Friends Girlfriend Ruined Me

Hello Readers, No One would believe a sex story to be true until it happens to them. The same has happened with me. When I was doing BE I used to read a lot of Sex stories especially from ISS. Not beacuse I believed them to be true, it was just because I wanted to dream, dreams about having sex, dreams about having an affair, fucking a girlfried a teacher, house wife.

I had loads of fantasies in my mind and of them came true finally! Let me start the story straight away with a very less context because all of us would be interested in action instead of the context and details. I was a decent boy since my birth until that bitch (friend’s girlfriend) ruined me one night. I had lot of lust thoughts in my mind since my childhood but they were just thoughts! Not actions!

This friend of mine introduced his gf to me as his best friend. I did not have any opinion on her from the first look. She looked fair that’s the only thing I remember about her. They used to live togather (although not married) far away from my house. After a few months they have got a new rented house near my place just because no one was there to care for them. I have helped them to unpack the luggage and placing the furniture.

My friend works for a small company and this girl is doing her B.Pharmacy and i was in my 3rd year of Engineering. He wanted me to take care of her all the time when iam free. I agreed (because he called me his best friend) he actually wanted me to look after her like a brother. That girl never called me brother since both of us were nearly of the same age. Soon we became very good friend. It was because of my humour that I am known for.

We started to talk about all the topics starting from friendship to lining a girl. I was in search of a girlfriend and I used to tell all my adventures about impressing girls and how I dalt with them. Even she was searching girls for me. Our favourite topic was searching a girl for me! We (onle me and her as my friend used to go office) used to go to movies and roam in shopping malls.

I used to bunk my college and sette in house till evening spending time with her. Life was soo much of fun spending time with them.I never had freedom in my own house so I was addicted to this new house.My friend and his girlfriend were verrry delighted about the bonding. One important fact is that both of them drink wine and I don’t drink at all. They always tease me about not drinking.

I never had a problem with their drinking when I was there. After few days, this girl started complaining about my friend. About how much care less he is, and how much she hate him because of his attitude and so on. She told their love story about how my friend compelled her to love him.I was shocked to take this info from her. She also started telling me that she does not love him very much and she added you are simply awesome!

If I had a sister I would defly had made her marry you! I was happy with her sweet words for me. After few more days she started complaining again! This time she was very frustated and her words expressed intense pain in their relationship. I asked her about the actual problem then she started telling few facts which a sister should not tell his brother (assuming we had a decent sis and bro relation)

She says, he is dirty all the time, does not bath daily and he wants me to put it in mouth and suck! I was dumstruck! I understood what it means. I was listening silently with no words to speak. She added again he does not even shave properly. Every day he wants to fuck me and wants a blow job. Iam very irritated about him! I did not know how to console her as this topic was too much unconfortable.

One day my friend has to go his native place which is far away from Hyderabad. So he left me to take care of her and even stay with her that night. I agreed as it was normal for me. She wanted to drink that night and i said ok. She forced me to drink as usual and I declined. She was in contact with my friend in phone all the time. She was telling him what all she is doing at home (she does this all the time even when he is in office)

She started again with her complaints on my friend and finally gave a statment that she feels he does not love her any more! I asked her why do you feel so? She replied see today is Valentines Day and he kept a reminder in his phone to wish me! I did not know what was wrong with that but later I came to know that she wanted him to wish her without reminders in his phone.

Now she had put a weird proposal in front of me, that she is too scaared to sleep alone and wanted me to sleep beside her on bed. I said No! She pleaded me and called her boyfriend to make me agree for that. I had to agree when he asked because to make him feel that it was just a bro-sis relation. It was already 1 o clock and she was drunk heavily and and we both were trying to sleep.

I was facing the opposie side instead of facing her on bed. It was the mossst comfortable position for me! After few minutes, she started making sounds of discomfort and sounds that make me feel that she is having bad dreams. I was just hearing those sounds and trying to sleep. Suddenly she has put her hand on me with little shivering and tried to hold me. I was like a hug from beside.

I had no problem as I was very sleepy and I was half asleep already, but I could feel the waves of her nerves shivering and she hugging me more tightly. This time I felt the discomfort as she was creating a breathing problem for me. He hand was near my throat making me difficult to breath. I tried to remove that hand (remember she is drunk and still acting that she is scared and having bad dreams)

He has held me more tightly with more shivering as a response. Now she started talking why don’t you understand few things which I cannot tell you? I asked what? She said I am not satisfied with your friend I love you! Believe me this was shock of my life! I always dreamt of an affair with housewives and teachers but when I had this offer I had no words to speak.

I was only thinking about my friend who considered me as his best friend! While my mind was blank she slowly started kissing me on my face and she tried to plant a kiss on my lips desparately but made it miss my lips. I said no, I can not do this! Please stop! She asked why? I said I cannot do this to my friend! She, I knew you would never agree for this but she did not stop attacking me physically!

