Fucked Fat Gujarati Aunty

Hi ISS readers this is Garry with my first story. I have read many stories on here but love the most of aunties. I like to have sex with mature women from 35-65 years of age and if they are fat I like them more with big boobs,fat big belly and big ass. I am basically from Mumbai and if any aunty want to have sex with me in Mumbai or anywhere else around the world I am ready. I will be available at your doorstep. Please do send me feedback about my story on [email protected]

To tell you all about myself I am Garry a punjabi guy based in Mumbai of 22 yrs of age,like to have sex with mature aunties and satisfy them. I am a slim guy with a height of 5’11 and cock of 5″ long. I dont like to lie,just wan to be true but most aunties have been satisfied by me and still want more.

Coming to the story,this happened 3 years back when I went to attend my friends marriage at goregoan sports club in Mumbai. My friend was a gujju so I was really excited to be at his wedding as all his relative aunties and neighbour would be there and I can find a big boobs n big ass aunties to fuck as gujarati aunties do look for young guys for sex as their husbands are busy minting money and dont care about their sexual urges.

When I went there I thought to my self that I think have caome to a heaven with all fat and mature aunties are there with beautiful sarees and showing their assests as some auction for them is going on. I was brushing and eyeing every aunty out there and in return most of them too as a young handsome guy is looking for a partner. My eye got in contact with a really beautiful aunty of 47 yrs was fat but had a figure any man would die to have 38-36-40 which she told me later and her name was Meenakshi.

I was looking at her assests from top to bottom…….ohh my goodness so big milk jugs and a big belly with a big and deep cute navel and a big 40 ass. Friends I was dying to fuck her then and there but I controlled myself but that aunty saw me and at first gave a bit tensed look and then gave a smile. I went from there and went at the stage and told my friend that I wanna smoke . I had quit that habit 3 yrs back though and dont smoke now.

He directed me to go behind to the parking lot where lots of cars of relatives and friends have . .

I was enjoying smoking when I heard someone coming and threw the cigi and looked around and found that aunty coming. I sat down behind safari in order that I dont get caught and had a mint in my mouth but to my surprise that safari belonged to her and she came there and saw me and asked,”what are you doing here” and she I guess smelled the smoke and told,” were you smoking and please don’t lie” in an angry tone so I confessed so she calm down and said even she wants a cigi. I was shocked and told her,”mazak mat karo”. She replied,”nahi mujhe sach main chahiye….main bahar jaakar bhi nahi le sakti toh please ek dedo”. I asked her why you smoke n she said that occasionally she does and we started talking about the function and she asked me where I stay.

She and I came to know that we stay very near at a distance of 10 minutes from each other. She asked me how I reached there and I said by public transport so she offered to drop me back and I cant say a no to travel with her so I said a yes. Then I asked about her husband and kids so she said that she has a daughter and son who are studying in US and her husband is in US for now as they are moving there so I asked if she came alone and she said a yes and told she is the cousin aunty of my friend.

She then told me that she had seen me string at her and looked at me and gave a naughty smile and asked,”do u like older women” and I got a bit shy….she told me to be very frank with her and I said yes and I like her a lot and she asked what u liked and placed my hand oh her tummy and started running my hand on her tummy and navel and ass. I told her I liked her boobs,belly,ass and everyting and the most important part her sexy,wet and rosy lips. Then I touched her boobs snd we both were getting aroused when she broke the silence and told me she has to go in and took my mobile number and said will contact when she leaves and took a mint and went. I followed her and then as soon as the function got over she called me.

Then she told me to come near the car and lets go. I went there and off we were and while on way she told me to call home and say that I’m waiting after marriage till early morning. I knew what she had in her mind and I did so and she told me stay for the night with her as she is lonely. I agreed and she gave me a naughty smile and I started to play with her boobs navel and thighs while she drove. We reached her place and it was a big 3BHK flat with interiors and antiques. I was sure she is a rich women. As we entered she grabbed me and started hugging me and did the same and we felt each others body.

