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Hi myself George([email protected])I’m a freelance call boy in Chennai. My age is 22. This is my 4th encounter. Rest 3 encounters have not been posted due to privacy issue of the clients. Only my 4th client has agreed to post it. Let me start I had posted ad in *** dating website 6months ago. I waited for some time I haven’t received any mails after 15 days I received a mail stating that I need your service. So I said my terms and conditions that before I start my service first meet me in person spend some time so that if you’re comfortable we can take it to next level.

According to me first, your heart is to be satisfied then your body is. She agreed and asked me to decide the place and time.. Later I informed that let us meet in ampa skywalk mall she said okay. Later that night we exchanged our numbers. We didn’t chat much cuz we were waiting for the meeting. On the day of the meeting, I woke up and got ready and purchased chocolates and reached my destination. We decided to meet in McD. In the morning she texted me that she is wearing a pink colour salwar. She waved her waved her hand. I went near to her and sat opposite to her.. I greeted her that u look very pretty and gave the chocolates and bunch of roses to her. She got really excited thanked me a lot. So I started the covo..
‌Me: I introduced my self

‌she: her name is srijha (name changed) her age is 37….. And so on..
‌me: I broke the ice by asking how can I help you madam??
‌she: she was laughing and she said that her husband’s age is 45 he is a typical tamizh guy he lost interest in sex he is not at all satisfying me.

‌Me: don’t worry madam let me take care of it I said.
‌She: blushing.

‌me: before I start asking you what are your desires. Let me tell about my service first I will start with a hot oil massage and then a foreplay and softcore sex finally a hardcore sex.

‌She: she holds my hands and said I gonna enjoy the fullest.
‌me: later I asked her when and where?

‌she : next week Tuesday at my place. My husband and my children will leave by 7 are in the morning so that be here by 10 am.
‌Me: I’m okay with it. And I left

‌after me reaching home she texted me I’m waiting for Tuesday. With kissing smilies. Later that night we chatted about general stuff and she asked me about my past experience later that night we sex chatted. Etc.. Next two days we followed the same. The day came. Tuesday she pinged me her I reached her house by 10 I rang the bell she opened the door I was dumbstruck after seeing her. She was in peacock green designer saree what a body. She greeted me in with a hug. She served me the breakfast she cooked and we both ate. While eating I was watching her juicy navel. She said stop first eat the food later you can eat me. After eating I was washing my hands in the sink area. She was standing beside me with a towel. I turned around within a fraction of a second I lifted her up and took her to bed room. I made her lay on the bed. I have already bought aromatic body massaging oil, candles, and pack of condom. I lay on her and was cuddling her. She was shivering I whispered in her ears that u want a hot oil or cold one she preferred a hot one. I started to kiss her from top I took off her pallu with my teeth I started to lick her cleavage she started to moan softly I unhooked her blouse I went below and started licking and biting in navel and undid her saree below she was now in her pink bra and panty I went near her panty I started to blow my hot air above her panty and gently licked it. She was pulling my head I was resistant.

She said stop teasing me I can’t I want you now. I said wait for real action I undressed my self I was in my boxers she was surprised to see my bulge. I lit the candle was heating the oil a little I started to fondle her boobs above the bra. I was caressing it. She is giving slight moans. I turned her around and I undid her bra and panty. Wow was an ass crack I can’t control myself and I bit them she shouted in pain. Once the oil reached warm. I poured it from her neck region to her ass crack. I went in between her legs and started to massage her back body and ass cheeks in between I was licking her earlobes. I was slightly spanking her ass. After some time I turned her around now I good the full view of her front body. She had a clean shaven pussy I poured oil on her navel and later started to spread it all over her body I was caressing her nipple and squeezing her boobs with light pressing make her moan more. I moved to the sides and her hips for a good squeeze later I went below I widened her with my finger and started stroking her clit with my middle finger.

She started to shiver then I massage vaginal lips in circular motion she begged me to put my fingers in.. I teased her a lot. After some time I inserted my middle finger inside her and started to rub her g spot. She is twisting her body in pleasure. Later she came in my hands with a loud moan.. Without any indication I started to lick her vaginal hole I liked it from bottom to the clit.. I increased the pace of my licking.. She grabbed my hair and giving loud moans.. Pushing my head towards her vagina and making me suffocate. Then I came above licking her all the way till boobs I encircled her erect nipple I was nibbling with it and gently biting it.. Make her giving slight moans. I started to fondle with her breast.. She is closing her eyes and enjoying the massage. She said stop I can’t wait anymore.. Let’s start the main fun.. I removed my boxers she was surprised to see my cock..(7.5 inch). I started to kiss her deeply.. At that time my cock was poking her pussy lips… I was teasing her with these actions.. She begged me to come inside her. Then I hold my cock and wore a condom and placed on the entrance of her pussy.. Her pussy was very tight. She said my husband cock is only 4 inches…She also mentioned that she had sex 1 year ago.. I started to penetrate her. Gradually I increased the pace she is now giving heavy moans..

She came twice. Then we changed from missionary position to doggie style.. I started to bang her very hard… I pulled her hair from behind and fucked her very hair.. After 25 mins I said I’m going to cum she said she wanted to cum on her boobs.. I took my cock out and removed my condom. Splashed my cum on her boobs.. She licked and cleaned my cock. I asked her ready for the hardcore session?? She said give me some time I’m exhausted.. And gave a naughty smile.. We slept naked for some time. After we woke the time was around 1.30. We both woke up ate the lunch prepared by her.. We both were naked at that time. After eating she went to kitchen and was washing the plates.. I was admiring her curves by standing at the entrance of the kitchen. I stood beside and started to lick her neck from behind.. She started to shiver and gently bit her neck she moaned.. I turned around and lifted her up and placed on the kitchen slab and started to kiss her wildly.. I parted her legs without any hint I inserted my cock in her pussy. She already asked me fuck her without condom in the last round.. I pulled her hair I fucked like riding a horse she started to moan heavily..

I fucked her for about 20 mins it was a complete hardcore one.. I made her suffocate in different angles. She already had an orgasm when I’m about to cum. She asked me to fill her deep navel with my cum.. Then I filled her navel. With my cum. She is applying all over her body.. Then she held my cock and directing me to the shower.. We romanced a little once more had a soft session in the shower. After shower we both dried ourselves and get dressed when I was about to leave she again kissed me passionately and gave me 4k for my service.. She then recommended me to her friends also.. Service to her friends will be mentioned in successive stories with their permission..

‌for your valuable comments, and any women in and around Chennai can contact me for my service. I offer body massage, stress relief massage, body pain relief massage, casual encounters, slave sex, couple sex and other sexual service. Feel free to contact me [email protected]

‌if you want my service mail me.. We will have a casual chat. If you feel myself genuine we take to next level.. Each and every women is to be satisfied both physically and mentally. Respect women and her feelings..

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