jerked me off with a smile.

The two students also had their dicks out in their hands watching my wife get fucked. How do these guys get such massive cocks? One of them was so circumcised that his cock head looked twice the size of his dick. Like an electric bulb. My wife said to me ‘will you let them fuck me too?’ ( I will tell you about this in another episode if I get enough requests from readers.)

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