Fucked A Married Woman In Her House

Hello friends, I am a playboy and have been fulfilling desires of many unsatisfied ladies. I am posting here an incident how I fulfilled desire of rich unsatisfied lady. It happened 31 january 2011 night and met this beautiful lady in a New Year party.So before any more introductions let’s come over to a story. This lady is around 30 and is fair; her figure would be worth dying for any man i.e. 34-30-36. Gosh she is sex goddess and wildest lady that I came to know when she was on bed with me. I was standing near bar having vodka pegs, I already had 5 pegs and was walking towards my friends when suddenly this lady hit me through her elbow,She apologized for her mistake and asked me to buy a drink for me. I insisted her need not to, as I myself will get that drink again but she wanted to buy me a drink and I never stopped her then we began interacting thereafter and had discussion on general talks while I was having peg, after about 15 minutes I had to leave as my friends called me up and wanted to move out for a drive there we greeted each other with new year and I left with friends.After our drive when I was riding back to my home fortunately I met this lady again and found that she was in a trouble as her car broke down, I called up a mechanic who was well-known to me and he then did the repairing. While mechanic was doing the needful she thanked me for helping her out and asked me to turn up to their place for a coffee and have given her contact number.

As I was not in my senses I left saying her good-bye after her car got repaired. Next day in afternoon I got a missed call from an unknown number and discovered that it was the contact number of the same lady whom I met yesterday and helped her out. She insisted me to turn up at her place for a coffee and I couldn’t deny. When I reached her place it was around 4:00 PM and whenI rang the bell that lady turned up in towel wrapped around her body she seemed to have just taken a shower. She invited me in and asked her to sit on Sofa and told me that she will be back after dressing up. God when she turned up I couldn’t help staring at her she was in skin-tight topper with miniskirt. Her massive boobs and ass was arousing me and made me feel her every single part of the body but have to control my emotions.She ordered her maid to get a coffee for two of us and then we started knowing about each other. I then discovered that she was a wife of businessman who is in handicrafts business and is mostly out-of-town. She didn’t have a child after 7 years of marriage as his husband was always busy in business. She asked me if I am available online on chat and we exchanged our onlineDetails from that day on we started interacting daily on phone and chat and things got closer between us.

Our chat even moved over to sex and I intimated her that I had sex with many gals & ladies. She then asked me if I can help her fulfilling her desires. I told that I do that but I charge for my services she then told me just fulfill my desires you will get what you need.We then fixed up a date when her husband was out-of-town and was not going to come for another one week. She made arrangements in such a way that even her maid was on off for couple of days. I reached her place on Feb-03, 2011 and she welcomed me in. After some chit-chat she offered me vodka and made a peg for herself too. We had a deal with every peg she will open her clothes and she will open mine and will come closer.We both were 4 peg down when we became nude and we were so close that we could feel our breath. She smell good with nice perfume and vodka, I couldn’t resist any longer and gave her a smooch as our tongues met she took my dick in her hand moved her hands to and fro and I started crushing her boobs with my both hands. She had big pink tits which complemented her boobs. I then begin sucking her boobs and inserted a finger in her pussy.

She was hot and started breathing heavily and soon spurted her cum on my hands. She then asked me to get to their bedroom as we went in their bedroom she pushed me on bed and got into 69 position, she then took my dick in her mouth and asked me to suck her pussy real hard I was inserting my tongue in her pussy and she was taking my dick deep in her mouth, she was expert in giving blow job.With this oral play she made me cum in her mouth and she again came all over my face. She took my whole cum in her mouth and cleaned the dick as if nothing happened. She then licked my whole body and made me erect again within minutes. She then wanted me to fuck her real hard. She went in doggy style and asked me to bang her from back. I put my dick on entrance of pussy and pushed my dick in,It went half and other hard push inserted my whole dick in her pussy. Her pussy was still tight and fucking her was making me wild. After 5 minutes of banging she released her cum and went in a normal position I was still banging her hard and had no sign to cum that early as vodka gave me such effect. After some time her pussy started getting dried and started paining.

She then told me that she always had a desire to get her ass fucked and then I applied some oil on her ass hole and dick so that she could take my dick inside her easily. As I pushed my dick in her ass hole it entered in just a single push due to so much lubrication then I fucked her ass for another sometime and came in her ass. She then asked me to be at her place for another five days and we had 20-25 sex session in various positions in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, drawing-room and dining room. She told me that she had the best time of life in these five days. After that I got a call from her that her friend wanted to have sex with me, I will tell you how another incident turned to a group sex in my next story.

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