Then she went in the kitchen and brought milkshake for me and said that you will need it tonight. I smiled and drank in no time and she guided me to her bedroom which was really nice with dim light good for the moment of passion. She had a big king sized bed but unfortunately had to sleep alone. Then she came and removed all my clothes and I was naked and my dick saluting her body and she sat and took my whole dick in her mouth in one go and started giving me the blowjob of a life time.

She was a really good sucker. She licked my balls and again started sucking and the pressure in my balls was gaining pace and cant control any longer I came in her mouth and she drank all my cum. She said did u like it and I nodded a yes so she smile and told me to help her undress her.

I did so by removing her saree than blouse and then petticoat and here my darling mature aunty was in her black bra and pink panty. I hugged her again and I placed her on her bed n kissed her lips and she responded immediately and we were lip locked for almost 20-25 mins and believe me it was the amazing kiss.

Then I removed her bra and those massive melons just bounced out and her nipples were erect and hard. I pinched her nipple and she moaned and told to do it more wildly, I did so and started to kiss her boobs and suck her nipples passionately and bite them and she was moaning,”oo god……yeahhhhhhhhhhhh…..yesssssssss do it more hard my lover I’m all yours make me your whore……..fuck me in all my holes”. I got mad listening to her and started to kiss and lick her tummy and navel and bite there. She started screaming,”yes bite me and eat ur aunty as u want…..ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”. I then kissed her thighs that were milky and soft but bigggggggg. I then removed her panties.

I kisses her pink pussy lips. She was clean shaved. Then I licked her pussy and her g spot and she was getting mad and was already wet a lot and she said to do it more and was moaning and breathing heavy. I cupped her boobs and ate her pussy like wild and she came twice and I drank all her sweet cum. Then I got up and rubbed my dick on her pussy and she said,” pls dont tease me anymore and fuck me like there is no tomorrow and tear my pussy and ass apart…..I need ur young dick in it now”. I placed my dick and entered her pussy and she moaned aaaaaaaahhhhhh and with two push I was all in her.Then I started with slow pace and gradually increased my pace and she was just moaning in pleasure aaahhhhh ufffff ha ha ha ha ha ha mar gayi aa aa aa aa. Then the whole room was filled with her moans and then I came in her after 15 minutes and as she had been operated so no problem. Then I collapsed on her and she started kissing me and came over me and kissed my chest and bite my nipples and went to my cock and again started playing with it.

Then she came over my face and placed her pussy over me and I licked her again and in no time I felt my member again and I asked her for her ass which she obliged and happily bent in a doggie position. I took vaseline from her cupboard and applied on my dick and her ass hole. I tried to enter but it was very tight as she has not been fucked for long so she widen her legs and bent more down and I tried a lot and entered half.

She told me to put pressure and put and I did and was in her completely and she was in lot of pain and tears rolled down her eyes. I told her I can stop if she cant bear and she said no and told to fuck her till early morning. I then started fucking her ass and really friends fucking such big ass is a lot of passion. Then I came in her in 15 mins and we slept naked next to each other and started hugging and then she told me that she loved my fucking a lot.

And would be loved to be fucked every time by me. I told her that we can as we stay nearby. Then I fucked her in different positions too whole night and we slept by 5.15 am. We slept naked and I got my eyes opened at around 7.30 when aunty woke me with a cup of tea and told me to freshen up. I did so and was about to leave when she kissed on my lips and I kissed and pressed her boobs and ass and she ordered me to wait…..she came with a bundle on 100 Rs notes that were around 10,000Rs and she told me its my gift for satisfying a old lady like her.

Then we had a good relationship and I used to fuck her as and when I or she feels too as we were staying near and she was staying alone in the house. She used to call me for movies,shopping and marriages to accompany her and have fun with her. She used to take me to malls and buy expensive branded clothes, shoes or whatever I liked. Then she got her paperwork and now she is in USA with her husband and kids but I still miss fucking her. We are not in touch now as she told me she wont be able too as she is gonna be very far away.

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