She tried to hug me kiss me madly and she was talking rubbish about sex. She asked me if I would like if she kept my penis in her mouth. I did not speak and I was resisting from her attacks. She played the game of kissing me on my face while I tried to offer resistance against it. I went to toilet which was an attached bathroom. She tried to push the door and get in while I was pissing.

She threatened me saying ‘My bathroom door is too weak if I give a push it will be opened. I was more scared and when I came back to bed she again started the game of kising and hugging. This time she was too desparate and came on to me face to face. Rubbing her face on my neck and she was tring to satisfy all her desires. It was not about getting fucked for her, it was about some kind of satisfaction.

She spoke very dirtyly like a bitch. She told that my dick is already hard! I said why wouldnt it is hard when you are trying so hard! Lol, but I did not give up my resistance. After some time I wanted to get away from that bed and sleep in the front room. She pleaded me to sleep in the same place but I was in no mood to listen. So she came to a deal that she won’t disturb me! Then I agreed and we slept off for the night.

Next day when I got up and leaving to my home I said to her. I will not tell about what you did last night to my friend I will forget everything and let’s continue to be friends. She smiled at me and said ok when I came home I could not believe what all happened to me. I could not believe that I rejected an affair. I have thaught about it for few days and my mind started thinking in different direction.

I had no faith in their relation that they will marry each other and I did not expect this girl to marry my friend so it was sure thing that they are going to break up very soon. So I thought why not i fuck this bitch before she leaves. She did not stop hitting on me. She used to hug me on bike from behind when ever we went out. I stopped resisting one day we went to Dev-D movie.

There were so many arousing clips in the movie and I was totally out of my mind when we reached their house. I slept on the bed and she was doing something on the laptop. I was silent for most of the time because I was desperate to feel her. She asked me ‘what happened? I did not speak. She asked again what the thing is. Tell it out! I said ‘Nothig’ (although there were hot flames running through my nerves to hug her.

She felt suspicious ans asked again and again what happened why are you not speaking anything and was desparate for my reply then I replied I feel like hugging you. She was too happy hearing those words. She left her laptop, I’ve got rid of few things that she had in her lap and came on to me (remember I was already in sleeping position)

We hugged in that position very tightly. It was my first hug of life it was too romantic situation to hug a girl. I was shivering in that pleasure. She kissed me on my lips (this was the 1st kiss too) I started sucking her lips I felt so good sucking a girls lips. The taste of flesh on her lips and her lip balm she was using was too good. Then, I reversed the position and i came on top her.

I started kissing her madly and I started sucking her lips inserted my tongue into her mouth I played with her tongue but I was not satisfied. I wanted some more pleasure and I rubbed my face onto her neck boobs and came back to her shoulders and started licking her shoulders trying to move her bra strips she tried to help me I asked her bravely will you remove your top? She was just waiting for me to ask.

She gave me a huggge smile and got rid of the top she was wearing. She looked damn sexy! I did not describe this girl till now because I never had these intensions in my mind. She had a perfect figure and big boobs that anyy man will dream off. I have gone mad looking at her cleavage without top she wanted me to remove my shirt and I did it in few seconds. She came on to me like a mad dog waiting for food since so many days!

She was rubbing her face on my chest kissing me all over my body sucking my nipples, what not she was doing everything to get pleasure. Heat waves were passing through our bodies as it was the first ime for me and it was my first touch for her. The moment was soo special for both of us. We got naked in the next few seconds and her swiitched on the AC so that it will be too cold and romantic!

We were hugging tightly with a blanket on us and she was looking too beautiful and especially without any clothes that gold chain on her neck has made me go mad for her neck and cleavage. I made her wet with my kisses and saliva all over her body. I kissed her so passionately and I was rubbing my cock simultaneously on her vagina it was arousing her so much.

We made love for 4 hours that day. 4 hours went like 4 mins for us. Next day She wore a saree for her bf and when I came to her house I was speechless. She looked stunning! Her bf went out for a shop and she asked me chek out if the blouse was too loose for her and droed her pallu. I could not control and I could not guess what she had i her mind. I went to her and started sucking her navel; she too lost her senses for few minutes.

But my friend will be backing home so we got back to normal positions. Next day when he left to office we made love for the whole day. I had sex with her in the kicthen under the shower and I licked off her wetness after the shower fucked her in the towel (using a condom) we had sex almost every day from then until they changed their house and she changed her priorities.

I’ll narrate another story (I have only few) if I get any good response from the readers. I would love to have another affair. If any girl is interested try to contact mail me and All, I can assure is that I’m not very much experienced in fucking a girl but I am so good at making love to the girl. I am 23 years old guy working for a MC in Hyderabad. Thanks for reading my story.

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