Fuck Buddy

Hello Everyone this is saiyash here and I am going to take you through of the most sexciting experience of my life.. this incident changed my whole and life and hers the lady of my dreams.. just a little bit of background on me.. I am 30 years old, 5.8, with a 6.5 inch tool. Married and well built physique been hitting the gym for around 6 years now… now bit of a back ground on the lead lady of the story Shonam Roy.

Shonam Roy was the wife of my Ex-Boss Nikhil Roy.. she was around 37 year, 5.5 with 34D-29-36 and Mr. Roy was 44 years old, I was working under as a manager in his marketing firm for about 4 years and then I moved on in my career, Mr. Roy was very pleased with my work and I knew his extra-curricular activities when he used to go out business trip, but that was none of business so never really minded it, he was a very rich man as he was doing really well in his business as well as he had got all his ancestors property..

But he was little bit over weight when it comes to looks he had a beer-gut and looked little old for his age on the other hand Mrs. Roy had maintained herself really well just a bit of fat but course at the right places you know what I mean. Once I had to meet my friends over the weekend at sports bar and I had been there little early. I had just worn a ribbed T-shirt which showed enough of biceps and fitted well on me, As I was waiting for them, I felt a pat on my back ” how U been doing old friend “?.

When I turned around it was Mr. Roy along with his wife… I said ” I am doing fine sir, what a pleasant surprise it is ” and hugged him, he said ” if you remember she is Shonam “… ” of course I do sir “… I just had a casual hand shake but could not help notice her.. she was wearing a figure hugging black cocktail dress with a simple necklace which just fell over her cleavage… nicely done nails with matching high heels.. man she was looking hot…

After stealing glances of her me and Mr. Roy just spoke about how things are going on and we departed as my friends were already there… even from my table I kept looking at her and once in while she saw me checking her out… she just smiled started to sip her drinks, something about her kept me staring at her all the while and for a strange reason even she dint stop looking at me…

They were done earlier than me and Mr. Roy came to my table and he was my Ex-boss even I stood up and walked him to the door… he said ” Hey saiyash can u tell me any good gyms around my house for me and my wife who got good trainers like you “… I said ” I know lots of places sir but not sure U’ll find anyone like me “.. we both laughed … He used to workout with me in the office gym once in a while and I used to train him there.. he really liked the way I made him workout but never continued due to his schedule.

I gave him some reference and said bye and shook hands with Mrs. Roy this time she just gave a little squeeze and left, I was little confused and got back to my friends, she kept passing my thoughts and I made mad love to my wife due to her and alcohol effect.. after a couple of days I found her on facebook and sent a request to my surprise she immediately accepted it, I checked her profile and saw some beautiful pics of her….

I sent her a message ” Hey do u remember me ?” she replied back ” If I dint I would not have accepted your request LOL “… I said ” thanks, some of ur pics are mind-blowing ” she replied ” some of your pics are good too especially the once in the gym “… we just kept talking about few things in general and logged off… but somehow talking to her was taking me high and kept thinking about her throughout the night…


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