Friend’s Mother-In-Law Fucked In Pune

To tell you more about myself, I am from Pune. 5.11 ft tall fair with a athletic body and my greatest passion is to spread love among all the lovely women who are deprived of it.

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My friend Rahul married a Bangalore settled girl on his way to vacation to Delhi he stopped at Pune for some official work, and his MIL (mother in-law), we call her Kamla aunty (all names changed), also joined their trip to Delhi.

She is a widow, around 45, but looks a lot younger, maybe 35. She is very fair good looking slightly fat, a good figure with big boobs a very heavy 36, although sagged a little and she filled out her bra like a centrefold her best features a wide and D arse.

That toned firm I’d love to watch them n them buns in the flesh and has slightly curvy tummy strong thighs and she looked gorgeous and sexy in my opinion women are more interested in sex than men. If an opportunity comes, they will tempt or tease and take the initiative and get fucked.

They are not bothered about, relationship, age, caste, money, or anything just fuck until they are satisfied at any cost. If they want sex, they will get it and that’s my experience.

She is a homely lady in Bangalore and lived alone after her husband’s death some ten years back. Rahul wife is only child to her. Rahul and family were given our master bedroom in ground floor as it would be more convenient and I shifted to first floor.

Kamla aunty was given the other bedroom in first floor adjacent to mine. Rahul’s child who is just 3 yrs and is very attached to me and slept with me in the night. Early morning by 5 am Kamla aunty come to my bedroom and take away the child to her room so that the child doesn’t disturb my sleep.

I don’t have the habit of wearing jockey in the night and most of the days early morning I have a semi erection. One morning I could hear Kamla aunty coming in to take the child.

For lifting the child she has to cross her hands over my body. While lifting the child from the bed I felt her hands slowly brushing my semi erected cocks. I pretended to sleep. She just brushed and lifted the child and went away.

I thought it might be by accident and the next day early morning Kamla aunty came to my room to take the child. The light in the room was semi dark as it was too early. I could hear her nearing my bed in my half sleepy mood again like the previous day.

I could feel her slowly brushing and rubbing of her hands on my semi erected cock but this time slightly harder on the way to lift the child. Now I knew she was doing it knowingly. I had the feeling that she was doing this knowingly it gave electrical waves to my cocks and it got enlarged

And started jumping inside my bed sheet and became fully erected and made a tent in no time. I pretended as if I did not feel her hand rubbing my prick. She stopped where her hand was as she too felt the full erection now.

She gently got hold of my penis covered on my bed sheet, slightly brushed the penis head and glided her hand up and down gently and it hardened and grew in size to the maximum.

Now she knew I was awake immediately she removed my bed sheet from my waist and now I was fully naked and she gripped my penis and felt the jumping flesh in her tight palms and I had to be patient. She turned her face and looked into my eyes.

I looked into those twinkling eyes and we both knew that we needed each other and she left my cock and sat beside me on the bed and bend down to my face. I kissed her lips lying on my back itself, and she was into the kiss as well, it was a long hungry kiss.


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