Fuck with Sowmya aunty

Hai ISS readers, I am a new person to submit my own story. From past three months ago I am also one of the regular ISS readers. This my ten years before real story. I like aunties very much. My name is Ashokkumar, now I am 40 years old aged, strong and powerful fucking guy, and my height 5.4 ft. I have six inches very active rod. I am married and have one kid. When I was 29 years old we were staying in rental house to own house. There I used to clean my vehicle daily morning between 7 to 7.30 am. One day suddenly I saw one beautiful sexy fair aunty was coming on our road at 7.30 am. I got stunned, because she was so beautiful and sexy figure. And she is having very good round shape big ass. I was looking at her ass. She absorbed it, and she goan. Next day same time I was on my same cleaning job. Again she was coming same time. Then I thought she must be working some where. I just waited for one more day, the third day also she came on our road. I decided to follow her find her house. I went behind her, found the house. It was next to our cross only. She opened gate and returned to lock the gate she saw me and she looking at me for five seconds. I gave her smile but she didn’t respond me. I just came back, I was very happy and I decided to any how I want to make her friend ship.

Next day morning I was cleaning the vehicle when she came near bike I said hai good morning, after moving ten steps she turned back smiled. I confirmed she is mine. Next day morning at 7am I went to bus stop and waiting for her. One bus came got down from the bus she saw me and got stunned. Directly I went to her as know person and asked her hai how are you my name is Ashokkumar may I know your name, she said see Mr. I am married and I have two children, why you want to know my name, I said I know you are a married aunty but I like you very much after I see you I goan mad I want you . She said why you like me, I said to be frank with you I like your color and main thing is your kundi [ass]. She smiled and told her name “sowmya”. And I asked her details she was working in hospital that time she was on night duty. From there daily I used to go to the bus stop and talk to her. Then I used to go to her hospital to meet in the night times. When I first time to hospital, I had my dinner with her and we became very close. Then when return back she asked me without give something how can you go. I said what you want, she came to and hugged tightly gave one kiss. Really I could not forget that night, even I hugged her more tightly I pressed her ass how I want. From there daily I go to hospital and have nice fun and come back. After one month she was on day duty, her husband and children went one of their relations house for one day on some function. But she purposely didn’t go. On that day she asked me to come to her house, I was very scared night at 11.30pm I went to her. Every thing was preplanned she kept her house gate and main door opened and lights were off. I just entered instead locked it, I caught her put on bed lamp we started kissing for more than ten mints. My rod was fully study. She caught my rod doing up and down. I removed her sarry, blouse, bra, petticoat and panty.

She sat down and put her mouth on my heat rod. I was in heaven that time I fucked mouth for some time. Then we went to bed I just went to pussy we became in 69 position. After some time came in normal position I fucked her nicely. She gave me company I never get that till now. After that 33position from back side I fucked pussy. Then we both slept for some time. After half an hour again got up started different style totally we had unforgettable fuck five times. After our friendship this is tenth year running. Now she our family friend also I use to her house when ever her hubby goes to tour she invites me. And I fucked her three to four times in my house only. Even now we good friends. We are keep in touch. If any aunties, widows and unsatisfied ladies like to have good fuck they can mail me my ID is [email protected]

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