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I’m in mid 20’s and i have beautiful girlfriend. I do, however, have a bit of a wild streak and i simply love women and often can’t control myself from “wandering” every once in a while. Last summer i placed an ad looking for a female for a one time encounter. I travel for business and i get bored when i’m on the road. I didn’t expect much response from the ad since the number of men seeking women far out numbered women seeking men.

I received a response a few days later from a lady in her 40’s from the area i was heading and we set up a meeting place. I gave her my phone number so she could call me and so that i could make sure she sounded legit. We agreed to meet at a coffee shop to chat and make sure we liked what we saw. I, impatiently, waited in my van for her to arrive. A sexy woman who fit the description arrived a few minutes later, went in and sat alone; it was my cougar! I went over introduced myself and sat down. She was quite shy in person, but we broke the ice a little. She told me her husband works a lot and because she was from a small town she would need to be discrete, that being the reason she would only sleep with men not from the area. We kept chatting for about 30 minutes and i had a feeling it would end with just that because it didn’t feel like anything was going to happen.

Just as i finished my coffee and decided i would probably just thank her for the company and be on my way she looked at me and said softly “aren’t you going to fuck me?” i wasn’t sure how to respond other than “let’s go”. I usually have a hotel in the area but this trip i was staying about 45 minutes away because everything was booked. I explained that to my horny companion and she proceeded to tell me her place was off limits because her daughter was home. She pondered for a second and then asked me if the back of my van was ok. I, excitedly, said yes. I hadn’t had sex in a vehicle in a few years and i drove a cargo van so there were no windows and lots of room. We drove about 5 minutes to a secluded place near a beach. I would have taken her to the beach but it was heavily watched during the day.

I could tell she was getting horny and she was starring at my now bulging rock hard cock still in my pants. I asked her if she was wet, i wanted to tease her a little, and she rubbed two fingers on my face, dripping from her pussy. We climbed in the back of my van and she quickly pulled my thick hard cock out of pants and slipped in her mouth. She had my entire 8 inch cock in her mouth and she was sliding her fingers down to my ass. I had never felt anything like it. She worked on my balls and my cock while i slipped 2 fingers into her pussy, she was already on the verge of cumming. She slid her thing off and rubbed it all over my face so i could smell her sweet pussy.

She told me how much the taste of her pussy all over a guy turned her on. At that moment she came, she was squirting like a fountain, i kept fingering her and she squirted all over my body. She was licking it off as quick as it was hitting me. We continued to play with each other and after she squirted 4 or 5 times she pulled my fingers out of her pussy and told me finger her ass. I rubbed her cum all over her ass and pushed 2 fingers in, it was so tight. She moaned and grabbed my arm while she had a firm grip on my cock. She was ready to get fucked hard. She sat down and got on top of me, we pumped hard for a couple of minutes and she told me she was going to squirt again. She quickly got off my cock so she could cum on my face. When she was done she sat back on my cock and licked her cum off my face.

She is was driving me wild and i knew i was a bout to cum. I told her to get up so i could fuck her ass. It gave me time to calm myself down a little so i would be able to last more than 30 more seconds. I pushed my cock into her ass and she let out a loud moan and told me to fuck her as hard as i could. I pumped her ass for only about a minute when i felt i was going to cum like never before. I told her i was going to cum on her face and she told me she wanted to feel me cum in her ass. I pumped out the biggest load i have ever had into her ass, and when i pulled out she spun around swallowed the last few drops of cum from my cock. She quickly reached around to her gaping asshole and fingered her ass while gobs of cum ran out. She got as much of as she could swallowed it.

We put our clothes back on and i drove her back to the coffee shop to get her car. We’ve not spoken since but every time i drive past that coffee shop i think about that day and i get horny all over again.

I am from moradabad [email protected]

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