Fucked Ex-Girlfriend In The Train


Hi, guys, this is Sandeep from Bhubaneswar, athletic body, having a 7.5-inch penis. I have been reading sex stories from this site since last seven years and today I have decided to narrate a true incident which had happened to me last month. Boys and girls, this story is a bit a lengthy and I request to read the sex story and give feedback in my email [email protected]

This incident happened last month when I was returning to my home from my job. I was at new Delhi railway station waiting for Bhubaneswar Rajdhani express. Suddenly, I saw that my ex-girlfriend (now married) was also waiting for the train with her husband. I surprised that she was now married and have settled. I followed her and tried to contact her.

Incidentally, she also saw me and surprised. We contacted with our eye. After some time, her husband left to somewhere (I think for purchasing food and stuff). Then, I went to her and said hi, Smeeta. Then, she also said hi to me and said I am surprised that you were here and we met in such a position. I said that after six years, we were meeting again.

Guys, we loved each other but our relationship breakup due to the family issues and caste issue and finally, we both decided that to end our relationship for sake of family. After our breakup, we did not meet nor chat nor any contact with each other. This sudden meeting of each other has ignited both of us as I filled that time.

I asked her about this journey, she said after breakup, her family member selected a guy of her caste and finally he married to this guy, who was settled in Delhi and doing a job in a reputed MNC and now she is going to Bhubaneswar to attend a married function at her mother in law house and also said that her husband is not accompanying her because he has not been spared by his company due to professional commitment.

By this time, her husband came and we had maintained a gap with each other and our train also came. We both occupied our seat and I felt uncomfortable as my seat was in b4 and hers was in b6. After half an hour, I went to her seat and chatted for some time. Luckily, I also exchanged my seat opposite to her seat with the co passenger.

Then, I changed my seat near to her and we chatted a long time, enquired about our life after a breakup. I also enquired how is her married life going on. She confessed that her married life is fully boring as her husband is busy with his office work and tour to other places. By saying this, she fainted her face and I confirmed that I can proceed to mingle the night with my ex-girlfriend.

Then, I told her don’t feel lonely and everything will become good. Then, we did our dinner and went to sleep. I was not ready to sleep and my mind was playing an another game that how would I fuck my ex. I saw that my ex-girlfriend was playing in mobile. On sudden, she told me that Sandeep, you did not sleep? I said no, I am thinking about my wife, as I will meet her after two months.

Then, she said that Oh, You are imagining about your wife. Good. Good. Then, I said that don’t you think about your hubby. Then, she said no, as it becomes a habit to sleep alone. Then, she tried to play on her mobile.

Then, after ten minutes, I said why don’t you come to my seat so that we can watch Odia latest song on my mobile as I knew that she is very keen to watch Odia latest film song. Then, she said absolutely and came to my seat. Then, I feel that this act may go a long and ignite our fire in our body.

While she came to my seat, I naughtily noticed her 34 d boobs which he noticed also but did not cover the same. I think that she is also interested to enjoy the night. Then, we both watched the video song. While we were watching the video song, I intentionally touched her belly parts and said her that I am sorry. She said that it is okay. That confirmed that she also deserves the same which I want.

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Then, a very bold scene in the video made me hotter and I again touched her leg and stomach, to which she said that what are you doing. By listening to this, I directly kissed her lips and pressed her boobs. She did not give any response nor made any hurdles for me to proceed. I deeply kissed her lips and pressed her boobs and slide her lips.

By this, she reciprocated now and open her mouth by which I entered my tongue into her mouth and started eating her saliva. She then pressed my body tightly and said Sandeep, I am really sex starved nowadays. Please give me the enjoyment which we had before. I was in the seventh sky as I was also sex starved for two months and that I was getting now with my ex.

Then, she slides her right hand into my pant and pressed my 7.5-inch penis. And said in my ear that I want it right now in my hole. I said, “Baby, this is not a safe place as anytime, any passenger can catch us red handed. So we will explore each other in the western latrine. First, you go and after that, I will follow you”.

She said yeah, it is right. Then, she went to the western latrine and after five minutes, I went and entered into the western latrine. After entering, she closed the door and we kissed each other in a way that there is no tomorrow. I eat her lips and drink her saliva and she reciprocated in a whole way. I slide her saree and open her blouse.Slowly and slowly made her whole body wet with my saliva.

I kissed her forehead, cheek, earlobe, nose, neck and bite her lips. She also opened my t-shirt and kissed my chest. I made her sit over the western latrine. And open her bra and pressed her boobs. Kissed and sucked her nipple which made her make ahh sound. I pressed her boobs very wildly and kissed her navel. I inserted my tongue in her navel and opened her petticoat and panty. I made her naked and kissed her each and every part.

I kissed her love hole by pressing her bump. And inserted a finger in her ass hole simultaneously sucking her vagina. She pressed my head towards her vagina and said suck my vagina, eat my chut. I suck and fuck her vagina by entering my tongue over there. Then, I stood and opened my pant and made myself naked and said her to suck my penis. She sucked my penis slowly and then vigorously, then I fucked her mouth.

She said that baby fuck my vagina. And I sat in western latrine and bend by exploring her love hole. I led her by catching her head and entered my penis in her hole. She made ahh.Uhh sound, so I entered my tongue in her mouth and by giving a thrust entered my whole penis into her vagina. I fucked her in this position for about ten minutes and made her stand and inserted my penis from the back side. We did it by standing position for about another fifteen minute.

I fucked her wildly in this position where she turned me around and kissed my whole body. Then, I again inserted my penis from the front side and this time, I fucked and fucked. She also helped me by sliding her ass from the back side and finally, she blushed her love juice and I was in full speed and finally, time to explode. I asked where to explode and she confessed that do it in your love position. (I used to explode in her breast while we were in relationship).

Then, I exploded my semen over her boobs. Then, we kissed each other and hugged tightly. After that, we dressed up and came to our seats. We sat together and lip locked for some time. She then said dear Sandeep, after a long time I enjoyed sex. I said I am also starving for your love after our breakup.

She said we can chat over WhatsApp after this and bang when time permit. I said yeah. We can proceed. On that night, we did love making three times. And finally, we reached our destination. Nowadays, we are chatting in WhatsApp and ready to mingle again.Guys hope you enjoyed my sex story. Do give feedback in my email [email protected]


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