Fucked Cousin Sister Two Days Before Her Marriage

Hi All. My name is Harman and I am from Dehradun. 30 years of age and businessman by profession. This is my story of how I had sex with my cousin sister two days before her marriage. About me I am 5’4’’ in height, fair color and 6’’ tool. The best is I am able to fuck for a long time and fully satisfies my partner. I have a wife and a girl friend as of now. I am reading ISS for a long time and really like lots of stories. Believe me this is a true story.

Now coming back to story she is actually not my cousin sister but my god sister. Her name is Juhi. She lives in Shimla. We both studied in same school and same class. She was the most beautiful girl and had lots of affair. I also came in contact with her only when one of my friends wanted to propose her. I basically helped them out. So they both were seeing each other and through this she came in contact with me also. We became very close friends. In fact I use to go her house to teach her as she was a weak student. Slowly and gradually we were very close and even her parents use to trust me a lot. She use to ask me for everything and even I forced her to breakup with that friend of my mine as he use to talk dirty about her. Her parents liked me a lot and in 11th class she tied me rakhi also as she did not had a brother. We had a very strong bonding and were very close. Anyhow this kept on happening and then we passed out in 12th and I came back to my hometown in 2000. For two years I had very few contacts with her. One day we friends made to plan to go to shimla where I met her after 5 years.

When I first met her I was awestruck with her beauty and figure. She had turned into a bombshell. Very fair in color. Big big boobs whom you want to press hard and suck a lot. Her figure must 38-38-36. Anyhow I met her and we again came very close. I even gifted her mobile phone so that we can talk. We both started chatting for hours on phone, she use to tell me what she did and how she spent her day in office. We came to Chandigarh once to meet each other but because it was a brother and sister relationship I could not do much. But whenever I see her I use to stare at her boobs, lips and always wanted to fuck her. Whenever she use to be with me she will hold my hand in her hand and we will hug each other. Then in 2006 she told me that she is getting engaged and I didn’t liked it. I started avoiding her and even I use to call her very less. She asked me and I said I am feeling as if someone is snatching you from me. I went for her engagement and performed all duties as a brother.

Finally with a very heavy heart I went for her marriage in June 2007. I reached shimla and we had to go to her town. We were only five people. Juhi, her younger sister, her parents and me. We stayed in a dharamshala and all other guests had to come after 2-3 days. I use to always look at her face and when she asked me I said he is snatching you from me. In next two days we had to plan for everything. We use to do shopping for whole of the day. 2nd day at 4 pm she told me that we have to go for shopping.

When I told her that we have finished all shopping she told me that’s it’s her personal. I went with her and she took me to a ladies innerwear shop where she chose three sets of bra and panties. I suggested her black lace set and said to her that you will look hot in this. She reluctantly took it. After that we came back. In the evening we had to go to a relative’s place for dinner but I said that I am not feeling well to which her mom told me to stay with her. We bolted the room from inside and she went to bathroom. When she came she was wearing a nighty which was covering almost all her body. She asked me how you know I will look beautiful in that set. I said I know you from last eight years and you will look gorgeous in this. I also said but I feel bra is a bit tight. Then she said would you like to see me in the same and I said yes with a bright smile. She took off her nightie and said come and take your share. No one can snatch your right. I was awestruck with her beauty. Her big boobs were desperate to come out of her bra. Her fair skin was like if you touch it will leave a mark. I was not moving and then she came close to me and put my hand on her boobs and pressed them slightly. I immediately hugged her and started kissing her.

We both were kissing passionately as if this is the last day on earth. Our tongues were into each other and saliva was mixing up. After kissing her desperately for 7-8 minutes she said it seems you want to eat me and I said yes I want to eat you. Then I took her bobs out of bra and started squeezing them. Her nipples were very pink in color which enlarged because of this and I started sucking them one by one. I was sucking her juicy boobs and with another hand I was massaging her boob. They were big enough not to fit in my hands. Then I took her hand on my tool and placed it there. She took it out and started rubbing it. When I said to her is it for the first time she is touching a dick. She replied I had two but if I knew the best one is nearest to me I would not have taken other. With this I got lots of energy and asked her to give me a blowjob. She took it in her mouth and stared stroking it up and down. She was kissing passionately on mu dick and doing it to and fro.

Then I made her lie on bed and placed my dick near her pussy which was clean shave. I gave one push and it went inside smoothly. First she cried a bit but then she started cooperating with me and I fucked her for 15-20 minutes in different positions. Finally I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it. After that we had a relaxed mind and I kissed on her whole body. Next day I fucked her four times including her ass. Then she got married and went with her husband. I again fucked her when she came to delhi to drop her husband when he was going abroad. That was very passionate and fierce as her husband has a 4’’ tool only.

So friend I hope u will like my story. Please give your valuable comments at [email protected] Any female interested in only sexual relationship or for chatting can mail me. Till then happy fucking!

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